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Unicode Input

The following table lists Unicode characters that can be entered via tab completion of LaTeX-like abbreviations in the Julia REPL (and in various other editing environments). You can also get information on how to type a symbol by entering it in the REPL help, i.e. by typing ? and then entering the symbol in the REPL (e.g., by copy-paste from somewhere you saw the symbol).


The second column of this table displays the characters using the JuliaMono-Regular font (or, for emojis, your computer's emoji font). If something is wrong, it's not a problem with the documentation, but a font problem: rendering issues (eg web browser), or font design issues. Possibly even both.

Code point(s) Character(s) Tab completion sequence(s) Unicode name(s)
U+000A1 ¡ \exclamdown Inverted Exclamation Mark
U+000A3 £ \sterling Pound Sign
U+000A5 ¥ \yen Yen Sign
U+000A6 ¦ \brokenbar Broken Bar / Broken Vertical Bar
U+000A7 § \S Section Sign
U+000A9 © \copyright, \:copyright: Copyright Sign
U+000AA ª \ordfeminine Feminine Ordinal Indicator
U+000AC ¬ \neg Not Sign
U+000AE ® \circledR, \:registered: Registered Sign / Registered Trade Mark Sign
U+000AF ¯ \highminus Macron / Spacing Macron
U+000B0 ° \degree Degree Sign
U+000B1 ± \pm Plus-Minus Sign / Plus-Or-Minus Sign
U+000B2 ² \^2 Superscript Two / Superscript Digit Two
U+000B3 ³ \^3 Superscript Three / Superscript Digit Three
U+000B6 \P Pilcrow Sign / Paragraph Sign
U+000B7 · \cdotp Middle Dot
U+000B9 ¹ \^1 Superscript One / Superscript Digit One
U+000BA º \ordmasculine Masculine Ordinal Indicator
U+000BC ¼ \1/4 Vulgar Fraction One Quarter / Fraction One Quarter
U+000BD ½ \1/2 Vulgar Fraction One Half / Fraction One Half
U+000BE ¾ \3/4 Vulgar Fraction Three Quarters / Fraction Three Quarters
U+000BF ¿ \questiondown Inverted Question Mark
U+000C5 Å \AA Latin Capital Letter A With Ring Above / Latin Capital Letter A Ring
U+000C6 Æ \AE Latin Capital Letter Ae / Latin Capital Letter A E
U+000D0 Ð \DH Latin Capital Letter Eth
U+000D7 × \times Multiplication Sign
U+000D8 Ø \O Latin Capital Letter O With Stroke / Latin Capital Letter O Slash
U+000DE Þ \TH Latin Capital Letter Thorn
U+000DF ß \ss Latin Small Letter Sharp S
U+000E5 å \aa Latin Small Letter A With Ring Above / Latin Small Letter A Ring
U+000E6 æ \ae Latin Small Letter Ae / Latin Small Letter A E
U+000F0 ð \eth, \dh Latin Small Letter Eth
U+000F7 ÷ \div Division Sign
U+000F8 ø \o Latin Small Letter O With Stroke / Latin Small Letter O Slash
U+000FE þ \th Latin Small Letter Thorn
U+00110 Đ \DJ Latin Capital Letter D With Stroke / Latin Capital Letter D Bar
U+00111 đ \dj Latin Small Letter D With Stroke / Latin Small Letter D Bar
U+00127 ħ \hbar Latin Small Letter H With Stroke / Latin Small Letter H Bar
U+00131 ı \imath Latin Small Letter Dotless I
U+00141 Ł \L Latin Capital Letter L With Stroke / Latin Capital Letter L Slash
U+00142 ł \l Latin Small Letter L With Stroke / Latin Small Letter L Slash
U+0014A Ŋ \NG Latin Capital Letter Eng
U+0014B ŋ \ng Latin Small Letter Eng
U+00152 Π\OE Latin Capital Ligature Oe / Latin Capital Letter O E
U+00153 œ \oe Latin Small Ligature Oe / Latin Small Letter O E
U+00195 ƕ \hvlig Latin Small Letter Hv / Latin Small Letter H V
U+0019E ƞ \nrleg Latin Small Letter N With Long Right Leg
U+001B5 Ƶ \Zbar Latin Capital Letter Z With Stroke / Latin Capital Letter Z Bar
U+001C2 ǂ \doublepipe Latin Letter Alveolar Click / Latin Letter Pipe Double Bar
U+00237 ȷ \jmath Latin Small Letter Dotless J
U+00250 ɐ \trna Latin Small Letter Turned A
U+00252 ɒ \trnsa Latin Small Letter Turned Alpha / Latin Small Letter Turned Script A
U+00254 ɔ \openo Latin Small Letter Open O
U+00256 ɖ \rtld Latin Small Letter D With Tail / Latin Small Letter D Retroflex Hook
U+00259 ə \schwa Latin Small Letter Schwa
U+00263 ɣ \pgamma Latin Small Letter Gamma
U+00264 ɤ \pbgam Latin Small Letter Rams Horn / Latin Small Letter Baby Gamma
U+00265 ɥ \trnh Latin Small Letter Turned H
U+0026C ɬ \btdl Latin Small Letter L With Belt / Latin Small Letter L Belt
U+0026D ɭ \rtll Latin Small Letter L With Retroflex Hook / Latin Small Letter L Retroflex Hook
U+0026F ɯ \trnm Latin Small Letter Turned M
U+00270 ɰ \trnmlr Latin Small Letter Turned M With Long Leg
U+00271 ɱ \ltlmr Latin Small Letter M With Hook / Latin Small Letter M Hook
U+00272 ɲ \ltln Latin Small Letter N With Left Hook / Latin Small Letter N Hook
U+00273 ɳ \rtln Latin Small Letter N With Retroflex Hook / Latin Small Letter N Retroflex Hook
U+00277 ɷ \clomeg Latin Small Letter Closed Omega
U+00278 ɸ \ltphi Latin Small Letter Phi
U+00279 ɹ \trnr Latin Small Letter Turned R
U+0027A ɺ \trnrl Latin Small Letter Turned R With Long Leg
U+0027B ɻ \rttrnr Latin Small Letter Turned R With Hook / Latin Small Letter Turned R Hook
U+0027C ɼ \rl Latin Small Letter R With Long Leg
U+0027D ɽ \rtlr Latin Small Letter R With Tail / Latin Small Letter R Hook
U+0027E ɾ \fhr Latin Small Letter R With Fishhook / Latin Small Letter Fishhook R
U+00282 ʂ \rtls Latin Small Letter S With Hook / Latin Small Letter S Hook
U+00283 ʃ \esh Latin Small Letter Esh
U+00287 ʇ \trnt Latin Small Letter Turned T
U+00288 ʈ \rtlt Latin Small Letter T With Retroflex Hook / Latin Small Letter T Retroflex Hook
U+0028A ʊ \pupsil Latin Small Letter Upsilon
U+0028B ʋ \pscrv Latin Small Letter V With Hook / Latin Small Letter Script V
U+0028C ʌ \invv Latin Small Letter Turned V
U+0028D ʍ \invw Latin Small Letter Turned W
U+0028E ʎ \trny Latin Small Letter Turned Y
U+00290 ʐ \rtlz Latin Small Letter Z With Retroflex Hook / Latin Small Letter Z Retroflex Hook
U+00292 ʒ \yogh Latin Small Letter Ezh / Latin Small Letter Yogh
U+00294 ʔ \glst Latin Letter Glottal Stop
U+00295 ʕ \reglst Latin Letter Pharyngeal Voiced Fricative / Latin Letter Reversed Glottal Stop
U+00296 ʖ \inglst Latin Letter Inverted Glottal Stop
U+0029E ʞ \turnk Latin Small Letter Turned K
U+002A4 ʤ \dyogh Latin Small Letter Dezh Digraph / Latin Small Letter D Yogh
U+002A7 ʧ \tesh Latin Small Letter Tesh Digraph / Latin Small Letter T Esh
U+002B0 ʰ \^h Modifier Letter Small H
U+002B2 ʲ \^j Modifier Letter Small J
U+002B3 ʳ \^r Modifier Letter Small R
U+002B7 ʷ \^w Modifier Letter Small W
U+002B8 ʸ \^y Modifier Letter Small Y
U+002BC ʼ \rasp Modifier Letter Apostrophe
U+002C8 ˈ \verts Modifier Letter Vertical Line
U+002CC ˌ \verti Modifier Letter Low Vertical Line
U+002D0 ː \lmrk Modifier Letter Triangular Colon
U+002D1 ˑ \hlmrk Modifier Letter Half Triangular Colon
U+002D2 ˒ \sbrhr Modifier Letter Centred Right Half Ring / Modifier Letter Centered Right Half Ring
U+002D3 ˓ \sblhr Modifier Letter Centred Left Half Ring / Modifier Letter Centered Left Half Ring
U+002D4 ˔ \rais Modifier Letter Up Tack
U+002D5 ˕ \low Modifier Letter Down Tack
U+002D8 ˘ \u Breve / Spacing Breve
U+002DC ˜ \tildelow Small Tilde / Spacing Tilde
U+002E1 ˡ \^l Modifier Letter Small L
U+002E2 ˢ \^s Modifier Letter Small S
U+002E3 ˣ \^x Modifier Letter Small X
U+00300  ̀  \grave Combining Grave Accent / Non-Spacing Grave
U+00301  ́  \acute Combining Acute Accent / Non-Spacing Acute
U+00302  ̂  \hat Combining Circumflex Accent / Non-Spacing Circumflex
U+00303  ̃  \tilde Combining Tilde / Non-Spacing Tilde
U+00304  ̄  \bar Combining Macron / Non-Spacing Macron
U+00305  ̅  \overbar Combining Overline / Non-Spacing Overscore
U+00306  ̆  \breve Combining Breve / Non-Spacing Breve
U+00307  ̇  \dot Combining Dot Above / Non-Spacing Dot Above
U+00308  ̈  \ddot Combining Diaeresis / Non-Spacing Diaeresis
U+00309  ̉  \ovhook Combining Hook Above / Non-Spacing Hook Above
U+0030A  ̊  \ocirc Combining Ring Above / Non-Spacing Ring Above
U+0030B  ̋  \H Combining Double Acute Accent / Non-Spacing Double Acute
U+0030C  ̌  \check Combining Caron / Non-Spacing Hacek
U+00310  ̐  \candra Combining Candrabindu / Non-Spacing Candrabindu
U+00312  ̒  \oturnedcomma Combining Turned Comma Above / Non-Spacing Turned Comma Above
U+00315  ̕  \ocommatopright Combining Comma Above Right / Non-Spacing Comma Above Right
U+0031A  ̚  \droang Combining Left Angle Above / Non-Spacing Left Angle Above
U+00321  ̡  \palh Combining Palatalized Hook Below / Non-Spacing Palatalized Hook Below
U+00322  ̢  \rh Combining Retroflex Hook Below / Non-Spacing Retroflex Hook Below
U+00327  ̧  \c Combining Cedilla / Non-Spacing Cedilla
U+00328  ̨  \k Combining Ogonek / Non-Spacing Ogonek
U+0032A  ̪  \sbbrg Combining Bridge Below / Non-Spacing Bridge Below
U+00330  ̰  \wideutilde Combining Tilde Below / Non-Spacing Tilde Below
U+00332  ̲  \underbar Combining Low Line / Non-Spacing Underscore
U+00336  ̶  \strike, \sout Combining Long Stroke Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Bar Overlay
U+00338  ̸  \not Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0034D  ͍  \underleftrightarrow Combining Left Right Arrow Below
U+00391 Α \Alpha Greek Capital Letter Alpha
U+00392 Β \Beta Greek Capital Letter Beta
U+00393 Γ \Gamma Greek Capital Letter Gamma
U+00394 Δ \Delta Greek Capital Letter Delta
U+00395 Ε \Epsilon Greek Capital Letter Epsilon
U+00396 Ζ \Zeta Greek Capital Letter Zeta
U+00397 Η \Eta Greek Capital Letter Eta
U+00398 Θ \Theta Greek Capital Letter Theta
U+00399 Ι \Iota Greek Capital Letter Iota
U+0039A Κ \Kappa Greek Capital Letter Kappa
U+0039B Λ \Lambda Greek Capital Letter Lamda / Greek Capital Letter Lambda
U+0039C Μ \upMu Greek Capital Letter Mu
U+0039D Ν \upNu Greek Capital Letter Nu
U+0039E Ξ \Xi Greek Capital Letter Xi
U+0039F Ο \upOmicron Greek Capital Letter Omicron
U+003A0 Π \Pi Greek Capital Letter Pi
U+003A1 Ρ \Rho Greek Capital Letter Rho
U+003A3 Σ \Sigma Greek Capital Letter Sigma
U+003A4 Τ \Tau Greek Capital Letter Tau
U+003A5 Υ \Upsilon Greek Capital Letter Upsilon
U+003A6 Φ \Phi Greek Capital Letter Phi
U+003A7 Χ \Chi Greek Capital Letter Chi
U+003A8 Ψ \Psi Greek Capital Letter Psi
U+003A9 Ω \Omega Greek Capital Letter Omega
U+003B1 α \alpha Greek Small Letter Alpha
U+003B2 β \beta Greek Small Letter Beta
U+003B3 γ \gamma Greek Small Letter Gamma
U+003B4 δ \delta Greek Small Letter Delta
U+003B5 ε \upepsilon, \varepsilon Greek Small Letter Epsilon
U+003B6 ζ \zeta Greek Small Letter Zeta
U+003B7 η \eta Greek Small Letter Eta
U+003B8 θ \theta Greek Small Letter Theta
U+003B9 ι \iota Greek Small Letter Iota
U+003BA κ \kappa Greek Small Letter Kappa
U+003BB λ \lambda Greek Small Letter Lamda / Greek Small Letter Lambda
U+003BC μ \mu Greek Small Letter Mu
U+003BD ν \nu Greek Small Letter Nu
U+003BE ξ \xi Greek Small Letter Xi
U+003BF ο \upomicron Greek Small Letter Omicron
U+003C0 π \pi Greek Small Letter Pi
U+003C1 ρ \rho Greek Small Letter Rho
U+003C2 ς \varsigma Greek Small Letter Final Sigma
U+003C3 σ \sigma Greek Small Letter Sigma
U+003C4 τ \tau Greek Small Letter Tau
U+003C5 υ \upsilon Greek Small Letter Upsilon
U+003C6 φ \varphi Greek Small Letter Phi
U+003C7 χ \chi Greek Small Letter Chi
U+003C8 ψ \psi Greek Small Letter Psi
U+003C9 ω \omega Greek Small Letter Omega
U+003D0 ϐ \upvarbeta Greek Beta Symbol / Greek Small Letter Curled Beta
U+003D1 ϑ \vartheta Greek Theta Symbol / Greek Small Letter Script Theta
U+003D5 ϕ \phi Greek Phi Symbol / Greek Small Letter Script Phi
U+003D6 ϖ \varpi Greek Pi Symbol / Greek Small Letter Omega Pi
U+003D8 Ϙ \upoldKoppa Greek Letter Archaic Koppa
U+003D9 ϙ \upoldkoppa Greek Small Letter Archaic Koppa
U+003DA Ϛ \Stigma Greek Letter Stigma / Greek Capital Letter Stigma
U+003DB ϛ \upstigma Greek Small Letter Stigma
U+003DC Ϝ \Digamma Greek Letter Digamma / Greek Capital Letter Digamma
U+003DD ϝ \digamma Greek Small Letter Digamma
U+003DE Ϟ \Koppa Greek Letter Koppa / Greek Capital Letter Koppa
U+003DF ϟ \upkoppa Greek Small Letter Koppa
U+003E0 Ϡ \Sampi Greek Letter Sampi / Greek Capital Letter Sampi
U+003E1 ϡ \upsampi Greek Small Letter Sampi
U+003F0 ϰ \varkappa Greek Kappa Symbol / Greek Small Letter Script Kappa
U+003F1 ϱ \varrho Greek Rho Symbol / Greek Small Letter Tailed Rho
U+003F4 ϴ \varTheta Greek Capital Theta Symbol
U+003F5 ϵ \epsilon Greek Lunate Epsilon Symbol
U+003F6 ϶ \backepsilon Greek Reversed Lunate Epsilon Symbol
U+01D2C \^A Modifier Letter Capital A
U+01D2E \^B Modifier Letter Capital B
U+01D30 \^D Modifier Letter Capital D
U+01D31 \^E Modifier Letter Capital E
U+01D33 \^G Modifier Letter Capital G
U+01D34 \^H Modifier Letter Capital H
U+01D35 \^I Modifier Letter Capital I
U+01D36 \^J Modifier Letter Capital J
U+01D37 \^K Modifier Letter Capital K
U+01D38 \^L Modifier Letter Capital L
U+01D39 \^M Modifier Letter Capital M
U+01D3A \^N Modifier Letter Capital N
U+01D3C \^O Modifier Letter Capital O
U+01D3E \^P Modifier Letter Capital P
U+01D3F ᴿ \^R Modifier Letter Capital R
U+01D40 \^T Modifier Letter Capital T
U+01D41 \^U Modifier Letter Capital U
U+01D42 \^W Modifier Letter Capital W
U+01D43 \^a Modifier Letter Small A
U+01D45 \^alpha Modifier Letter Small Alpha
U+01D47 \^b Modifier Letter Small B
U+01D48 \^d Modifier Letter Small D
U+01D49 \^e Modifier Letter Small E
U+01D4B \^epsilon Modifier Letter Small Open E
U+01D4D \^g Modifier Letter Small G
U+01D4F \^k Modifier Letter Small K
U+01D50 \^m Modifier Letter Small M
U+01D52 \^o Modifier Letter Small O
U+01D56 \^p Modifier Letter Small P
U+01D57 \^t Modifier Letter Small T
U+01D58 \^u Modifier Letter Small U
U+01D5B \^v Modifier Letter Small V
U+01D5D \^beta Modifier Letter Small Beta
U+01D5E \^gamma Modifier Letter Small Greek Gamma
U+01D5F \^delta Modifier Letter Small Delta
U+01D60 \^phi Modifier Letter Small Greek Phi
U+01D61 \^chi Modifier Letter Small Chi
U+01D62 \_i Latin Subscript Small Letter I
U+01D63 \_r Latin Subscript Small Letter R
U+01D64 \_u Latin Subscript Small Letter U
U+01D65 \_v Latin Subscript Small Letter V
U+01D66 \_beta Greek Subscript Small Letter Beta
U+01D67 \_gamma Greek Subscript Small Letter Gamma
U+01D68 \_rho Greek Subscript Small Letter Rho
U+01D69 \_phi Greek Subscript Small Letter Phi
U+01D6A \_chi Greek Subscript Small Letter Chi
U+01D9C \^c Modifier Letter Small C
U+01DA0 \^f Modifier Letter Small F
U+01DA5 \^iota Modifier Letter Small Iota
U+01DB2 \^Phi Modifier Letter Small Phi
U+01DBB \^z Modifier Letter Small Z
U+01DBF ᶿ \^theta Modifier Letter Small Theta
U+02002 \enspace En Space
U+02003 \quad Em Space
U+02005 \thickspace Four-Per-Em Space
U+02009 \thinspace Thin Space
U+0200A \hspace Hair Space
U+02013 \endash En Dash
U+02014 \emdash Em Dash
U+02016 \Vert Double Vertical Line / Double Vertical Bar
U+02018 \lq Left Single Quotation Mark / Single Turned Comma Quotation Mark
U+02019 \rq Right Single Quotation Mark / Single Comma Quotation Mark
U+0201B \reapos Single High-Reversed-9 Quotation Mark / Single Reversed Comma Quotation Mark
U+0201C \quotedblleft Left Double Quotation Mark / Double Turned Comma Quotation Mark
U+0201D \quotedblright Right Double Quotation Mark / Double Comma Quotation Mark
U+02020 \dagger Dagger
U+02021 \ddagger Double Dagger
U+02022 \bullet Bullet
U+02026 \dots, \ldots Horizontal Ellipsis
U+02030 \perthousand Per Mille Sign
U+02031 \pertenthousand Per Ten Thousand Sign
U+02032 \prime Prime
U+02033 \pprime Double Prime
U+02034 \ppprime Triple Prime
U+02035 \backprime Reversed Prime
U+02036 \backpprime Reversed Double Prime
U+02037 \backppprime Reversed Triple Prime
U+02039 \guilsinglleft Single Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark / Left Pointing Single Guillemet
U+0203A \guilsinglright Single Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark / Right Pointing Single Guillemet
U+0203C \:bangbang: Double Exclamation Mark
U+02040 \tieconcat Character Tie
U+02049 \:interrobang: Exclamation Question Mark
U+02057 \pppprime Quadruple Prime
U+0205D \tricolon Tricolon
U+02060 \nolinebreak Word Joiner
U+02070 \^0 Superscript Zero / Superscript Digit Zero
U+02071 \^i Superscript Latin Small Letter I
U+02074 \^4 Superscript Four / Superscript Digit Four
U+02075 \^5 Superscript Five / Superscript Digit Five
U+02076 \^6 Superscript Six / Superscript Digit Six
U+02077 \^7 Superscript Seven / Superscript Digit Seven
U+02078 \^8 Superscript Eight / Superscript Digit Eight
U+02079 \^9 Superscript Nine / Superscript Digit Nine
U+0207A \^+ Superscript Plus Sign
U+0207B \^- Superscript Minus / Superscript Hyphen-Minus
U+0207C \^= Superscript Equals Sign
U+0207D \^( Superscript Left Parenthesis / Superscript Opening Parenthesis
U+0207E \^) Superscript Right Parenthesis / Superscript Closing Parenthesis
U+0207F \^n Superscript Latin Small Letter N
U+02080 \_0 Subscript Zero / Subscript Digit Zero
U+02081 \_1 Subscript One / Subscript Digit One
U+02082 \_2 Subscript Two / Subscript Digit Two
U+02083 \_3 Subscript Three / Subscript Digit Three
U+02084 \_4 Subscript Four / Subscript Digit Four
U+02085 \_5 Subscript Five / Subscript Digit Five
U+02086 \_6 Subscript Six / Subscript Digit Six
U+02087 \_7 Subscript Seven / Subscript Digit Seven
U+02088 \_8 Subscript Eight / Subscript Digit Eight
U+02089 \_9 Subscript Nine / Subscript Digit Nine
U+0208A \_+ Subscript Plus Sign
U+0208B \_- Subscript Minus / Subscript Hyphen-Minus
U+0208C \_= Subscript Equals Sign
U+0208D \_( Subscript Left Parenthesis / Subscript Opening Parenthesis
U+0208E \_) Subscript Right Parenthesis / Subscript Closing Parenthesis
U+02090 \_a Latin Subscript Small Letter A
U+02091 \_e Latin Subscript Small Letter E
U+02092 \_o Latin Subscript Small Letter O
U+02093 \_x Latin Subscript Small Letter X
U+02094 \_schwa Latin Subscript Small Letter Schwa
U+02095 \_h Latin Subscript Small Letter H
U+02096 \_k Latin Subscript Small Letter K
U+02097 \_l Latin Subscript Small Letter L
U+02098 \_m Latin Subscript Small Letter M
U+02099 \_n Latin Subscript Small Letter N
U+0209A \_p Latin Subscript Small Letter P
U+0209B \_s Latin Subscript Small Letter S
U+0209C \_t Latin Subscript Small Letter T
U+020A7 \pes Peseta Sign
U+020AC \euro Euro Sign
U+020D0  ⃐  \leftharpoonaccent Combining Left Harpoon Above / Non-Spacing Left Harpoon Above
U+020D1  ⃑  \rightharpoonaccent Combining Right Harpoon Above / Non-Spacing Right Harpoon Above
U+020D2  ⃒  \vertoverlay Combining Long Vertical Line Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Vertical Bar Overlay
U+020D6  ⃖  \overleftarrow Combining Left Arrow Above / Non-Spacing Left Arrow Above
U+020D7  ⃗  \vec Combining Right Arrow Above / Non-Spacing Right Arrow Above
U+020DB  ⃛  \dddot Combining Three Dots Above / Non-Spacing Three Dots Above
U+020DC  ⃜  \ddddot Combining Four Dots Above / Non-Spacing Four Dots Above
U+020DD  ⃝  \enclosecircle Combining Enclosing Circle / Enclosing Circle
U+020DE  ⃞  \enclosesquare Combining Enclosing Square / Enclosing Square
U+020DF  ⃟  \enclosediamond Combining Enclosing Diamond / Enclosing Diamond
U+020E1  ⃡  \overleftrightarrow Combining Left Right Arrow Above / Non-Spacing Left Right Arrow Above
U+020E4  ⃤  \enclosetriangle Combining Enclosing Upward Pointing Triangle
U+020E7  ⃧  \annuity Combining Annuity Symbol
U+020E8  ⃨  \threeunderdot Combining Triple Underdot
U+020E9  ⃩  \widebridgeabove Combining Wide Bridge Above
U+020EC  ⃬  \underrightharpoondown Combining Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards
U+020ED  ⃭  \underleftharpoondown Combining Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards
U+020EE  ⃮  \underleftarrow Combining Left Arrow Below
U+020EF  ⃯  \underrightarrow Combining Right Arrow Below
U+020F0  ⃰  \asteraccent Combining Asterisk Above
U+02102 \bbC Double-Struck Capital C / Double-Struck C
U+02107 \eulermascheroni Euler Constant / Eulers
U+0210A \scrg Script Small G
U+0210B \scrH Script Capital H / Script H
U+0210C \frakH Black-Letter Capital H / Black-Letter H
U+0210D \bbH Double-Struck Capital H / Double-Struck H
U+0210E \planck Planck Constant
U+0210F \hslash Planck Constant Over Two Pi / Planck Constant Over 2 Pi
U+02110 \scrI Script Capital I / Script I
U+02111 \Im Black-Letter Capital I / Black-Letter I
U+02112 \scrL Script Capital L / Script L
U+02113 \ell Script Small L
U+02115 \bbN Double-Struck Capital N / Double-Struck N
U+02116 \numero Numero Sign / Numero
U+02118 \wp Script Capital P / Script P
U+02119 \bbP Double-Struck Capital P / Double-Struck P
U+0211A \bbQ Double-Struck Capital Q / Double-Struck Q
U+0211B \scrR Script Capital R / Script R
U+0211C \Re Black-Letter Capital R / Black-Letter R
U+0211D \bbR Double-Struck Capital R / Double-Struck R
U+0211E \xrat Prescription Take
U+02122 \trademark, \:tm: Trade Mark Sign / Trademark
U+02124 \bbZ Double-Struck Capital Z / Double-Struck Z
U+02126 \ohm Ohm Sign / Ohm
U+02127 \mho Inverted Ohm Sign / Mho
U+02128 \frakZ Black-Letter Capital Z / Black-Letter Z
U+02129 \turnediota Turned Greek Small Letter Iota
U+0212B \Angstrom Angstrom Sign / Angstrom Unit
U+0212C \scrB Script Capital B / Script B
U+0212D \frakC Black-Letter Capital C / Black-Letter C
U+0212F \scre, \euler Script Small E
U+02130 \scrE Script Capital E / Script E
U+02131 \scrF Script Capital F / Script F
U+02132 \Finv Turned Capital F / Turned F
U+02133 \scrM Script Capital M / Script M
U+02134 \scro Script Small O
U+02135 \aleph Alef Symbol / First Transfinite Cardinal
U+02136 \beth Bet Symbol / Second Transfinite Cardinal
U+02137 \gimel Gimel Symbol / Third Transfinite Cardinal
U+02138 \daleth Dalet Symbol / Fourth Transfinite Cardinal
U+02139 \:information_source: Information Source
U+0213C \bbpi Double-Struck Small Pi
U+0213D \bbgamma Double-Struck Small Gamma
U+0213E \bbGamma Double-Struck Capital Gamma
U+0213F \bbPi Double-Struck Capital Pi
U+02140 \bbsum Double-Struck N-Ary Summation
U+02141 \Game Turned Sans-Serif Capital G
U+02142 \sansLturned Turned Sans-Serif Capital L
U+02143 \sansLmirrored Reversed Sans-Serif Capital L
U+02144 \Yup Turned Sans-Serif Capital Y
U+02145 \bbiD Double-Struck Italic Capital D
U+02146 \bbid Double-Struck Italic Small D
U+02147 \bbie Double-Struck Italic Small E
U+02148 \bbii Double-Struck Italic Small I
U+02149 \bbij Double-Struck Italic Small J
U+0214A \PropertyLine Property Line
U+0214B \upand Turned Ampersand
U+02150 \1/7 Vulgar Fraction One Seventh
U+02151 \1/9 Vulgar Fraction One Ninth
U+02152 \1/10 Vulgar Fraction One Tenth
U+02153 \1/3 Vulgar Fraction One Third / Fraction One Third
U+02154 \2/3 Vulgar Fraction Two Thirds / Fraction Two Thirds
U+02155 \1/5 Vulgar Fraction One Fifth / Fraction One Fifth
U+02156 \2/5 Vulgar Fraction Two Fifths / Fraction Two Fifths
U+02157 \3/5 Vulgar Fraction Three Fifths / Fraction Three Fifths
U+02158 \4/5 Vulgar Fraction Four Fifths / Fraction Four Fifths
U+02159 \1/6 Vulgar Fraction One Sixth / Fraction One Sixth
U+0215A \5/6 Vulgar Fraction Five Sixths / Fraction Five Sixths
U+0215B \1/8 Vulgar Fraction One Eighth / Fraction One Eighth
U+0215C \3/8 Vulgar Fraction Three Eighths / Fraction Three Eighths
U+0215D \5/8 Vulgar Fraction Five Eighths / Fraction Five Eighths
U+0215E \7/8 Vulgar Fraction Seven Eighths / Fraction Seven Eighths
U+0215F \1/ Fraction Numerator One
U+02189 \0/3 Vulgar Fraction Zero Thirds
U+02190 \leftarrow Leftwards Arrow / Left Arrow
U+02191 \uparrow Upwards Arrow / Up Arrow
U+02192 \to, \rightarrow Rightwards Arrow / Right Arrow
U+02193 \downarrow Downwards Arrow / Down Arrow
U+02194 \leftrightarrow, \:left_right_arrow: Left Right Arrow
U+02195 \updownarrow, \:arrow_up_down: Up Down Arrow
U+02196 \nwarrow, \:arrow_upper_left: North West Arrow / Upper Left Arrow
U+02197 \nearrow, \:arrow_upper_right: North East Arrow / Upper Right Arrow
U+02198 \searrow, \:arrow_lower_right: South East Arrow / Lower Right Arrow
U+02199 \swarrow, \:arrow_lower_left: South West Arrow / Lower Left Arrow
U+0219A \nleftarrow Leftwards Arrow With Stroke / Left Arrow With Stroke
U+0219B \nrightarrow Rightwards Arrow With Stroke / Right Arrow With Stroke
U+0219C \leftwavearrow Leftwards Wave Arrow / Left Wave Arrow
U+0219D \rightwavearrow Rightwards Wave Arrow / Right Wave Arrow
U+0219E \twoheadleftarrow Leftwards Two Headed Arrow / Left Two Headed Arrow
U+0219F \twoheaduparrow Upwards Two Headed Arrow / Up Two Headed Arrow
U+021A0 \twoheadrightarrow Rightwards Two Headed Arrow / Right Two Headed Arrow
U+021A1 \twoheaddownarrow Downwards Two Headed Arrow / Down Two Headed Arrow
U+021A2 \leftarrowtail Leftwards Arrow With Tail / Left Arrow With Tail
U+021A3 \rightarrowtail Rightwards Arrow With Tail / Right Arrow With Tail
U+021A4 \mapsfrom Leftwards Arrow From Bar / Left Arrow From Bar
U+021A5 \mapsup Upwards Arrow From Bar / Up Arrow From Bar
U+021A6 \mapsto Rightwards Arrow From Bar / Right Arrow From Bar
U+021A7 \mapsdown Downwards Arrow From Bar / Down Arrow From Bar
U+021A8 \updownarrowbar Up Down Arrow With Base
U+021A9 \hookleftarrow, \:leftwards_arrow_with_hook: Leftwards Arrow With Hook / Left Arrow With Hook
U+021AA \hookrightarrow, \:arrow_right_hook: Rightwards Arrow With Hook / Right Arrow With Hook
U+021AB \looparrowleft Leftwards Arrow With Loop / Left Arrow With Loop
U+021AC \looparrowright Rightwards Arrow With Loop / Right Arrow With Loop
U+021AD \leftrightsquigarrow Left Right Wave Arrow
U+021AE \nleftrightarrow Left Right Arrow With Stroke
U+021AF \downzigzagarrow Downwards Zigzag Arrow / Down Zigzag Arrow
U+021B0 \Lsh Upwards Arrow With Tip Leftwards / Up Arrow With Tip Left
U+021B1 \Rsh Upwards Arrow With Tip Rightwards / Up Arrow With Tip Right
U+021B2 \Ldsh Downwards Arrow With Tip Leftwards / Down Arrow With Tip Left
U+021B3 \Rdsh Downwards Arrow With Tip Rightwards / Down Arrow With Tip Right
U+021B4 \linefeed Rightwards Arrow With Corner Downwards / Right Arrow With Corner Down
U+021B5 \carriagereturn Downwards Arrow With Corner Leftwards / Down Arrow With Corner Left
U+021B6 \curvearrowleft Anticlockwise Top Semicircle Arrow
U+021B7 \curvearrowright Clockwise Top Semicircle Arrow
U+021B8 \barovernorthwestarrow North West Arrow To Long Bar / Upper Left Arrow To Long Bar
U+021B9 \barleftarrowrightarrowbar Leftwards Arrow To Bar Over Rightwards Arrow To Bar / Left Arrow To Bar Over Right Arrow To Bar
U+021BA \circlearrowleft Anticlockwise Open Circle Arrow
U+021BB \circlearrowright Clockwise Open Circle Arrow
U+021BC \leftharpoonup Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Upwards / Left Harpoon With Barb Up
U+021BD \leftharpoondown Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards / Left Harpoon With Barb Down
U+021BE \upharpoonright Upwards Harpoon With Barb Rightwards / Up Harpoon With Barb Right
U+021BF \upharpoonleft Upwards Harpoon With Barb Leftwards / Up Harpoon With Barb Left
U+021C0 \rightharpoonup Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Upwards / Right Harpoon With Barb Up
U+021C1 \rightharpoondown Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards / Right Harpoon With Barb Down
U+021C2 \downharpoonright Downwards Harpoon With Barb Rightwards / Down Harpoon With Barb Right
U+021C3 \downharpoonleft Downwards Harpoon With Barb Leftwards / Down Harpoon With Barb Left
U+021C4 \rightleftarrows Rightwards Arrow Over Leftwards Arrow / Right Arrow Over Left Arrow
U+021C5 \dblarrowupdown Upwards Arrow Leftwards Of Downwards Arrow / Up Arrow Left Of Down Arrow
U+021C6 \leftrightarrows Leftwards Arrow Over Rightwards Arrow / Left Arrow Over Right Arrow
U+021C7 \leftleftarrows Leftwards Paired Arrows / Left Paired Arrows
U+021C8 \upuparrows Upwards Paired Arrows / Up Paired Arrows
U+021C9 \rightrightarrows Rightwards Paired Arrows / Right Paired Arrows
U+021CA \downdownarrows Downwards Paired Arrows / Down Paired Arrows
U+021CB \leftrightharpoons Leftwards Harpoon Over Rightwards Harpoon / Left Harpoon Over Right Harpoon
U+021CC \rightleftharpoons Rightwards Harpoon Over Leftwards Harpoon / Right Harpoon Over Left Harpoon
U+021CD \nLeftarrow Leftwards Double Arrow With Stroke / Left Double Arrow With Stroke
U+021CE \nLeftrightarrow Left Right Double Arrow With Stroke
U+021CF \nRightarrow Rightwards Double Arrow With Stroke / Right Double Arrow With Stroke
U+021D0 \Leftarrow Leftwards Double Arrow / Left Double Arrow
U+021D1 \Uparrow Upwards Double Arrow / Up Double Arrow
U+021D2 \Rightarrow Rightwards Double Arrow / Right Double Arrow
U+021D3 \Downarrow Downwards Double Arrow / Down Double Arrow
U+021D4 \Leftrightarrow Left Right Double Arrow
U+021D5 \Updownarrow Up Down Double Arrow
U+021D6 \Nwarrow North West Double Arrow / Upper Left Double Arrow
U+021D7 \Nearrow North East Double Arrow / Upper Right Double Arrow
U+021D8 \Searrow South East Double Arrow / Lower Right Double Arrow
U+021D9 \Swarrow South West Double Arrow / Lower Left Double Arrow
U+021DA \Lleftarrow Leftwards Triple Arrow / Left Triple Arrow
U+021DB \Rrightarrow Rightwards Triple Arrow / Right Triple Arrow
U+021DC \leftsquigarrow Leftwards Squiggle Arrow / Left Squiggle Arrow
U+021DD \rightsquigarrow Rightwards Squiggle Arrow / Right Squiggle Arrow
U+021DE \nHuparrow Upwards Arrow With Double Stroke / Up Arrow With Double Stroke
U+021DF \nHdownarrow Downwards Arrow With Double Stroke / Down Arrow With Double Stroke
U+021E0 \leftdasharrow Leftwards Dashed Arrow / Left Dashed Arrow
U+021E1 \updasharrow Upwards Dashed Arrow / Up Dashed Arrow
U+021E2 \rightdasharrow Rightwards Dashed Arrow / Right Dashed Arrow
U+021E3 \downdasharrow Downwards Dashed Arrow / Down Dashed Arrow
U+021E4 \barleftarrow Leftwards Arrow To Bar / Left Arrow To Bar
U+021E5 \rightarrowbar Rightwards Arrow To Bar / Right Arrow To Bar
U+021E6 \leftwhitearrow Leftwards White Arrow / White Left Arrow
U+021E7 \upwhitearrow Upwards White Arrow / White Up Arrow
U+021E8 \rightwhitearrow Rightwards White Arrow / White Right Arrow
U+021E9 \downwhitearrow Downwards White Arrow / White Down Arrow
U+021EA \whitearrowupfrombar Upwards White Arrow From Bar / White Up Arrow From Bar
U+021F4 \circleonrightarrow Right Arrow With Small Circle
U+021F5 \DownArrowUpArrow Downwards Arrow Leftwards Of Upwards Arrow
U+021F6 \rightthreearrows Three Rightwards Arrows
U+021F7 \nvleftarrow Leftwards Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+021F8 \nvrightarrow Rightwards Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+021F9 \nvleftrightarrow Left Right Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+021FA \nVleftarrow Leftwards Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+021FB \nVrightarrow Rightwards Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+021FC \nVleftrightarrow Left Right Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+021FD \leftarrowtriangle Leftwards Open-Headed Arrow
U+021FE \rightarrowtriangle Rightwards Open-Headed Arrow
U+021FF \leftrightarrowtriangle Left Right Open-Headed Arrow
U+02200 \forall For All
U+02201 \complement Complement
U+02202 \partial Partial Differential
U+02203 \exists There Exists
U+02204 \nexists There Does Not Exist
U+02205 \varnothing, \emptyset Empty Set
U+02206 \increment Increment
U+02207 \del, \nabla Nabla
U+02208 \in Element Of
U+02209 \notin Not An Element Of
U+0220A \smallin Small Element Of
U+0220B \ni Contains As Member
U+0220C \nni Does Not Contain As Member
U+0220D \smallni Small Contains As Member
U+0220E \QED End Of Proof
U+0220F \prod N-Ary Product
U+02210 \coprod N-Ary Coproduct
U+02211 \sum N-Ary Summation
U+02212 \minus Minus Sign
U+02213 \mp Minus-Or-Plus Sign
U+02214 \dotplus Dot Plus
U+02216 \setminus Set Minus
U+02217 \ast Asterisk Operator
U+02218 \circ Ring Operator
U+02219 \vysmblkcircle Bullet Operator
U+0221A \surd, \sqrt Square Root
U+0221B \cbrt Cube Root
U+0221C \fourthroot Fourth Root
U+0221D \propto Proportional To
U+0221E \infty Infinity
U+0221F \rightangle Right Angle
U+02220 \angle Angle
U+02221 \measuredangle Measured Angle
U+02222 \sphericalangle Spherical Angle
U+02223 \mid Divides
U+02224 \nmid Does Not Divide
U+02225 \parallel Parallel To
U+02226 \nparallel Not Parallel To
U+02227 \wedge Logical And
U+02228 \vee Logical Or
U+02229 \cap Intersection
U+0222A \cup Union
U+0222B \int Integral
U+0222C \iint Double Integral
U+0222D \iiint Triple Integral
U+0222E \oint Contour Integral
U+0222F \oiint Surface Integral
U+02230 \oiiint Volume Integral
U+02231 \clwintegral Clockwise Integral
U+02232 \varointclockwise Clockwise Contour Integral
U+02233 \ointctrclockwise Anticlockwise Contour Integral
U+02234 \therefore Therefore
U+02235 \because Because
U+02237 \Colon Proportion
U+02238 \dotminus Dot Minus
U+0223A \dotsminusdots Geometric Proportion
U+0223B \kernelcontraction Homothetic
U+0223C \sim Tilde Operator
U+0223D \backsim Reversed Tilde
U+0223E \lazysinv Inverted Lazy S
U+0223F \sinewave Sine Wave
U+02240 \wr Wreath Product
U+02241 \nsim Not Tilde
U+02242 \eqsim Minus Tilde
U+02242 + U+00338 ≂̸ \neqsim Minus Tilde + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02243 \simeq Asymptotically Equal To
U+02244 \nsime Not Asymptotically Equal To
U+02245 \cong Approximately Equal To
U+02246 \approxnotequal Approximately But Not Actually Equal To
U+02247 \ncong Neither Approximately Nor Actually Equal To
U+02248 \approx Almost Equal To
U+02249 \napprox Not Almost Equal To
U+0224A \approxeq Almost Equal Or Equal To
U+0224B \tildetrpl Triple Tilde
U+0224C \allequal All Equal To
U+0224D \asymp Equivalent To
U+0224E \Bumpeq Geometrically Equivalent To
U+0224E + U+00338 ≎̸ \nBumpeq Geometrically Equivalent To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0224F \bumpeq Difference Between
U+0224F + U+00338 ≏̸ \nbumpeq Difference Between + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02250 \doteq Approaches The Limit
U+02251 \Doteq Geometrically Equal To
U+02252 \fallingdotseq Approximately Equal To Or The Image Of
U+02253 \risingdotseq Image Of Or Approximately Equal To
U+02254 \coloneq Colon Equals / Colon Equal
U+02255 \eqcolon Equals Colon / Equal Colon
U+02256 \eqcirc Ring In Equal To
U+02257 \circeq Ring Equal To
U+02258 \arceq Corresponds To
U+02259 \wedgeq Estimates
U+0225A \veeeq Equiangular To
U+0225B \starequal Star Equals
U+0225C \triangleq Delta Equal To
U+0225D \eqdef Equal To By Definition
U+0225E \measeq Measured By
U+0225F \questeq Questioned Equal To
U+02260 \ne Not Equal To
U+02261 \equiv Identical To
U+02262 \nequiv Not Identical To
U+02263 \Equiv Strictly Equivalent To
U+02264 \le, \leq Less-Than Or Equal To / Less Than Or Equal To
U+02265 \ge, \geq Greater-Than Or Equal To / Greater Than Or Equal To
U+02266 \leqq Less-Than Over Equal To / Less Than Over Equal To
U+02267 \geqq Greater-Than Over Equal To / Greater Than Over Equal To
U+02268 \lneqq Less-Than But Not Equal To / Less Than But Not Equal To
U+02268 + U+0FE00 ≨︀ \lvertneqq Less-Than But Not Equal To / Less Than But Not Equal To + Variation Selector-1
U+02269 \gneqq Greater-Than But Not Equal To / Greater Than But Not Equal To
U+02269 + U+0FE00 ≩︀ \gvertneqq Greater-Than But Not Equal To / Greater Than But Not Equal To + Variation Selector-1
U+0226A \ll Much Less-Than / Much Less Than
U+0226A + U+00338 ≪̸ \NotLessLess Much Less-Than / Much Less Than + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0226B \gg Much Greater-Than / Much Greater Than
U+0226B + U+00338 ≫̸ \NotGreaterGreater Much Greater-Than / Much Greater Than + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0226C \between Between
U+0226D \nasymp Not Equivalent To
U+0226E \nless Not Less-Than / Not Less Than
U+0226F \ngtr Not Greater-Than / Not Greater Than
U+02270 \nleq Neither Less-Than Nor Equal To / Neither Less Than Nor Equal To
U+02271 \ngeq Neither Greater-Than Nor Equal To / Neither Greater Than Nor Equal To
U+02272 \lesssim Less-Than Or Equivalent To / Less Than Or Equivalent To
U+02273 \gtrsim Greater-Than Or Equivalent To / Greater Than Or Equivalent To
U+02274 \nlesssim Neither Less-Than Nor Equivalent To / Neither Less Than Nor Equivalent To
U+02275 \ngtrsim Neither Greater-Than Nor Equivalent To / Neither Greater Than Nor Equivalent To
U+02276 \lessgtr Less-Than Or Greater-Than / Less Than Or Greater Than
U+02277 \gtrless Greater-Than Or Less-Than / Greater Than Or Less Than
U+02278 \notlessgreater Neither Less-Than Nor Greater-Than / Neither Less Than Nor Greater Than
U+02279 \notgreaterless Neither Greater-Than Nor Less-Than / Neither Greater Than Nor Less Than
U+0227A \prec Precedes
U+0227B \succ Succeeds
U+0227C \preccurlyeq Precedes Or Equal To
U+0227D \succcurlyeq Succeeds Or Equal To
U+0227E \precsim Precedes Or Equivalent To
U+0227E + U+00338 ≾̸ \nprecsim Precedes Or Equivalent To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0227F \succsim Succeeds Or Equivalent To
U+0227F + U+00338 ≿̸ \nsuccsim Succeeds Or Equivalent To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02280 \nprec Does Not Precede
U+02281 \nsucc Does Not Succeed
U+02282 \subset Subset Of
U+02283 \supset Superset Of
U+02284 \nsubset Not A Subset Of
U+02285 \nsupset Not A Superset Of
U+02286 \subseteq Subset Of Or Equal To
U+02287 \supseteq Superset Of Or Equal To
U+02288 \nsubseteq Neither A Subset Of Nor Equal To
U+02289 \nsupseteq Neither A Superset Of Nor Equal To
U+0228A \subsetneq Subset Of With Not Equal To / Subset Of Or Not Equal To
U+0228A + U+0FE00 ⊊︀ \varsubsetneqq Subset Of With Not Equal To / Subset Of Or Not Equal To + Variation Selector-1
U+0228B \supsetneq Superset Of With Not Equal To / Superset Of Or Not Equal To
U+0228B + U+0FE00 ⊋︀ \varsupsetneq Superset Of With Not Equal To / Superset Of Or Not Equal To + Variation Selector-1
U+0228D \cupdot Multiset Multiplication
U+0228E \uplus Multiset Union
U+0228F \sqsubset Square Image Of
U+0228F + U+00338 ⊏̸ \NotSquareSubset Square Image Of + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02290 \sqsupset Square Original Of
U+02290 + U+00338 ⊐̸ \NotSquareSuperset Square Original Of + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02291 \sqsubseteq Square Image Of Or Equal To
U+02292 \sqsupseteq Square Original Of Or Equal To
U+02293 \sqcap Square Cap
U+02294 \sqcup Square Cup
U+02295 \oplus Circled Plus
U+02296 \ominus Circled Minus
U+02297 \otimes Circled Times
U+02298 \oslash Circled Division Slash
U+02299 \odot Circled Dot Operator
U+0229A \circledcirc Circled Ring Operator
U+0229B \circledast Circled Asterisk Operator
U+0229C \circledequal Circled Equals
U+0229D \circleddash Circled Dash
U+0229E \boxplus Squared Plus
U+0229F \boxminus Squared Minus
U+022A0 \boxtimes Squared Times
U+022A1 \boxdot Squared Dot Operator
U+022A2 \vdash Right Tack
U+022A3 \dashv Left Tack
U+022A4 \top Down Tack
U+022A5 \bot Up Tack
U+022A7 \models Models
U+022A8 \vDash True
U+022A9 \Vdash Forces
U+022AA \Vvdash Triple Vertical Bar Right Turnstile
U+022AB \VDash Double Vertical Bar Double Right Turnstile
U+022AC \nvdash Does Not Prove
U+022AD \nvDash Not True
U+022AE \nVdash Does Not Force
U+022AF \nVDash Negated Double Vertical Bar Double Right Turnstile
U+022B0 \prurel Precedes Under Relation
U+022B1 \scurel Succeeds Under Relation
U+022B2 \vartriangleleft Normal Subgroup Of
U+022B3 \vartriangleright Contains As Normal Subgroup
U+022B4 \trianglelefteq Normal Subgroup Of Or Equal To
U+022B5 \trianglerighteq Contains As Normal Subgroup Or Equal To
U+022B6 \original Original Of
U+022B7 \image Image Of
U+022B8 \multimap Multimap
U+022B9 \hermitconjmatrix Hermitian Conjugate Matrix
U+022BA \intercal Intercalate
U+022BB \veebar, \xor Xor
U+022BC \barwedge Nand
U+022BD \barvee Nor
U+022BE \rightanglearc Right Angle With Arc
U+022BF \varlrtriangle Right Triangle
U+022C0 \bigwedge N-Ary Logical And
U+022C1 \bigvee N-Ary Logical Or
U+022C2 \bigcap N-Ary Intersection
U+022C3 \bigcup N-Ary Union
U+022C4 \diamond Diamond Operator
U+022C5 \cdot Dot Operator
U+022C6 \star Star Operator
U+022C7 \divideontimes Division Times
U+022C8 \bowtie Bowtie
U+022C9 \ltimes Left Normal Factor Semidirect Product
U+022CA \rtimes Right Normal Factor Semidirect Product
U+022CB \leftthreetimes Left Semidirect Product
U+022CC \rightthreetimes Right Semidirect Product
U+022CD \backsimeq Reversed Tilde Equals
U+022CE \curlyvee Curly Logical Or
U+022CF \curlywedge Curly Logical And
U+022D0 \Subset Double Subset
U+022D1 \Supset Double Superset
U+022D2 \Cap Double Intersection
U+022D3 \Cup Double Union
U+022D4 \pitchfork Pitchfork
U+022D5 \equalparallel Equal And Parallel To
U+022D6 \lessdot Less-Than With Dot / Less Than With Dot
U+022D7 \gtrdot Greater-Than With Dot / Greater Than With Dot
U+022D8 \verymuchless Very Much Less-Than / Very Much Less Than
U+022D9 \ggg Very Much Greater-Than / Very Much Greater Than
U+022DA \lesseqgtr Less-Than Equal To Or Greater-Than / Less Than Equal To Or Greater Than
U+022DB \gtreqless Greater-Than Equal To Or Less-Than / Greater Than Equal To Or Less Than
U+022DC \eqless Equal To Or Less-Than / Equal To Or Less Than
U+022DD \eqgtr Equal To Or Greater-Than / Equal To Or Greater Than
U+022DE \curlyeqprec Equal To Or Precedes
U+022DF \curlyeqsucc Equal To Or Succeeds
U+022E0 \npreccurlyeq Does Not Precede Or Equal
U+022E1 \nsucccurlyeq Does Not Succeed Or Equal
U+022E2 \nsqsubseteq Not Square Image Of Or Equal To
U+022E3 \nsqsupseteq Not Square Original Of Or Equal To
U+022E4 \sqsubsetneq Square Image Of Or Not Equal To
U+022E5 \sqspne Square Original Of Or Not Equal To
U+022E6 \lnsim Less-Than But Not Equivalent To / Less Than But Not Equivalent To
U+022E7 \gnsim Greater-Than But Not Equivalent To / Greater Than But Not Equivalent To
U+022E8 \precnsim Precedes But Not Equivalent To
U+022E9 \succnsim Succeeds But Not Equivalent To
U+022EA \ntriangleleft Not Normal Subgroup Of
U+022EB \ntriangleright Does Not Contain As Normal Subgroup
U+022EC \ntrianglelefteq Not Normal Subgroup Of Or Equal To
U+022ED \ntrianglerighteq Does Not Contain As Normal Subgroup Or Equal
U+022EE \vdots Vertical Ellipsis
U+022EF \cdots Midline Horizontal Ellipsis
U+022F0 \adots Up Right Diagonal Ellipsis
U+022F1 \ddots Down Right Diagonal Ellipsis
U+022F2 \disin Element Of With Long Horizontal Stroke
U+022F3 \varisins Element Of With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
U+022F4 \isins Small Element Of With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
U+022F5 \isindot Element Of With Dot Above
U+022F6 \varisinobar Element Of With Overbar
U+022F7 \isinobar Small Element Of With Overbar
U+022F8 \isinvb Element Of With Underbar
U+022F9 \isinE Element Of With Two Horizontal Strokes
U+022FA \nisd Contains With Long Horizontal Stroke
U+022FB \varnis Contains With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
U+022FC \nis Small Contains With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
U+022FD \varniobar Contains With Overbar
U+022FE \niobar Small Contains With Overbar
U+022FF \bagmember Z Notation Bag Membership
U+02300 \diameter Diameter Sign
U+02302 \house House
U+02305 \varbarwedge Projective
U+02306 \vardoublebarwedge Perspective
U+02308 \lceil Left Ceiling
U+02309 \rceil Right Ceiling
U+0230A \lfloor Left Floor
U+0230B \rfloor Right Floor
U+02310 \invnot Reversed Not Sign
U+02311 \sqlozenge Square Lozenge
U+02312 \profline Arc
U+02313 \profsurf Segment
U+02315 \recorder Telephone Recorder
U+02317 \viewdata Viewdata Square
U+02319 \turnednot Turned Not Sign
U+0231A \:watch: Watch
U+0231B \:hourglass: Hourglass
U+0231C \ulcorner Top Left Corner
U+0231D \urcorner Top Right Corner
U+0231E \llcorner Bottom Left Corner
U+0231F \lrcorner Bottom Right Corner
U+02322 \frown Frown
U+02323 \smile Smile
U+0232C \varhexagonlrbonds Benzene Ring
U+02332 \conictaper Conical Taper
U+02336 \topbot Apl Functional Symbol I-Beam
U+0233D \obar Apl Functional Symbol Circle Stile
U+0233F \notslash Apl Functional Symbol Slash Bar
U+02340 \notbackslash Apl Functional Symbol Backslash Bar
U+02353 \boxupcaret Apl Functional Symbol Quad Up Caret
U+02370 \boxquestion Apl Functional Symbol Quad Question
U+02394 \hexagon Software-Function Symbol
U+023A3 \dlcorn Left Square Bracket Lower Corner
U+023B0 \lmoustache Upper Left Or Lower Right Curly Bracket Section
U+023B1 \rmoustache Upper Right Or Lower Left Curly Bracket Section
U+023B4 \overbracket Top Square Bracket
U+023B5 \underbracket Bottom Square Bracket
U+023B6 \bbrktbrk Bottom Square Bracket Over Top Square Bracket
U+023B7 \sqrtbottom Radical Symbol Bottom
U+023B8 \lvboxline Left Vertical Box Line
U+023B9 \rvboxline Right Vertical Box Line
U+023CE \varcarriagereturn Return Symbol
U+023DE \overbrace Top Curly Bracket
U+023DF \underbrace Bottom Curly Bracket
U+023E2 \trapezium White Trapezium
U+023E3 \benzenr Benzene Ring With Circle
U+023E4 \strns Straightness
U+023E5 \fltns Flatness
U+023E6 \accurrent Ac Current
U+023E7 \elinters Electrical Intersection
U+023E9 \:fast_forward: Black Right-Pointing Double Triangle
U+023EA \:rewind: Black Left-Pointing Double Triangle
U+023EB \:arrow_double_up: Black Up-Pointing Double Triangle
U+023EC \:arrow_double_down: Black Down-Pointing Double Triangle
U+023F0 \:alarm_clock: Alarm Clock
U+023F3 \:hourglass_flowing_sand: Hourglass With Flowing Sand
U+02422 \blanksymbol Blank Symbol / Blank
U+02423 \visiblespace Open Box
U+024C2 \:m: Circled Latin Capital Letter M
U+024C8 \circledS Circled Latin Capital Letter S
U+02506 \dshfnc Box Drawings Light Triple Dash Vertical / Forms Light Triple Dash Vertical
U+02519 \sqfnw Box Drawings Up Light And Left Heavy / Forms Up Light And Left Heavy
U+02571 \diagup Box Drawings Light Diagonal Upper Right To Lower Left / Forms Light Diagonal Upper Right To Lower Left
U+02572 \diagdown Box Drawings Light Diagonal Upper Left To Lower Right / Forms Light Diagonal Upper Left To Lower Right
U+02580 \blockuphalf Upper Half Block
U+02584 \blocklowhalf Lower Half Block
U+02588 \blockfull Full Block
U+0258C \blocklefthalf Left Half Block
U+02590 \blockrighthalf Right Half Block
U+02591 \blockqtrshaded Light Shade
U+02592 \blockhalfshaded Medium Shade
U+02593 \blockthreeqtrshaded Dark Shade
U+025A0 \blacksquare Black Square
U+025A1 \square White Square
U+025A2 \squoval White Square With Rounded Corners
U+025A3 \blackinwhitesquare White Square Containing Black Small Square
U+025A4 \squarehfill Square With Horizontal Fill
U+025A5 \squarevfill Square With Vertical Fill
U+025A6 \squarehvfill Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch Fill
U+025A7 \squarenwsefill Square With Upper Left To Lower Right Fill
U+025A8 \squareneswfill Square With Upper Right To Lower Left Fill
U+025A9 \squarecrossfill Square With Diagonal Crosshatch Fill
U+025AA \smblksquare, \:black_small_square: Black Small Square
U+025AB \smwhtsquare, \:white_small_square: White Small Square
U+025AC \hrectangleblack Black Rectangle
U+025AD \hrectangle White Rectangle
U+025AE \vrectangleblack Black Vertical Rectangle
U+025AF \vrecto White Vertical Rectangle
U+025B0 \parallelogramblack Black Parallelogram
U+025B1 \parallelogram White Parallelogram
U+025B2 \bigblacktriangleup Black Up-Pointing Triangle / Black Up Pointing Triangle
U+025B3 \bigtriangleup White Up-Pointing Triangle / White Up Pointing Triangle
U+025B4 \blacktriangle Black Up-Pointing Small Triangle / Black Up Pointing Small Triangle
U+025B5 \vartriangle White Up-Pointing Small Triangle / White Up Pointing Small Triangle
U+025B6 \blacktriangleright, \:arrow_forward: Black Right-Pointing Triangle / Black Right Pointing Triangle
U+025B7 \triangleright White Right-Pointing Triangle / White Right Pointing Triangle
U+025B8 \smallblacktriangleright Black Right-Pointing Small Triangle / Black Right Pointing Small Triangle
U+025B9 \smalltriangleright White Right-Pointing Small Triangle / White Right Pointing Small Triangle
U+025BA \blackpointerright Black Right-Pointing Pointer / Black Right Pointing Pointer
U+025BB \whitepointerright White Right-Pointing Pointer / White Right Pointing Pointer
U+025BC \bigblacktriangledown Black Down-Pointing Triangle / Black Down Pointing Triangle
U+025BD \bigtriangledown White Down-Pointing Triangle / White Down Pointing Triangle
U+025BE \blacktriangledown Black Down-Pointing Small Triangle / Black Down Pointing Small Triangle
U+025BF \triangledown White Down-Pointing Small Triangle / White Down Pointing Small Triangle
U+025C0 \blacktriangleleft, \:arrow_backward: Black Left-Pointing Triangle / Black Left Pointing Triangle
U+025C1 \triangleleft White Left-Pointing Triangle / White Left Pointing Triangle
U+025C2 \smallblacktriangleleft Black Left-Pointing Small Triangle / Black Left Pointing Small Triangle
U+025C3 \smalltriangleleft White Left-Pointing Small Triangle / White Left Pointing Small Triangle
U+025C4 \blackpointerleft Black Left-Pointing Pointer / Black Left Pointing Pointer
U+025C5 \whitepointerleft White Left-Pointing Pointer / White Left Pointing Pointer
U+025C6 \mdlgblkdiamond Black Diamond
U+025C7 \mdlgwhtdiamond White Diamond
U+025C8 \blackinwhitediamond White Diamond Containing Black Small Diamond
U+025C9 \fisheye Fisheye
U+025CA \lozenge Lozenge
U+025CB \bigcirc White Circle
U+025CC \dottedcircle Dotted Circle
U+025CD \circlevertfill Circle With Vertical Fill
U+025CE \bullseye Bullseye
U+025CF \mdlgblkcircle Black Circle
U+025D0 \cirfl Circle With Left Half Black
U+025D1 \cirfr Circle With Right Half Black
U+025D2 \cirfb Circle With Lower Half Black
U+025D3 \circletophalfblack Circle With Upper Half Black
U+025D4 \circleurquadblack Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black
U+025D5 \blackcircleulquadwhite Circle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black
U+025D6 \blacklefthalfcircle Left Half Black Circle
U+025D7 \blackrighthalfcircle Right Half Black Circle
U+025D8 \rvbull Inverse Bullet
U+025D9 \inversewhitecircle Inverse White Circle
U+025DA \invwhiteupperhalfcircle Upper Half Inverse White Circle
U+025DB \invwhitelowerhalfcircle Lower Half Inverse White Circle
U+025DC \ularc Upper Left Quadrant Circular Arc
U+025DD \urarc Upper Right Quadrant Circular Arc
U+025DE \lrarc Lower Right Quadrant Circular Arc
U+025DF \llarc Lower Left Quadrant Circular Arc
U+025E0 \topsemicircle Upper Half Circle
U+025E1 \botsemicircle Lower Half Circle
U+025E2 \lrblacktriangle Black Lower Right Triangle
U+025E3 \llblacktriangle Black Lower Left Triangle
U+025E4 \ulblacktriangle Black Upper Left Triangle
U+025E5 \urblacktriangle Black Upper Right Triangle
U+025E6 \smwhtcircle White Bullet
U+025E7 \sqfl Square With Left Half Black
U+025E8 \sqfr Square With Right Half Black
U+025E9 \squareulblack Square With Upper Left Diagonal Half Black
U+025EA \sqfse Square With Lower Right Diagonal Half Black
U+025EB \boxbar White Square With Vertical Bisecting Line
U+025EC \trianglecdot White Up-Pointing Triangle With Dot / White Up Pointing Triangle With Dot
U+025ED \triangleleftblack Up-Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black / Up Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black
U+025EE \trianglerightblack Up-Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black / Up Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black
U+025EF \lgwhtcircle Large Circle
U+025F0 \squareulquad White Square With Upper Left Quadrant
U+025F1 \squarellquad White Square With Lower Left Quadrant
U+025F2 \squarelrquad White Square With Lower Right Quadrant
U+025F3 \squareurquad White Square With Upper Right Quadrant
U+025F4 \circleulquad White Circle With Upper Left Quadrant
U+025F5 \circlellquad White Circle With Lower Left Quadrant
U+025F6 \circlelrquad White Circle With Lower Right Quadrant
U+025F7 \circleurquad White Circle With Upper Right Quadrant
U+025F8 \ultriangle Upper Left Triangle
U+025F9 \urtriangle Upper Right Triangle
U+025FA \lltriangle Lower Left Triangle
U+025FB \mdwhtsquare, \:white_medium_square: White Medium Square
U+025FC \mdblksquare, \:black_medium_square: Black Medium Square
U+025FD \mdsmwhtsquare, \:white_medium_small_square: White Medium Small Square
U+025FE \mdsmblksquare, \:black_medium_small_square: Black Medium Small Square
U+025FF \lrtriangle Lower Right Triangle
U+02600 \:sunny: Black Sun With Rays
U+02601 \:cloud: Cloud
U+02605 \bigstar Black Star
U+02606 \bigwhitestar White Star
U+02609 \astrosun Sun
U+0260E \:phone: Black Telephone
U+02611 \:ballot_box_with_check: Ballot Box With Check
U+02614 \:umbrella: Umbrella With Rain Drops
U+02615 \:coffee: Hot Beverage
U+0261D \:point_up: White Up Pointing Index
U+02621 \danger Caution Sign
U+0263A \:relaxed: White Smiling Face
U+0263B \blacksmiley Black Smiling Face
U+0263C \sun White Sun With Rays
U+0263D \rightmoon First Quarter Moon
U+0263E \leftmoon Last Quarter Moon
U+0263F \mercury Mercury
U+02640 \venus, \female Female Sign
U+02642 \male, \mars Male Sign
U+02643 \jupiter Jupiter
U+02644 \saturn Saturn
U+02645 \uranus Uranus
U+02646 \neptune Neptune
U+02647 \pluto Pluto
U+02648 \aries, \:aries: Aries
U+02649 \taurus, \:taurus: Taurus
U+0264A \gemini, \:gemini: Gemini
U+0264B \cancer, \:cancer: Cancer
U+0264C \leo, \:leo: Leo
U+0264D \virgo, \:virgo: Virgo
U+0264E \libra, \:libra: Libra
U+0264F \scorpio, \:scorpius: Scorpius
U+02650 \sagittarius, \:sagittarius: Sagittarius
U+02651 \capricornus, \:capricorn: Capricorn
U+02652 \aquarius, \:aquarius: Aquarius
U+02653 \pisces, \:pisces: Pisces
U+02660 \spadesuit, \:spades: Black Spade Suit
U+02661 \heartsuit White Heart Suit
U+02662 \diamondsuit White Diamond Suit
U+02663 \clubsuit, \:clubs: Black Club Suit
U+02664 \varspadesuit White Spade Suit
U+02665 \varheartsuit, \:hearts: Black Heart Suit
U+02666 \vardiamondsuit, \:diamonds: Black Diamond Suit
U+02667 \varclubsuit White Club Suit
U+02668 \:hotsprings: Hot Springs
U+02669 \quarternote Quarter Note
U+0266A \eighthnote Eighth Note
U+0266B \twonotes Beamed Eighth Notes / Barred Eighth Notes
U+0266D \flat Music Flat Sign / Flat
U+0266E \natural Music Natural Sign / Natural
U+0266F \sharp Music Sharp Sign / Sharp
U+0267B \:recycle: Black Universal Recycling Symbol
U+0267E \acidfree Permanent Paper Sign
U+0267F \:wheelchair: Wheelchair Symbol
U+02680 \dicei Die Face-1
U+02681 \diceii Die Face-2
U+02682 \diceiii Die Face-3
U+02683 \diceiv Die Face-4
U+02684 \dicev Die Face-5
U+02685 \dicevi Die Face-6
U+02686 \circledrightdot White Circle With Dot Right
U+02687 \circledtwodots White Circle With Two Dots
U+02688 \blackcircledrightdot Black Circle With White Dot Right
U+02689 \blackcircledtwodots Black Circle With Two White Dots
U+02693 \:anchor: Anchor
U+026A0 \:warning: Warning Sign
U+026A1 \:zap: High Voltage Sign
U+026A5 \hermaphrodite Male And Female Sign
U+026AA \mdwhtcircle, \:white_circle: Medium White Circle
U+026AB \mdblkcircle, \:black_circle: Medium Black Circle
U+026AC \mdsmwhtcircle Medium Small White Circle
U+026B2 \neuter Neuter
U+026BD \:soccer: Soccer Ball
U+026BE \:baseball: Baseball
U+026C4 \:snowman: Snowman Without Snow
U+026C5 \:partly_sunny: Sun Behind Cloud
U+026CE \:ophiuchus: Ophiuchus
U+026D4 \:no_entry: No Entry
U+026EA \:church: Church
U+026F2 \:fountain: Fountain
U+026F3 \:golf: Flag In Hole
U+026F5 \:boat: Sailboat
U+026FA \:tent: Tent
U+026FD \:fuelpump: Fuel Pump
U+02702 \:scissors: Black Scissors
U+02705 \:white_check_mark: White Heavy Check Mark
U+02708 \:airplane: Airplane
U+02709 \:email: Envelope
U+0270A \:fist: Raised Fist
U+0270B \:hand: Raised Hand
U+0270C \:v: Victory Hand
U+0270F \:pencil2: Pencil
U+02712 \:black_nib: Black Nib
U+02713 \checkmark Check Mark
U+02714 \:heavy_check_mark: Heavy Check Mark
U+02716 \:heavy_multiplication_x: Heavy Multiplication X
U+02720 \maltese Maltese Cross
U+02728 \:sparkles: Sparkles
U+0272A \circledstar Circled White Star
U+02733 \:eight_spoked_asterisk: Eight Spoked Asterisk
U+02734 \:eight_pointed_black_star: Eight Pointed Black Star
U+02736 \varstar Six Pointed Black Star
U+0273D \dingasterisk Heavy Teardrop-Spoked Asterisk
U+02744 \:snowflake: Snowflake
U+02747 \:sparkle: Sparkle
U+0274C \:x: Cross Mark
U+0274E \:negative_squared_cross_mark: Negative Squared Cross Mark
U+02753 \:question: Black Question Mark Ornament
U+02754 \:grey_question: White Question Mark Ornament
U+02755 \:grey_exclamation: White Exclamation Mark Ornament
U+02757 \:exclamation: Heavy Exclamation Mark Symbol
U+02764 \:heart: Heavy Black Heart
U+02795 \:heavy_plus_sign: Heavy Plus Sign
U+02796 \:heavy_minus_sign: Heavy Minus Sign
U+02797 \:heavy_division_sign: Heavy Division Sign
U+0279B \draftingarrow Drafting Point Rightwards Arrow / Drafting Point Right Arrow
U+027A1 \:arrow_right: Black Rightwards Arrow / Black Right Arrow
U+027B0 \:curly_loop: Curly Loop
U+027BF \:loop: Double Curly Loop
U+027C0 \threedangle Three Dimensional Angle
U+027C1 \whiteinwhitetriangle White Triangle Containing Small White Triangle
U+027C2 \perp Perpendicular
U+027C8 \bsolhsub Reverse Solidus Preceding Subset
U+027C9 \suphsol Superset Preceding Solidus
U+027D1 \wedgedot And With Dot
U+027D2 \upin Element Of Opening Upwards
U+027D5 \leftouterjoin Left Outer Join
U+027D6 \rightouterjoin Right Outer Join
U+027D7 \fullouterjoin Full Outer Join
U+027D8 \bigbot Large Up Tack
U+027D9 \bigtop Large Down Tack
U+027E6 \llbracket, \openbracketleft Mathematical Left White Square Bracket
U+027E7 \openbracketright, \rrbracket Mathematical Right White Square Bracket
U+027E8 \langle Mathematical Left Angle Bracket
U+027E9 \rangle Mathematical Right Angle Bracket
U+027F0 \UUparrow Upwards Quadruple Arrow
U+027F1 \DDownarrow Downwards Quadruple Arrow
U+027F5 \longleftarrow Long Leftwards Arrow
U+027F6 \longrightarrow Long Rightwards Arrow
U+027F7 \longleftrightarrow Long Left Right Arrow
U+027F8 \impliedby, \Longleftarrow Long Leftwards Double Arrow
U+027F9 \implies, \Longrightarrow Long Rightwards Double Arrow
U+027FA \Longleftrightarrow, \iff Long Left Right Double Arrow
U+027FB \longmapsfrom Long Leftwards Arrow From Bar
U+027FC \longmapsto Long Rightwards Arrow From Bar
U+027FD \Longmapsfrom Long Leftwards Double Arrow From Bar
U+027FE \Longmapsto Long Rightwards Double Arrow From Bar
U+027FF \longrightsquigarrow Long Rightwards Squiggle Arrow
U+02900 \nvtwoheadrightarrow Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02901 \nVtwoheadrightarrow Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02902 \nvLeftarrow Leftwards Double Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02903 \nvRightarrow Rightwards Double Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02904 \nvLeftrightarrow Left Right Double Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02905 \twoheadmapsto Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow From Bar
U+02906 \Mapsfrom Leftwards Double Arrow From Bar
U+02907 \Mapsto Rightwards Double Arrow From Bar
U+02908 \downarrowbarred Downwards Arrow With Horizontal Stroke
U+02909 \uparrowbarred Upwards Arrow With Horizontal Stroke
U+0290A \Uuparrow Upwards Triple Arrow
U+0290B \Ddownarrow Downwards Triple Arrow
U+0290C \leftbkarrow Leftwards Double Dash Arrow
U+0290D \bkarow Rightwards Double Dash Arrow
U+0290E \leftdbkarrow Leftwards Triple Dash Arrow
U+0290F \dbkarow Rightwards Triple Dash Arrow
U+02910 \drbkarrow Rightwards Two-Headed Triple Dash Arrow
U+02911 \rightdotarrow Rightwards Arrow With Dotted Stem
U+02912 \UpArrowBar Upwards Arrow To Bar
U+02913 \DownArrowBar Downwards Arrow To Bar
U+02914 \nvrightarrowtail Rightwards Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
U+02915 \nVrightarrowtail Rightwards Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02916 \twoheadrightarrowtail Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail
U+02917 \nvtwoheadrightarrowtail Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
U+02918 \nVtwoheadrightarrowtail Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
U+0291D \diamondleftarrow Leftwards Arrow To Black Diamond
U+0291E \rightarrowdiamond Rightwards Arrow To Black Diamond
U+0291F \diamondleftarrowbar Leftwards Arrow From Bar To Black Diamond
U+02920 \barrightarrowdiamond Rightwards Arrow From Bar To Black Diamond
U+02925 \hksearow South East Arrow With Hook
U+02926 \hkswarow South West Arrow With Hook
U+02927 \tona North West Arrow And North East Arrow
U+02928 \toea North East Arrow And South East Arrow
U+02929 \tosa South East Arrow And South West Arrow
U+0292A \towa South West Arrow And North West Arrow
U+0292B \rdiagovfdiag Rising Diagonal Crossing Falling Diagonal
U+0292C \fdiagovrdiag Falling Diagonal Crossing Rising Diagonal
U+0292D \seovnearrow South East Arrow Crossing North East Arrow
U+0292E \neovsearrow North East Arrow Crossing South East Arrow
U+0292F \fdiagovnearrow Falling Diagonal Crossing North East Arrow
U+02930 \rdiagovsearrow Rising Diagonal Crossing South East Arrow
U+02931 \neovnwarrow North East Arrow Crossing North West Arrow
U+02932 \nwovnearrow North West Arrow Crossing North East Arrow
U+02934 \:arrow_heading_up: Arrow Pointing Rightwards Then Curving Upwards
U+02935 \:arrow_heading_down: Arrow Pointing Rightwards Then Curving Downwards
U+02942 \Rlarr Rightwards Arrow Above Short Leftwards Arrow
U+02944 \rLarr Short Rightwards Arrow Above Leftwards Arrow
U+02945 \rightarrowplus Rightwards Arrow With Plus Below
U+02946 \leftarrowplus Leftwards Arrow With Plus Below
U+02947 \rarrx Rightwards Arrow Through X
U+02948 \leftrightarrowcircle Left Right Arrow Through Small Circle
U+02949 \twoheaduparrowcircle Upwards Two-Headed Arrow From Small Circle
U+0294A \leftrightharpoonupdown Left Barb Up Right Barb Down Harpoon
U+0294B \leftrightharpoondownup Left Barb Down Right Barb Up Harpoon
U+0294C \updownharpoonrightleft Up Barb Right Down Barb Left Harpoon
U+0294D \updownharpoonleftright Up Barb Left Down Barb Right Harpoon
U+0294E \LeftRightVector Left Barb Up Right Barb Up Harpoon
U+0294F \RightUpDownVector Up Barb Right Down Barb Right Harpoon
U+02950 \DownLeftRightVector Left Barb Down Right Barb Down Harpoon
U+02951 \LeftUpDownVector Up Barb Left Down Barb Left Harpoon
U+02952 \LeftVectorBar Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Up To Bar
U+02953 \RightVectorBar Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Up To Bar
U+02954 \RightUpVectorBar Upwards Harpoon With Barb Right To Bar
U+02955 \RightDownVectorBar Downwards Harpoon With Barb Right To Bar
U+02956 \DownLeftVectorBar Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down To Bar
U+02957 \DownRightVectorBar Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down To Bar
U+02958 \LeftUpVectorBar Upwards Harpoon With Barb Left To Bar
U+02959 \LeftDownVectorBar Downwards Harpoon With Barb Left To Bar
U+0295A \LeftTeeVector Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Up From Bar
U+0295B \RightTeeVector Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Up From Bar
U+0295C \RightUpTeeVector Upwards Harpoon With Barb Right From Bar
U+0295D \RightDownTeeVector Downwards Harpoon With Barb Right From Bar
U+0295E \DownLeftTeeVector Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down From Bar
U+0295F \DownRightTeeVector Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down From Bar
U+02960 \LeftUpTeeVector Upwards Harpoon With Barb Left From Bar
U+02961 \LeftDownTeeVector Downwards Harpoon With Barb Left From Bar
U+02962 \leftharpoonsupdown Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down
U+02963 \upharpoonsleftright Upwards Harpoon With Barb Left Beside Upwards Harpoon With Barb Right
U+02964 \rightharpoonsupdown Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down
U+02965 \downharpoonsleftright Downwards Harpoon With Barb Left Beside Downwards Harpoon With Barb Right
U+02966 \leftrightharpoonsup Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Up
U+02967 \leftrightharpoonsdown Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down Above Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down
U+02968 \rightleftharpoonsup Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Up
U+02969 \rightleftharpoonsdown Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down Above Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down
U+0296A \leftharpoonupdash Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Long Dash
U+0296B \dashleftharpoondown Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down Below Long Dash
U+0296C \rightharpoonupdash Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Long Dash
U+0296D \dashrightharpoondown Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down Below Long Dash
U+0296E \UpEquilibrium Upwards Harpoon With Barb Left Beside Downwards Harpoon With Barb Right
U+0296F \ReverseUpEquilibrium Downwards Harpoon With Barb Left Beside Upwards Harpoon With Barb Right
U+02970 \RoundImplies Right Double Arrow With Rounded Head
U+02980 \Vvert Triple Vertical Bar Delimiter
U+02986 \Elroang Right White Parenthesis
U+02999 \ddfnc Dotted Fence
U+0299B \measuredangleleft Measured Angle Opening Left
U+0299C \Angle Right Angle Variant With Square
U+0299D \rightanglemdot Measured Right Angle With Dot
U+0299E \angles Angle With S Inside
U+0299F \angdnr Acute Angle
U+029A0 \lpargt Spherical Angle Opening Left
U+029A1 \sphericalangleup Spherical Angle Opening Up
U+029A2 \turnangle Turned Angle
U+029A3 \revangle Reversed Angle
U+029A4 \angleubar Angle With Underbar
U+029A5 \revangleubar Reversed Angle With Underbar
U+029A6 \wideangledown Oblique Angle Opening Up
U+029A7 \wideangleup Oblique Angle Opening Down
U+029A8 \measanglerutone Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Up And Right
U+029A9 \measanglelutonw Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Up And Left
U+029AA \measanglerdtose Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Down And Right
U+029AB \measangleldtosw Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Down And Left
U+029AC \measangleurtone Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Right And Up
U+029AD \measangleultonw Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Left And Up
U+029AE \measangledrtose Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Right And Down
U+029AF \measangledltosw Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Left And Down
U+029B0 \revemptyset Reversed Empty Set
U+029B1 \emptysetobar Empty Set With Overbar
U+029B2 \emptysetocirc Empty Set With Small Circle Above
U+029B3 \emptysetoarr Empty Set With Right Arrow Above
U+029B4 \emptysetoarrl Empty Set With Left Arrow Above
U+029B7 \circledparallel Circled Parallel
U+029B8 \obslash Circled Reverse Solidus
U+029BC \odotslashdot Circled Anticlockwise-Rotated Division Sign
U+029BE \circledwhitebullet Circled White Bullet
U+029BF ⦿ \circledbullet Circled Bullet
U+029C0 \olessthan Circled Less-Than
U+029C1 \ogreaterthan Circled Greater-Than
U+029C4 \boxdiag Squared Rising Diagonal Slash
U+029C5 \boxbslash Squared Falling Diagonal Slash
U+029C6 \boxast Squared Asterisk
U+029C7 \boxcircle Squared Small Circle
U+029CA \Lap Triangle With Dot Above
U+029CB \defas Triangle With Underbar
U+029CF \LeftTriangleBar Left Triangle Beside Vertical Bar
U+029CF + U+00338 ⧏̸ \NotLeftTriangleBar Left Triangle Beside Vertical Bar + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+029D0 \RightTriangleBar Vertical Bar Beside Right Triangle
U+029D0 + U+00338 ⧐̸ \NotRightTriangleBar Vertical Bar Beside Right Triangle + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+029DF \dualmap Double-Ended Multimap
U+029E1 \lrtriangleeq Increases As
U+029E2 \shuffle Shuffle Product
U+029E3 \eparsl Equals Sign And Slanted Parallel
U+029E4 \smeparsl Equals Sign And Slanted Parallel With Tilde Above
U+029E5 \eqvparsl Identical To And Slanted Parallel
U+029EB \blacklozenge Black Lozenge
U+029F4 \RuleDelayed Rule-Delayed
U+029F6 \dsol Solidus With Overbar
U+029F7 \rsolbar Reverse Solidus With Horizontal Stroke
U+029FA \doubleplus Double Plus
U+029FB \tripleplus Triple Plus
U+02A00 \bigodot N-Ary Circled Dot Operator
U+02A01 \bigoplus N-Ary Circled Plus Operator
U+02A02 \bigotimes N-Ary Circled Times Operator
U+02A03 \bigcupdot N-Ary Union Operator With Dot
U+02A04 \biguplus N-Ary Union Operator With Plus
U+02A05 \bigsqcap N-Ary Square Intersection Operator
U+02A06 \bigsqcup N-Ary Square Union Operator
U+02A07 \conjquant Two Logical And Operator
U+02A08 \disjquant Two Logical Or Operator
U+02A09 \bigtimes N-Ary Times Operator
U+02A0A \modtwosum Modulo Two Sum
U+02A0B \sumint Summation With Integral
U+02A0C \iiiint Quadruple Integral Operator
U+02A0D \intbar Finite Part Integral
U+02A0E \intBar Integral With Double Stroke
U+02A0F \clockoint Integral Average With Slash
U+02A10 \cirfnint Circulation Function
U+02A11 \awint Anticlockwise Integration
U+02A12 \rppolint Line Integration With Rectangular Path Around Pole
U+02A13 \scpolint Line Integration With Semicircular Path Around Pole
U+02A14 \npolint Line Integration Not Including The Pole
U+02A15 \pointint Integral Around A Point Operator
U+02A16 \sqrint Quaternion Integral Operator
U+02A18 \intx Integral With Times Sign
U+02A19 \intcap Integral With Intersection
U+02A1A \intcup Integral With Union
U+02A1B \upint Integral With Overbar
U+02A1C \lowint Integral With Underbar
U+02A1D \Join, \join Join
U+02A22 \ringplus Plus Sign With Small Circle Above
U+02A23 \plushat Plus Sign With Circumflex Accent Above
U+02A24 \simplus Plus Sign With Tilde Above
U+02A25 \plusdot Plus Sign With Dot Below
U+02A26 \plussim Plus Sign With Tilde Below
U+02A27 \plussubtwo Plus Sign With Subscript Two
U+02A28 \plustrif Plus Sign With Black Triangle
U+02A29 \commaminus Minus Sign With Comma Above
U+02A2A \minusdot Minus Sign With Dot Below
U+02A2B \minusfdots Minus Sign With Falling Dots
U+02A2C \minusrdots Minus Sign With Rising Dots
U+02A2D \opluslhrim Plus Sign In Left Half Circle
U+02A2E \oplusrhrim Plus Sign In Right Half Circle
U+02A2F \Times Vector Or Cross Product
U+02A30 \dottimes Multiplication Sign With Dot Above
U+02A31 \timesbar Multiplication Sign With Underbar
U+02A32 \btimes Semidirect Product With Bottom Closed
U+02A33 \smashtimes Smash Product
U+02A34 \otimeslhrim Multiplication Sign In Left Half Circle
U+02A35 \otimesrhrim Multiplication Sign In Right Half Circle
U+02A36 \otimeshat Circled Multiplication Sign With Circumflex Accent
U+02A37 \Otimes Multiplication Sign In Double Circle
U+02A38 \odiv Circled Division Sign
U+02A39 \triangleplus Plus Sign In Triangle
U+02A3A \triangleminus Minus Sign In Triangle
U+02A3B \triangletimes Multiplication Sign In Triangle
U+02A3C \intprod Interior Product
U+02A3D \intprodr Righthand Interior Product
U+02A3F ⨿ \amalg Amalgamation Or Coproduct
U+02A40 \capdot Intersection With Dot
U+02A41 \uminus Union With Minus Sign
U+02A42 \barcup Union With Overbar
U+02A43 \barcap Intersection With Overbar
U+02A44 \capwedge Intersection With Logical And
U+02A45 \cupvee Union With Logical Or
U+02A4A \twocups Union Beside And Joined With Union
U+02A4B \twocaps Intersection Beside And Joined With Intersection
U+02A4C \closedvarcup Closed Union With Serifs
U+02A4D \closedvarcap Closed Intersection With Serifs
U+02A4E \Sqcap Double Square Intersection
U+02A4F \Sqcup Double Square Union
U+02A50 \closedvarcupsmashprod Closed Union With Serifs And Smash Product
U+02A51 \wedgeodot Logical And With Dot Above
U+02A52 \veeodot Logical Or With Dot Above
U+02A53 \And Double Logical And
U+02A54 \Or Double Logical Or
U+02A55 \wedgeonwedge Two Intersecting Logical And
U+02A56 \ElOr Two Intersecting Logical Or
U+02A57 \bigslopedvee Sloping Large Or
U+02A58 \bigslopedwedge Sloping Large And
U+02A5A \wedgemidvert Logical And With Middle Stem
U+02A5B \veemidvert Logical Or With Middle Stem
U+02A5C \midbarwedge Logical And With Horizontal Dash
U+02A5D \midbarvee Logical Or With Horizontal Dash
U+02A5E \perspcorrespond Logical And With Double Overbar
U+02A5F \minhat Logical And With Underbar
U+02A60 \wedgedoublebar Logical And With Double Underbar
U+02A61 \varveebar Small Vee With Underbar
U+02A62 \doublebarvee Logical Or With Double Overbar
U+02A63 \veedoublebar Logical Or With Double Underbar
U+02A66 \eqdot Equals Sign With Dot Below
U+02A67 \dotequiv Identical With Dot Above
U+02A6A \dotsim Tilde Operator With Dot Above
U+02A6B \simrdots Tilde Operator With Rising Dots
U+02A6C \simminussim Similar Minus Similar
U+02A6D \congdot Congruent With Dot Above
U+02A6E \asteq Equals With Asterisk
U+02A6F \hatapprox Almost Equal To With Circumflex Accent
U+02A70 \approxeqq Approximately Equal Or Equal To
U+02A71 \eqqplus Equals Sign Above Plus Sign
U+02A72 \pluseqq Plus Sign Above Equals Sign
U+02A73 \eqqsim Equals Sign Above Tilde Operator
U+02A74 \Coloneq Double Colon Equal
U+02A75 \Equal Two Consecutive Equals Signs
U+02A76 \eqeqeq Three Consecutive Equals Signs
U+02A77 \ddotseq Equals Sign With Two Dots Above And Two Dots Below
U+02A78 \equivDD Equivalent With Four Dots Above
U+02A79 \ltcir Less-Than With Circle Inside
U+02A7A \gtcir Greater-Than With Circle Inside
U+02A7B \ltquest Less-Than With Question Mark Above
U+02A7C \gtquest Greater-Than With Question Mark Above
U+02A7D \leqslant Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To
U+02A7D + U+00338 ⩽̸ \nleqslant Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02A7E \geqslant Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To
U+02A7E + U+00338 ⩾̸ \ngeqslant Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02A7F ⩿ \lesdot Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Inside
U+02A80 \gesdot Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Inside
U+02A81 \lesdoto Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above
U+02A82 \gesdoto Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above
U+02A83 \lesdotor Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above Right
U+02A84 \gesdotol Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above Left
U+02A85 \lessapprox Less-Than Or Approximate
U+02A86 \gtrapprox Greater-Than Or Approximate
U+02A87 \lneq Less-Than And Single-Line Not Equal To
U+02A88 \gneq Greater-Than And Single-Line Not Equal To
U+02A89 \lnapprox Less-Than And Not Approximate
U+02A8A \gnapprox Greater-Than And Not Approximate
U+02A8B \lesseqqgtr Less-Than Above Double-Line Equal Above Greater-Than
U+02A8C \gtreqqless Greater-Than Above Double-Line Equal Above Less-Than
U+02A8D \lsime Less-Than Above Similar Or Equal
U+02A8E \gsime Greater-Than Above Similar Or Equal
U+02A8F \lsimg Less-Than Above Similar Above Greater-Than
U+02A90 \gsiml Greater-Than Above Similar Above Less-Than
U+02A91 \lgE Less-Than Above Greater-Than Above Double-Line Equal
U+02A92 \glE Greater-Than Above Less-Than Above Double-Line Equal
U+02A93 \lesges Less-Than Above Slanted Equal Above Greater-Than Above Slanted Equal
U+02A94 \gesles Greater-Than Above Slanted Equal Above Less-Than Above Slanted Equal
U+02A95 \eqslantless Slanted Equal To Or Less-Than
U+02A96 \eqslantgtr Slanted Equal To Or Greater-Than
U+02A97 \elsdot Slanted Equal To Or Less-Than With Dot Inside
U+02A98 \egsdot Slanted Equal To Or Greater-Than With Dot Inside
U+02A99 \eqqless Double-Line Equal To Or Less-Than
U+02A9A \eqqgtr Double-Line Equal To Or Greater-Than
U+02A9B \eqqslantless Double-Line Slanted Equal To Or Less-Than
U+02A9C \eqqslantgtr Double-Line Slanted Equal To Or Greater-Than
U+02A9D \simless Similar Or Less-Than
U+02A9E \simgtr Similar Or Greater-Than
U+02A9F \simlE Similar Above Less-Than Above Equals Sign
U+02AA0 \simgE Similar Above Greater-Than Above Equals Sign
U+02AA1 \NestedLessLess Double Nested Less-Than
U+02AA1 + U+00338 ⪡̸ \NotNestedLessLess Double Nested Less-Than + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AA2 \NestedGreaterGreater Double Nested Greater-Than
U+02AA2 + U+00338 ⪢̸ \NotNestedGreaterGreater Double Nested Greater-Than + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AA3 \partialmeetcontraction Double Nested Less-Than With Underbar
U+02AA4 \glj Greater-Than Overlapping Less-Than
U+02AA5 \gla Greater-Than Beside Less-Than
U+02AA6 \ltcc Less-Than Closed By Curve
U+02AA7 \gtcc Greater-Than Closed By Curve
U+02AA8 \lescc Less-Than Closed By Curve Above Slanted Equal
U+02AA9 \gescc Greater-Than Closed By Curve Above Slanted Equal
U+02AAA \smt Smaller Than
U+02AAB \lat Larger Than
U+02AAC \smte Smaller Than Or Equal To
U+02AAD \late Larger Than Or Equal To
U+02AAE \bumpeqq Equals Sign With Bumpy Above
U+02AAF \preceq Precedes Above Single-Line Equals Sign
U+02AAF + U+00338 ⪯̸ \npreceq Precedes Above Single-Line Equals Sign + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AB0 \succeq Succeeds Above Single-Line Equals Sign
U+02AB0 + U+00338 ⪰̸ \nsucceq Succeeds Above Single-Line Equals Sign + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AB1 \precneq Precedes Above Single-Line Not Equal To
U+02AB2 \succneq Succeeds Above Single-Line Not Equal To
U+02AB3 \preceqq Precedes Above Equals Sign
U+02AB4 \succeqq Succeeds Above Equals Sign
U+02AB5 \precneqq Precedes Above Not Equal To
U+02AB6 \succneqq Succeeds Above Not Equal To
U+02AB7 \precapprox Precedes Above Almost Equal To
U+02AB8 \succapprox Succeeds Above Almost Equal To
U+02AB9 \precnapprox Precedes Above Not Almost Equal To
U+02ABA \succnapprox Succeeds Above Not Almost Equal To
U+02ABB \Prec Double Precedes
U+02ABC \Succ Double Succeeds
U+02ABD \subsetdot Subset With Dot
U+02ABE \supsetdot Superset With Dot
U+02ABF ⪿ \subsetplus Subset With Plus Sign Below
U+02AC0 \supsetplus Superset With Plus Sign Below
U+02AC1 \submult Subset With Multiplication Sign Below
U+02AC2 \supmult Superset With Multiplication Sign Below
U+02AC3 \subedot Subset Of Or Equal To With Dot Above
U+02AC4 \supedot Superset Of Or Equal To With Dot Above
U+02AC5 \subseteqq Subset Of Above Equals Sign
U+02AC5 + U+00338 ⫅̸ \nsubseteqq Subset Of Above Equals Sign + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AC6 \supseteqq Superset Of Above Equals Sign
U+02AC6 + U+00338 ⫆̸ \nsupseteqq Superset Of Above Equals Sign + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-Spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AC7 \subsim Subset Of Above Tilde Operator
U+02AC8 \supsim Superset Of Above Tilde Operator
U+02AC9 \subsetapprox Subset Of Above Almost Equal To
U+02ACA \supsetapprox Superset Of Above Almost Equal To
U+02ACB \subsetneqq Subset Of Above Not Equal To
U+02ACC \supsetneqq Superset Of Above Not Equal To
U+02ACD \lsqhook Square Left Open Box Operator
U+02ACE \rsqhook Square Right Open Box Operator
U+02ACF \csub Closed Subset
U+02AD0 \csup Closed Superset
U+02AD1 \csube Closed Subset Or Equal To
U+02AD2 \csupe Closed Superset Or Equal To
U+02AD3 \subsup Subset Above Superset
U+02AD4 \supsub Superset Above Subset
U+02AD5 \subsub Subset Above Subset
U+02AD6 \supsup Superset Above Superset
U+02AD7 \suphsub Superset Beside Subset
U+02AD8 \supdsub Superset Beside And Joined By Dash With Subset
U+02AD9 \forkv Element Of Opening Downwards
U+02ADB \mlcp Transversal Intersection
U+02ADC \forks Forking
U+02ADD \forksnot Nonforking
U+02AE3 \dashV Double Vertical Bar Left Turnstile
U+02AE4 \Dashv Vertical Bar Double Left Turnstile
U+02AF4 \interleave Triple Vertical Bar Binary Relation
U+02AF6 \tdcol Triple Colon Operator
U+02AF7 \lllnest Triple Nested Less-Than
U+02AF8 \gggnest Triple Nested Greater-Than
U+02AF9 \leqqslant Double-Line Slanted Less-Than Or Equal To
U+02AFA \geqqslant Double-Line Slanted Greater-Than Or Equal To
U+02B05 \:arrow_left: Leftwards Black Arrow
U+02B06 \:arrow_up: Upwards Black Arrow
U+02B07 \:arrow_down: Downwards Black Arrow
U+02B12 \squaretopblack Square With Top Half Black
U+02B13 \squarebotblack Square With Bottom Half Black
U+02B14 \squareurblack Square With Upper Right Diagonal Half Black
U+02B15 \squarellblack Square With Lower Left Diagonal Half Black
U+02B16 \diamondleftblack Diamond With Left Half Black
U+02B17 \diamondrightblack Diamond With Right Half Black
U+02B18 \diamondtopblack Diamond With Top Half Black
U+02B19 \diamondbotblack Diamond With Bottom Half Black
U+02B1A \dottedsquare Dotted Square
U+02B1B \lgblksquare, \:black_large_square: Black Large Square
U+02B1C \lgwhtsquare, \:white_large_square: White Large Square
U+02B1D \vysmblksquare Black Very Small Square
U+02B1E \vysmwhtsquare White Very Small Square
U+02B1F \pentagonblack Black Pentagon
U+02B20 \pentagon White Pentagon
U+02B21 \varhexagon White Hexagon
U+02B22 \varhexagonblack Black Hexagon
U+02B23 \hexagonblack Horizontal Black Hexagon
U+02B24 \lgblkcircle Black Large Circle
U+02B25 \mdblkdiamond Black Medium Diamond
U+02B26 \mdwhtdiamond White Medium Diamond
U+02B27 \mdblklozenge Black Medium Lozenge
U+02B28 \mdwhtlozenge White Medium Lozenge
U+02B29 \smblkdiamond Black Small Diamond
U+02B2A \smblklozenge Black Small Lozenge
U+02B2B \smwhtlozenge White Small Lozenge
U+02B2C \blkhorzoval Black Horizontal Ellipse
U+02B2D \whthorzoval White Horizontal Ellipse
U+02B2E \blkvertoval Black Vertical Ellipse
U+02B2F \whtvertoval White Vertical Ellipse
U+02B30 \circleonleftarrow Left Arrow With Small Circle
U+02B31 \leftthreearrows Three Leftwards Arrows
U+02B32 \leftarrowonoplus Left Arrow With Circled Plus
U+02B33 \longleftsquigarrow Long Leftwards Squiggle Arrow
U+02B34 \nvtwoheadleftarrow Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02B35 \nVtwoheadleftarrow Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02B36 \twoheadmapsfrom Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow From Bar
U+02B37 \twoheadleftdbkarrow Leftwards Two-Headed Triple Dash Arrow
U+02B38 \leftdotarrow Leftwards Arrow With Dotted Stem
U+02B39 \nvleftarrowtail Leftwards Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
U+02B3A \nVleftarrowtail Leftwards Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02B3B \twoheadleftarrowtail Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail
U+02B3C \nvtwoheadleftarrowtail Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
U+02B3D \nVtwoheadleftarrowtail Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02B3E \leftarrowx Leftwards Arrow Through X
U+02B3F ⬿ \leftcurvedarrow Wave Arrow Pointing Directly Left
U+02B40 \equalleftarrow Equals Sign Above Leftwards Arrow
U+02B41 \bsimilarleftarrow Reverse Tilde Operator Above Leftwards Arrow
U+02B42 \leftarrowbackapprox Leftwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To
U+02B43 \rightarrowgtr Rightwards Arrow Through Greater-Than
U+02B44 \rightarrowsupset Rightwards Arrow Through Superset
U+02B45 \LLeftarrow Leftwards Quadruple Arrow
U+02B46 \RRightarrow Rightwards Quadruple Arrow
U+02B47 \bsimilarrightarrow Reverse Tilde Operator Above Rightwards Arrow
U+02B48 \rightarrowbackapprox Rightwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To
U+02B49 \similarleftarrow Tilde Operator Above Leftwards Arrow
U+02B4A \leftarrowapprox Leftwards Arrow Above Almost Equal To
U+02B4B \leftarrowbsimilar Leftwards Arrow Above Reverse Tilde Operator
U+02B4C \rightarrowbsimilar Rightwards Arrow Above Reverse Tilde Operator
U+02B50 \medwhitestar, \:star: White Medium Star
U+02B51 \medblackstar Black Small Star
U+02B52 \smwhitestar White Small Star
U+02B53 \rightpentagonblack Black Right-Pointing Pentagon
U+02B54 \rightpentagon White Right-Pointing Pentagon
U+02B55 \:o: Heavy Large Circle
U+02C7C \_j Latin Subscript Small Letter J
U+02C7D \^V Modifier Letter Capital V
U+03012 \postalmark Postal Mark
U+03030 \:wavy_dash: Wavy Dash
U+0303D \:part_alternation_mark: Part Alternation Mark
U+03297 \:congratulations: Circled Ideograph Congratulation
U+03299 \:secret: Circled Ideograph Secret
U+1D400 𝐀 \bfA Mathematical Bold Capital A
U+1D401 𝐁 \bfB Mathematical Bold Capital B
U+1D402 𝐂 \bfC Mathematical Bold Capital C
U+1D403 𝐃 \bfD Mathematical Bold Capital D
U+1D404 𝐄 \bfE Mathematical Bold Capital E
U+1D405 𝐅 \bfF Mathematical Bold Capital F
U+1D406 𝐆 \bfG Mathematical Bold Capital G
U+1D407 𝐇 \bfH Mathematical Bold Capital H
U+1D408 𝐈 \bfI Mathematical Bold Capital I
U+1D409 𝐉 \bfJ Mathematical Bold Capital J
U+1D40A 𝐊 \bfK Mathematical Bold Capital K
U+1D40B 𝐋 \bfL Mathematical Bold Capital L
U+1D40C 𝐌 \bfM Mathematical Bold Capital M
U+1D40D 𝐍 \bfN Mathematical Bold Capital N
U+1D40E 𝐎 \bfO Mathematical Bold Capital O
U+1D40F 𝐏 \bfP Mathematical Bold Capital P
U+1D410 𝐐 \bfQ Mathematical Bold Capital Q
U+1D411 𝐑 \bfR Mathematical Bold Capital R
U+1D412 𝐒 \bfS Mathematical Bold Capital S
U+1D413 𝐓 \bfT Mathematical Bold Capital T
U+1D414 𝐔 \bfU Mathematical Bold Capital U
U+1D415 𝐕 \bfV Mathematical Bold Capital V
U+1D416 𝐖 \bfW Mathematical Bold Capital W
U+1D417 𝐗 \bfX Mathematical Bold Capital X
U+1D418 𝐘 \bfY Mathematical Bold Capital Y
U+1D419 𝐙 \bfZ Mathematical Bold Capital Z
U+1D41A 𝐚 \bfa Mathematical Bold Small A
U+1D41B 𝐛 \bfb Mathematical Bold Small B
U+1D41C 𝐜 \bfc Mathematical Bold Small C
U+1D41D 𝐝 \bfd Mathematical Bold Small D
U+1D41E 𝐞 \bfe Mathematical Bold Small E
U+1D41F 𝐟 \bff Mathematical Bold Small F
U+1D420 𝐠 \bfg Mathematical Bold Small G
U+1D421 𝐡 \bfh Mathematical Bold Small H
U+1D422 𝐢 \bfi Mathematical Bold Small I
U+1D423 𝐣 \bfj Mathematical Bold Small J
U+1D424 𝐤 \bfk Mathematical Bold Small K
U+1D425 𝐥 \bfl Mathematical Bold Small L
U+1D426 𝐦 \bfm Mathematical Bold Small M
U+1D427 𝐧 \bfn Mathematical Bold Small N
U+1D428 𝐨 \bfo Mathematical Bold Small O
U+1D429 𝐩 \bfp Mathematical Bold Small P
U+1D42A 𝐪 \bfq Mathematical Bold Small Q
U+1D42B 𝐫 \bfr Mathematical Bold Small R
U+1D42C 𝐬 \bfs Mathematical Bold Small S
U+1D42D 𝐭 \bft Mathematical Bold Small T
U+1D42E 𝐮 \bfu Mathematical Bold Small U
U+1D42F 𝐯 \bfv Mathematical Bold Small V
U+1D430 𝐰 \bfw Mathematical Bold Small W
U+1D431 𝐱 \bfx Mathematical Bold Small X
U+1D432 𝐲 \bfy Mathematical Bold Small Y
U+1D433 𝐳 \bfz Mathematical Bold Small Z
U+1D434 𝐴 \itA Mathematical Italic Capital A
U+1D435 𝐵 \itB Mathematical Italic Capital B
U+1D436 𝐶 \itC Mathematical Italic Capital C
U+1D437 𝐷 \itD Mathematical Italic Capital D
U+1D438 𝐸 \itE Mathematical Italic Capital E
U+1D439 𝐹 \itF Mathematical Italic Capital F
U+1D43A 𝐺 \itG Mathematical Italic Capital G
U+1D43B 𝐻 \itH Mathematical Italic Capital H
U+1D43C 𝐼 \itI Mathematical Italic Capital I
U+1D43D 𝐽 \itJ Mathematical Italic Capital J
U+1D43E 𝐾 \itK Mathematical Italic Capital K
U+1D43F 𝐿 \itL Mathematical Italic Capital L
U+1D440 𝑀 \itM Mathematical Italic Capital M
U+1D441 𝑁 \itN Mathematical Italic Capital N
U+1D442 𝑂 \itO Mathematical Italic Capital O
U+1D443 𝑃 \itP Mathematical Italic Capital P
U+1D444 𝑄 \itQ Mathematical Italic Capital Q
U+1D445 𝑅 \itR Mathematical Italic Capital R
U+1D446 𝑆 \itS Mathematical Italic Capital S
U+1D447 𝑇 \itT Mathematical Italic Capital T
U+1D448 𝑈 \itU Mathematical Italic Capital U
U+1D449 𝑉 \itV Mathematical Italic Capital V
U+1D44A 𝑊 \itW Mathematical Italic Capital W
U+1D44B 𝑋 \itX Mathematical Italic Capital X
U+1D44C 𝑌 \itY Mathematical Italic Capital Y
U+1D44D 𝑍 \itZ Mathematical Italic Capital Z
U+1D44E 𝑎 \ita Mathematical Italic Small A
U+1D44F 𝑏 \itb Mathematical Italic Small B
U+1D450 𝑐 \itc Mathematical Italic Small C
U+1D451 𝑑 \itd Mathematical Italic Small D
U+1D452 𝑒 \ite Mathematical Italic Small E
U+1D453 𝑓 \itf Mathematical Italic Small F
U+1D454 𝑔 \itg Mathematical Italic Small G
U+1D456 𝑖 \iti Mathematical Italic Small I
U+1D457 𝑗 \itj Mathematical Italic Small J
U+1D458 𝑘 \itk Mathematical Italic Small K
U+1D459 𝑙 \itl Mathematical Italic Small L
U+1D45A 𝑚 \itm Mathematical Italic Small M
U+1D45B 𝑛 \itn Mathematical Italic Small N
U+1D45C 𝑜 \ito Mathematical Italic Small O
U+1D45D 𝑝 \itp Mathematical Italic Small P
U+1D45E 𝑞 \itq Mathematical Italic Small Q
U+1D45F 𝑟 \itr Mathematical Italic Small R
U+1D460 𝑠 \its Mathematical Italic Small S
U+1D461 𝑡 \itt Mathematical Italic Small T
U+1D462 𝑢 \itu Mathematical Italic Small U
U+1D463 𝑣 \itv Mathematical Italic Small V
U+1D464 𝑤 \itw Mathematical Italic Small W
U+1D465 𝑥 \itx Mathematical Italic Small X
U+1D466 𝑦 \ity Mathematical Italic Small Y
U+1D467 𝑧 \itz Mathematical Italic Small Z
U+1D468 𝑨 \biA Mathematical Bold Italic Capital A
U+1D469 𝑩 \biB Mathematical Bold Italic Capital B
U+1D46A 𝑪 \biC Mathematical Bold Italic Capital C
U+1D46B 𝑫 \biD Mathematical Bold Italic Capital D
U+1D46C 𝑬 \biE Mathematical Bold Italic Capital E
U+1D46D 𝑭 \biF Mathematical Bold Italic Capital F
U+1D46E 𝑮 \biG Mathematical Bold Italic Capital G
U+1D46F 𝑯 \biH Mathematical Bold Italic Capital H
U+1D470 𝑰 \biI Mathematical Bold Italic Capital I
U+1D471 𝑱 \biJ Mathematical Bold Italic Capital J
U+1D472 𝑲 \biK Mathematical Bold Italic Capital K
U+1D473 𝑳 \biL Mathematical Bold Italic Capital L
U+1D474 𝑴 \biM Mathematical Bold Italic Capital M
U+1D475 𝑵 \biN Mathematical Bold Italic Capital N
U+1D476 𝑶 \biO Mathematical Bold Italic Capital O
U+1D477 𝑷 \biP Mathematical Bold Italic Capital P
U+1D478 𝑸 \biQ Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Q
U+1D479 𝑹 \biR Mathematical Bold Italic Capital R
U+1D47A 𝑺 \biS Mathematical Bold Italic Capital S
U+1D47B 𝑻 \biT Mathematical Bold Italic Capital T
U+1D47C 𝑼 \biU Mathematical Bold Italic Capital U
U+1D47D 𝑽 \biV Mathematical Bold Italic Capital V
U+1D47E 𝑾 \biW Mathematical Bold Italic Capital W
U+1D47F 𝑿 \biX Mathematical Bold Italic Capital X
U+1D480 𝒀 \biY Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Y
U+1D481 𝒁 \biZ Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Z
U+1D482 𝒂 \bia Mathematical Bold Italic Small A
U+1D483 𝒃 \bib Mathematical Bold Italic Small B
U+1D484 𝒄 \bic Mathematical Bold Italic Small C
U+1D485 𝒅 \bid Mathematical Bold Italic Small D
U+1D486 𝒆 \bie Mathematical Bold Italic Small E
U+1D487 𝒇 \bif Mathematical Bold Italic Small F
U+1D488 𝒈 \big Mathematical Bold Italic Small G
U+1D489 𝒉 \bih Mathematical Bold Italic Small H
U+1D48A 𝒊 \bii Mathematical Bold Italic Small I
U+1D48B 𝒋 \bij Mathematical Bold Italic Small J
U+1D48C 𝒌 \bik Mathematical Bold Italic Small K
U+1D48D 𝒍 \bil Mathematical Bold Italic Small L
U+1D48E 𝒎 \bim Mathematical Bold Italic Small M
U+1D48F 𝒏 \bin Mathematical Bold Italic Small N
U+1D490 𝒐 \bio Mathematical Bold Italic Small O
U+1D491 𝒑 \bip Mathematical Bold Italic Small P
U+1D492 𝒒 \biq Mathematical Bold Italic Small Q
U+1D493 𝒓 \bir Mathematical Bold Italic Small R
U+1D494 𝒔 \bis Mathematical Bold Italic Small S
U+1D495 𝒕 \bit Mathematical Bold Italic Small T
U+1D496 𝒖 \biu Mathematical Bold Italic Small U
U+1D497 𝒗 \biv Mathematical Bold Italic Small V
U+1D498 𝒘 \biw Mathematical Bold Italic Small W
U+1D499 𝒙 \bix Mathematical Bold Italic Small X
U+1D49A 𝒚 \biy Mathematical Bold Italic Small Y
U+1D49B 𝒛 \biz Mathematical Bold Italic Small Z
U+1D49C 𝒜 \scrA Mathematical Script Capital A
U+1D49E 𝒞 \scrC Mathematical Script Capital C
U+1D49F 𝒟 \scrD Mathematical Script Capital D
U+1D4A2 𝒢 \scrG Mathematical Script Capital G
U+1D4A5 𝒥 \scrJ Mathematical Script Capital J
U+1D4A6 𝒦 \scrK Mathematical Script Capital K
U+1D4A9 𝒩 \scrN Mathematical Script Capital N
U+1D4AA 𝒪 \scrO Mathematical Script Capital O
U+1D4AB 𝒫 \scrP Mathematical Script Capital P
U+1D4AC 𝒬 \scrQ Mathematical Script Capital Q
U+1D4AE 𝒮 \scrS Mathematical Script Capital S
U+1D4AF 𝒯 \scrT Mathematical Script Capital T
U+1D4B0 𝒰 \scrU Mathematical Script Capital U
U+1D4B1 𝒱 \scrV Mathematical Script Capital V
U+1D4B2 𝒲 \scrW Mathematical Script Capital W
U+1D4B3 𝒳 \scrX Mathematical Script Capital X
U+1D4B4 𝒴 \scrY Mathematical Script Capital Y
U+1D4B5 𝒵 \scrZ Mathematical Script Capital Z
U+1D4B6 𝒶 \scra Mathematical Script Small A
U+1D4B7 𝒷 \scrb Mathematical Script Small B
U+1D4B8 𝒸 \scrc Mathematical Script Small C
U+1D4B9 𝒹 \scrd Mathematical Script Small D
U+1D4BB 𝒻 \scrf Mathematical Script Small F
U+1D4BD 𝒽 \scrh Mathematical Script Small H
U+1D4BE 𝒾 \scri Mathematical Script Small I
U+1D4BF 𝒿 \scrj Mathematical Script Small J
U+1D4C0 𝓀 \scrk Mathematical Script Small K
U+1D4C1 𝓁 \scrl Mathematical Script Small L
U+1D4C2 𝓂 \scrm Mathematical Script Small M
U+1D4C3 𝓃 \scrn Mathematical Script Small N
U+1D4C5 𝓅 \scrp Mathematical Script Small P
U+1D4C6 𝓆 \scrq Mathematical Script Small Q
U+1D4C7 𝓇 \scrr Mathematical Script Small R
U+1D4C8 𝓈 \scrs Mathematical Script Small S
U+1D4C9 𝓉 \scrt Mathematical Script Small T
U+1D4CA 𝓊 \scru Mathematical Script Small U
U+1D4CB 𝓋 \scrv Mathematical Script Small V
U+1D4CC 𝓌 \scrw Mathematical Script Small W
U+1D4CD 𝓍 \scrx Mathematical Script Small X
U+1D4CE 𝓎 \scry Mathematical Script Small Y
U+1D4CF 𝓏 \scrz Mathematical Script Small Z
U+1D4D0 𝓐 \bscrA Mathematical Bold Script Capital A
U+1D4D1 𝓑 \bscrB Mathematical Bold Script Capital B
U+1D4D2 𝓒 \bscrC Mathematical Bold Script Capital C
U+1D4D3 𝓓 \bscrD Mathematical Bold Script Capital D
U+1D4D4 𝓔 \bscrE Mathematical Bold Script Capital E
U+1D4D5 𝓕 \bscrF Mathematical Bold Script Capital F
U+1D4D6 𝓖 \bscrG Mathematical Bold Script Capital G
U+1D4D7 𝓗 \bscrH Mathematical Bold Script Capital H
U+1D4D8 𝓘 \bscrI Mathematical Bold Script Capital I
U+1D4D9 𝓙 \bscrJ Mathematical Bold Script Capital J
U+1D4DA 𝓚 \bscrK Mathematical Bold Script Capital K
U+1D4DB 𝓛 \bscrL Mathematical Bold Script Capital L
U+1D4DC 𝓜 \bscrM Mathematical Bold Script Capital M
U+1D4DD 𝓝 \bscrN Mathematical Bold Script Capital N
U+1D4DE 𝓞 \bscrO Mathematical Bold Script Capital O
U+1D4DF 𝓟 \bscrP Mathematical Bold Script Capital P
U+1D4E0 𝓠 \bscrQ Mathematical Bold Script Capital Q
U+1D4E1 𝓡 \bscrR Mathematical Bold Script Capital R
U+1D4E2 𝓢 \bscrS Mathematical Bold Script Capital S
U+1D4E3 𝓣 \bscrT Mathematical Bold Script Capital T
U+1D4E4 𝓤 \bscrU Mathematical Bold Script Capital U
U+1D4E5 𝓥 \bscrV Mathematical Bold Script Capital V
U+1D4E6 𝓦 \bscrW Mathematical Bold Script Capital W
U+1D4E7 𝓧 \bscrX Mathematical Bold Script Capital X
U+1D4E8 𝓨 \bscrY Mathematical Bold Script Capital Y
U+1D4E9 𝓩 \bscrZ Mathematical Bold Script Capital Z
U+1D4EA 𝓪 \bscra Mathematical Bold Script Small A
U+1D4EB 𝓫 \bscrb Mathematical Bold Script Small B
U+1D4EC 𝓬 \bscrc Mathematical Bold Script Small C
U+1D4ED 𝓭 \bscrd Mathematical Bold Script Small D
U+1D4EE 𝓮 \bscre Mathematical Bold Script Small E
U+1D4EF 𝓯 \bscrf Mathematical Bold Script Small F
U+1D4F0 𝓰 \bscrg Mathematical Bold Script Small G
U+1D4F1 𝓱 \bscrh Mathematical Bold Script Small H
U+1D4F2 𝓲 \bscri Mathematical Bold Script Small I
U+1D4F3 𝓳 \bscrj Mathematical Bold Script Small J
U+1D4F4 𝓴 \bscrk Mathematical Bold Script Small K
U+1D4F5 𝓵 \bscrl Mathematical Bold Script Small L
U+1D4F6 𝓶 \bscrm Mathematical Bold Script Small M
U+1D4F7 𝓷 \bscrn Mathematical Bold Script Small N
U+1D4F8 𝓸 \bscro Mathematical Bold Script Small O
U+1D4F9 𝓹 \bscrp Mathematical Bold Script Small P
U+1D4FA 𝓺 \bscrq Mathematical Bold Script Small Q
U+1D4FB 𝓻 \bscrr Mathematical Bold Script Small R
U+1D4FC 𝓼 \bscrs Mathematical Bold Script Small S
U+1D4FD 𝓽 \bscrt Mathematical Bold Script Small T
U+1D4FE 𝓾 \bscru Mathematical Bold Script Small U
U+1D4FF 𝓿 \bscrv Mathematical Bold Script Small V
U+1D500 𝔀 \bscrw Mathematical Bold Script Small W
U+1D501 𝔁 \bscrx Mathematical Bold Script Small X
U+1D502 𝔂 \bscry Mathematical Bold Script Small Y
U+1D503 𝔃 \bscrz Mathematical Bold Script Small Z
U+1D504 𝔄 \frakA Mathematical Fraktur Capital A
U+1D505 𝔅 \frakB Mathematical Fraktur Capital B
U+1D507 𝔇 \frakD Mathematical Fraktur Capital D
U+1D508 𝔈 \frakE Mathematical Fraktur Capital E
U+1D509 𝔉 \frakF Mathematical Fraktur Capital F
U+1D50A 𝔊 \frakG Mathematical Fraktur Capital G
U+1D50D 𝔍 \frakJ Mathematical Fraktur Capital J
U+1D50E 𝔎 \frakK Mathematical Fraktur Capital K
U+1D50F 𝔏 \frakL Mathematical Fraktur Capital L
U+1D510 𝔐 \frakM Mathematical Fraktur Capital M
U+1D511 𝔑 \frakN Mathematical Fraktur Capital N
U+1D512 𝔒 \frakO Mathematical Fraktur Capital O
U+1D513 𝔓 \frakP Mathematical Fraktur Capital P
U+1D514 𝔔 \frakQ Mathematical Fraktur Capital Q
U+1D516 𝔖 \frakS Mathematical Fraktur Capital S
U+1D517 𝔗 \frakT Mathematical Fraktur Capital T
U+1D518 𝔘 \frakU Mathematical Fraktur Capital U
U+1D519 𝔙 \frakV Mathematical Fraktur Capital V
U+1D51A 𝔚 \frakW Mathematical Fraktur Capital W
U+1D51B 𝔛 \frakX Mathematical Fraktur Capital X
U+1D51C 𝔜 \frakY Mathematical Fraktur Capital Y
U+1D51E 𝔞 \fraka Mathematical Fraktur Small A
U+1D51F 𝔟 \frakb Mathematical Fraktur Small B
U+1D520 𝔠 \frakc Mathematical Fraktur Small C
U+1D521 𝔡 \frakd Mathematical Fraktur Small D
U+1D522 𝔢 \frake Mathematical Fraktur Small E
U+1D523 𝔣 \frakf Mathematical Fraktur Small F
U+1D524 𝔤 \frakg Mathematical Fraktur Small G
U+1D525 𝔥 \frakh Mathematical Fraktur Small H
U+1D526 𝔦 \fraki Mathematical Fraktur Small I
U+1D527 𝔧 \frakj Mathematical Fraktur Small J
U+1D528 𝔨 \frakk Mathematical Fraktur Small K
U+1D529 𝔩 \frakl Mathematical Fraktur Small L
U+1D52A 𝔪 \frakm Mathematical Fraktur Small M
U+1D52B 𝔫 \frakn Mathematical Fraktur Small N
U+1D52C 𝔬 \frako Mathematical Fraktur Small O
U+1D52D 𝔭 \frakp Mathematical Fraktur Small P
U+1D52E 𝔮 \frakq Mathematical Fraktur Small Q
U+1D52F 𝔯 \frakr Mathematical Fraktur Small R
U+1D530 𝔰 \fraks Mathematical Fraktur Small S
U+1D531 𝔱 \frakt Mathematical Fraktur Small T
U+1D532 𝔲 \fraku Mathematical Fraktur Small U
U+1D533 𝔳 \frakv Mathematical Fraktur Small V
U+1D534 𝔴 \frakw Mathematical Fraktur Small W
U+1D535 𝔵 \frakx Mathematical Fraktur Small X
U+1D536 𝔶 \fraky Mathematical Fraktur Small Y
U+1D537 𝔷 \frakz Mathematical Fraktur Small Z
U+1D538 𝔸 \bbA Mathematical Double-Struck Capital A
U+1D539 𝔹 \bbB Mathematical Double-Struck Capital B
U+1D53B 𝔻 \bbD Mathematical Double-Struck Capital D
U+1D53C 𝔼 \bbE Mathematical Double-Struck Capital E
U+1D53D 𝔽 \bbF Mathematical Double-Struck Capital F
U+1D53E 𝔾 \bbG Mathematical Double-Struck Capital G
U+1D540 𝕀 \bbI Mathematical Double-Struck Capital I
U+1D541 𝕁 \bbJ Mathematical Double-Struck Capital J
U+1D542 𝕂 \bbK Mathematical Double-Struck Capital K
U+1D543 𝕃 \bbL Mathematical Double-Struck Capital L
U+1D544 𝕄 \bbM Mathematical Double-Struck Capital M
U+1D546 𝕆 \bbO Mathematical Double-Struck Capital O
U+1D54A 𝕊 \bbS Mathematical Double-Struck Capital S
U+1D54B 𝕋 \bbT Mathematical Double-Struck Capital T
U+1D54C 𝕌 \bbU Mathematical Double-Struck Capital U
U+1D54D 𝕍 \bbV Mathematical Double-Struck Capital V
U+1D54E 𝕎 \bbW Mathematical Double-Struck Capital W
U+1D54F 𝕏 \bbX Mathematical Double-Struck Capital X
U+1D550 𝕐 \bbY Mathematical Double-Struck Capital Y
U+1D552 𝕒 \bba Mathematical Double-Struck Small A
U+1D553 𝕓 \bbb Mathematical Double-Struck Small B
U+1D554 𝕔 \bbc Mathematical Double-Struck Small C
U+1D555 𝕕 \bbd Mathematical Double-Struck Small D
U+1D556 𝕖 \bbe Mathematical Double-Struck Small E
U+1D557 𝕗 \bbf Mathematical Double-Struck Small F
U+1D558 𝕘 \bbg Mathematical Double-Struck Small G
U+1D559 𝕙 \bbh Mathematical Double-Struck Small H
U+1D55A 𝕚 \bbi Mathematical Double-Struck Small I
U+1D55B 𝕛 \bbj Mathematical Double-Struck Small J
U+1D55C 𝕜 \bbk Mathematical Double-Struck Small K
U+1D55D 𝕝 \bbl Mathematical Double-Struck Small L
U+1D55E 𝕞 \bbm Mathematical Double-Struck Small M
U+1D55F 𝕟 \bbn Mathematical Double-Struck Small N
U+1D560 𝕠 \bbo Mathematical Double-Struck Small O
U+1D561 𝕡 \bbp Mathematical Double-Struck Small P
U+1D562 𝕢 \bbq Mathematical Double-Struck Small Q
U+1D563 𝕣 \bbr Mathematical Double-Struck Small R
U+1D564 𝕤 \bbs Mathematical Double-Struck Small S
U+1D565 𝕥 \bbt Mathematical Double-Struck Small T
U+1D566 𝕦 \bbu Mathematical Double-Struck Small U
U+1D567 𝕧 \bbv Mathematical Double-Struck Small V
U+1D568 𝕨 \bbw Mathematical Double-Struck Small W
U+1D569 𝕩 \bbx Mathematical Double-Struck Small X
U+1D56A 𝕪 \bby Mathematical Double-Struck Small Y
U+1D56B 𝕫 \bbz Mathematical Double-Struck Small Z
U+1D56C 𝕬 \bfrakA Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital A
U+1D56D 𝕭 \bfrakB Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital B
U+1D56E 𝕮 \bfrakC Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital C
U+1D56F 𝕯 \bfrakD Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital D
U+1D570 𝕰 \bfrakE Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital E
U+1D571 𝕱 \bfrakF Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital F
U+1D572 𝕲 \bfrakG Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital G
U+1D573 𝕳 \bfrakH Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital H
U+1D574 𝕴 \bfrakI Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital I
U+1D575 𝕵 \bfrakJ Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital J
U+1D576 𝕶 \bfrakK Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital K
U+1D577 𝕷 \bfrakL Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital L
U+1D578 𝕸 \bfrakM Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital M
U+1D579 𝕹 \bfrakN Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital N
U+1D57A 𝕺 \bfrakO Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital O
U+1D57B 𝕻 \bfrakP Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital P
U+1D57C 𝕼 \bfrakQ Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital Q
U+1D57D 𝕽 \bfrakR Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital R
U+1D57E 𝕾 \bfrakS Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital S
U+1D57F 𝕿 \bfrakT Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital T
U+1D580 𝖀 \bfrakU Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital U
U+1D581 𝖁 \bfrakV Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital V
U+1D582 𝖂 \bfrakW Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital W
U+1D583 𝖃 \bfrakX Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital X
U+1D584 𝖄 \bfrakY Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital Y
U+1D585 𝖅 \bfrakZ Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital Z
U+1D586 𝖆 \bfraka Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small A
U+1D587 𝖇 \bfrakb Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small B
U+1D588 𝖈 \bfrakc Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small C
U+1D589 𝖉 \bfrakd Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small D
U+1D58A 𝖊 \bfrake Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small E
U+1D58B 𝖋 \bfrakf Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small F
U+1D58C 𝖌 \bfrakg Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small G
U+1D58D 𝖍 \bfrakh Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small H
U+1D58E 𝖎 \bfraki Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small I
U+1D58F 𝖏 \bfrakj Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small J
U+1D590 𝖐 \bfrakk Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small K
U+1D591 𝖑 \bfrakl Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small L
U+1D592 𝖒 \bfrakm Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small M
U+1D593 𝖓 \bfrakn Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small N
U+1D594 𝖔 \bfrako Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small O
U+1D595 𝖕 \bfrakp Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small P
U+1D596 𝖖 \bfrakq Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small Q
U+1D597 𝖗 \bfrakr Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small R
U+1D598 𝖘 \bfraks Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small S
U+1D599 𝖙 \bfrakt Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small T
U+1D59A 𝖚 \bfraku Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small U
U+1D59B 𝖛 \bfrakv Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small V
U+1D59C 𝖜 \bfrakw Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small W
U+1D59D 𝖝 \bfrakx Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small X
U+1D59E 𝖞 \bfraky Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small Y
U+1D59F 𝖟 \bfrakz Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small Z
U+1D5A0 𝖠 \sansA Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital A
U+1D5A1 𝖡 \sansB Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital B
U+1D5A2 𝖢 \sansC Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital C
U+1D5A3 𝖣 \sansD Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital D
U+1D5A4 𝖤 \sansE Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital E
U+1D5A5 𝖥 \sansF Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital F
U+1D5A6 𝖦 \sansG Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital G
U+1D5A7 𝖧 \sansH Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital H
U+1D5A8 𝖨 \sansI Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital I
U+1D5A9 𝖩 \sansJ Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital J
U+1D5AA 𝖪 \sansK Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital K
U+1D5AB 𝖫 \sansL Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital L
U+1D5AC 𝖬 \sansM Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital M
U+1D5AD 𝖭 \sansN Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital N
U+1D5AE 𝖮 \sansO Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital O
U+1D5AF 𝖯 \sansP Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital P
U+1D5B0 𝖰 \sansQ Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital Q
U+1D5B1 𝖱 \sansR Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital R
U+1D5B2 𝖲 \sansS Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital S
U+1D5B3 𝖳 \sansT Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital T
U+1D5B4 𝖴 \sansU Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital U
U+1D5B5 𝖵 \sansV Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital V
U+1D5B6 𝖶 \sansW Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital W
U+1D5B7 𝖷 \sansX Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital X
U+1D5B8 𝖸 \sansY Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital Y
U+1D5B9 𝖹 \sansZ Mathematical Sans-Serif Capital Z
U+1D5BA 𝖺 \sansa Mathematical Sans-Serif Small A
U+1D5BB 𝖻 \sansb Mathematical Sans-Serif Small B
U+1D5BC 𝖼 \sansc Mathematical Sans-Serif Small C
U+1D5BD 𝖽 \sansd Mathematical Sans-Serif Small D
U+1D5BE 𝖾 \sanse Mathematical Sans-Serif Small E
U+1D5BF 𝖿 \sansf Mathematical Sans-Serif Small F
U+1D5C0 𝗀 \sansg Mathematical Sans-Serif Small G
U+1D5C1 𝗁 \sansh Mathematical Sans-Serif Small H
U+1D5C2 𝗂 \sansi Mathematical Sans-Serif Small I
U+1D5C3 𝗃 \sansj Mathematical Sans-Serif Small J
U+1D5C4 𝗄 \sansk Mathematical Sans-Serif Small K
U+1D5C5 𝗅 \sansl Mathematical Sans-Serif Small L
U+1D5C6 𝗆 \sansm Mathematical Sans-Serif Small M
U+1D5C7 𝗇 \sansn Mathematical Sans-Serif Small N
U+1D5C8 𝗈 \sanso Mathematical Sans-Serif Small O
U+1D5C9 𝗉 \sansp Mathematical Sans-Serif Small P
U+1D5CA 𝗊 \sansq Mathematical Sans-Serif Small Q
U+1D5CB 𝗋 \sansr Mathematical Sans-Serif Small R
U+1D5CC 𝗌 \sanss Mathematical Sans-Serif Small S
U+1D5CD 𝗍 \sanst Mathematical Sans-Serif Small T
U+1D5CE 𝗎 \sansu Mathematical Sans-Serif Small U
U+1D5CF 𝗏 \sansv Mathematical Sans-Serif Small V
U+1D5D0 𝗐 \sansw Mathematical Sans-Serif Small W
U+1D5D1 𝗑 \sansx Mathematical Sans-Serif Small X
U+1D5D2 𝗒 \sansy Mathematical Sans-Serif Small Y
U+1D5D3 𝗓 \sansz Mathematical Sans-Serif Small Z
U+1D5D4 𝗔 \bsansA Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital A
U+1D5D5 𝗕 \bsansB Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital B
U+1D5D6 𝗖 \bsansC Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital C
U+1D5D7 𝗗 \bsansD Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital D
U+1D5D8 𝗘 \bsansE Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital E
U+1D5D9 𝗙 \bsansF Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital F
U+1D5DA 𝗚 \bsansG Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital G
U+1D5DB 𝗛 \bsansH Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital H
U+1D5DC 𝗜 \bsansI Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital I
U+1D5DD 𝗝 \bsansJ Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital J
U+1D5DE 𝗞 \bsansK Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital K
U+1D5DF 𝗟 \bsansL Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital L
U+1D5E0 𝗠 \bsansM Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital M
U+1D5E1 𝗡 \bsansN Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital N
U+1D5E2 𝗢 \bsansO Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital O
U+1D5E3 𝗣 \bsansP Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital P
U+1D5E4 𝗤 \bsansQ Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Q
U+1D5E5 𝗥 \bsansR Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital R
U+1D5E6 𝗦 \bsansS Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital S
U+1D5E7 𝗧 \bsansT Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital T
U+1D5E8 𝗨 \bsansU Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital U
U+1D5E9 𝗩 \bsansV Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital V
U+1D5EA 𝗪 \bsansW Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital W
U+1D5EB 𝗫 \bsansX Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital X
U+1D5EC 𝗬 \bsansY Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Y
U+1D5ED 𝗭 \bsansZ Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Z
U+1D5EE 𝗮 \bsansa Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small A
U+1D5EF 𝗯 \bsansb Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small B
U+1D5F0 𝗰 \bsansc Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small C
U+1D5F1 𝗱 \bsansd Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small D
U+1D5F2 𝗲 \bsanse Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small E
U+1D5F3 𝗳 \bsansf Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small F
U+1D5F4 𝗴 \bsansg Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small G
U+1D5F5 𝗵 \bsansh Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small H
U+1D5F6 𝗶 \bsansi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small I
U+1D5F7 𝗷 \bsansj Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small J
U+1D5F8 𝗸 \bsansk Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small K
U+1D5F9 𝗹 \bsansl Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small L
U+1D5FA 𝗺 \bsansm Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small M
U+1D5FB 𝗻 \bsansn Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small N
U+1D5FC 𝗼 \bsanso Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small O
U+1D5FD 𝗽 \bsansp Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small P
U+1D5FE 𝗾 \bsansq Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Q
U+1D5FF 𝗿 \bsansr Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small R
U+1D600 𝘀 \bsanss Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small S
U+1D601 𝘁 \bsanst Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small T
U+1D602 𝘂 \bsansu Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small U
U+1D603 𝘃 \bsansv Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small V
U+1D604 𝘄 \bsansw Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small W
U+1D605 𝘅 \bsansx Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small X
U+1D606 𝘆 \bsansy Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Y
U+1D607 𝘇 \bsansz Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Z
U+1D608 𝘈 \isansA Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital A
U+1D609 𝘉 \isansB Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital B
U+1D60A 𝘊 \isansC Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital C
U+1D60B 𝘋 \isansD Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital D
U+1D60C 𝘌 \isansE Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital E
U+1D60D 𝘍 \isansF Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital F
U+1D60E 𝘎 \isansG Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital G
U+1D60F 𝘏 \isansH Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital H
U+1D610 𝘐 \isansI Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital I
U+1D611 𝘑 \isansJ Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital J
U+1D612 𝘒 \isansK Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital K
U+1D613 𝘓 \isansL Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital L
U+1D614 𝘔 \isansM Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital M
U+1D615 𝘕 \isansN Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital N
U+1D616 𝘖 \isansO Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital O
U+1D617 𝘗 \isansP Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital P
U+1D618 𝘘 \isansQ Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital Q
U+1D619 𝘙 \isansR Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital R
U+1D61A 𝘚 \isansS Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital S
U+1D61B 𝘛 \isansT Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital T
U+1D61C 𝘜 \isansU Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital U
U+1D61D 𝘝 \isansV Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital V
U+1D61E 𝘞 \isansW Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital W
U+1D61F 𝘟 \isansX Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital X
U+1D620 𝘠 \isansY Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital Y
U+1D621 𝘡 \isansZ Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital Z
U+1D622 𝘢 \isansa Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small A
U+1D623 𝘣 \isansb Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small B
U+1D624 𝘤 \isansc Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small C
U+1D625 𝘥 \isansd Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small D
U+1D626 𝘦 \isanse Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small E
U+1D627 𝘧 \isansf Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small F
U+1D628 𝘨 \isansg Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small G
U+1D629 𝘩 \isansh Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small H
U+1D62A 𝘪 \isansi Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small I
U+1D62B 𝘫 \isansj Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small J
U+1D62C 𝘬 \isansk Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small K
U+1D62D 𝘭 \isansl Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small L
U+1D62E 𝘮 \isansm Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small M
U+1D62F 𝘯 \isansn Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small N
U+1D630 𝘰 \isanso Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small O
U+1D631 𝘱 \isansp Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small P
U+1D632 𝘲 \isansq Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small Q
U+1D633 𝘳 \isansr Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small R
U+1D634 𝘴 \isanss Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small S
U+1D635 𝘵 \isanst Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small T
U+1D636 𝘶 \isansu Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small U
U+1D637 𝘷 \isansv Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small V
U+1D638 𝘸 \isansw Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small W
U+1D639 𝘹 \isansx Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small X
U+1D63A 𝘺 \isansy Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small Y
U+1D63B 𝘻 \isansz Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Small Z
U+1D63C 𝘼 \bisansA Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital A
U+1D63D 𝘽 \bisansB Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital B
U+1D63E 𝘾 \bisansC Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital C
U+1D63F 𝘿 \bisansD Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital D
U+1D640 𝙀 \bisansE Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital E
U+1D641 𝙁 \bisansF Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital F
U+1D642 𝙂 \bisansG Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital G
U+1D643 𝙃 \bisansH Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital H
U+1D644 𝙄 \bisansI Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital I
U+1D645 𝙅 \bisansJ Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital J
U+1D646 𝙆 \bisansK Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital K
U+1D647 𝙇 \bisansL Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital L
U+1D648 𝙈 \bisansM Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital M
U+1D649 𝙉 \bisansN Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital N
U+1D64A 𝙊 \bisansO Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital O
U+1D64B 𝙋 \bisansP Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital P
U+1D64C 𝙌 \bisansQ Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Q
U+1D64D 𝙍 \bisansR Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital R
U+1D64E 𝙎 \bisansS Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital S
U+1D64F 𝙏 \bisansT Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital T
U+1D650 𝙐 \bisansU Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital U
U+1D651 𝙑 \bisansV Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital V
U+1D652 𝙒 \bisansW Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital W
U+1D653 𝙓 \bisansX Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital X
U+1D654 𝙔 \bisansY Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Y
U+1D655 𝙕 \bisansZ Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Z
U+1D656 𝙖 \bisansa Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small A
U+1D657 𝙗 \bisansb Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small B
U+1D658 𝙘 \bisansc Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small C
U+1D659 𝙙 \bisansd Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small D
U+1D65A 𝙚 \bisanse Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small E
U+1D65B 𝙛 \bisansf Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small F
U+1D65C 𝙜 \bisansg Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small G
U+1D65D 𝙝 \bisansh Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small H
U+1D65E 𝙞 \bisansi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small I
U+1D65F 𝙟 \bisansj Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small J
U+1D660 𝙠 \bisansk Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small K
U+1D661 𝙡 \bisansl Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small L
U+1D662 𝙢 \bisansm Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small M
U+1D663 𝙣 \bisansn Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small N
U+1D664 𝙤 \bisanso Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small O
U+1D665 𝙥 \bisansp Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small P
U+1D666 𝙦 \bisansq Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Q
U+1D667 𝙧 \bisansr Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small R
U+1D668 𝙨 \bisanss Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small S
U+1D669 𝙩 \bisanst Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small T
U+1D66A 𝙪 \bisansu Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small U
U+1D66B 𝙫 \bisansv Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small V
U+1D66C 𝙬 \bisansw Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small W
U+1D66D 𝙭 \bisansx Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small X
U+1D66E 𝙮 \bisansy Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Y
U+1D66F 𝙯 \bisansz Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Z
U+1D670 𝙰 \ttA Mathematical Monospace Capital A
U+1D671 𝙱 \ttB Mathematical Monospace Capital B
U+1D672 𝙲 \ttC Mathematical Monospace Capital C
U+1D673 𝙳 \ttD Mathematical Monospace Capital D
U+1D674 𝙴 \ttE Mathematical Monospace Capital E
U+1D675 𝙵 \ttF Mathematical Monospace Capital F
U+1D676 𝙶 \ttG Mathematical Monospace Capital G
U+1D677 𝙷 \ttH Mathematical Monospace Capital H
U+1D678 𝙸 \ttI Mathematical Monospace Capital I
U+1D679 𝙹 \ttJ Mathematical Monospace Capital J
U+1D67A 𝙺 \ttK Mathematical Monospace Capital K
U+1D67B 𝙻 \ttL Mathematical Monospace Capital L
U+1D67C 𝙼 \ttM Mathematical Monospace Capital M
U+1D67D 𝙽 \ttN Mathematical Monospace Capital N
U+1D67E 𝙾 \ttO Mathematical Monospace Capital O
U+1D67F 𝙿 \ttP Mathematical Monospace Capital P
U+1D680 𝚀 \ttQ Mathematical Monospace Capital Q
U+1D681 𝚁 \ttR Mathematical Monospace Capital R
U+1D682 𝚂 \ttS Mathematical Monospace Capital S
U+1D683 𝚃 \ttT Mathematical Monospace Capital T
U+1D684 𝚄 \ttU Mathematical Monospace Capital U
U+1D685 𝚅 \ttV Mathematical Monospace Capital V
U+1D686 𝚆 \ttW Mathematical Monospace Capital W
U+1D687 𝚇 \ttX Mathematical Monospace Capital X
U+1D688 𝚈 \ttY Mathematical Monospace Capital Y
U+1D689 𝚉 \ttZ Mathematical Monospace Capital Z
U+1D68A 𝚊 \tta Mathematical Monospace Small A
U+1D68B 𝚋 \ttb Mathematical Monospace Small B
U+1D68C 𝚌 \ttc Mathematical Monospace Small C
U+1D68D 𝚍 \ttd Mathematical Monospace Small D
U+1D68E 𝚎 \tte Mathematical Monospace Small E
U+1D68F 𝚏 \ttf Mathematical Monospace Small F
U+1D690 𝚐 \ttg Mathematical Monospace Small G
U+1D691 𝚑 \tth Mathematical Monospace Small H
U+1D692 𝚒 \tti Mathematical Monospace Small I
U+1D693 𝚓 \ttj Mathematical Monospace Small J
U+1D694 𝚔 \ttk Mathematical Monospace Small K
U+1D695 𝚕 \ttl Mathematical Monospace Small L
U+1D696 𝚖 \ttm Mathematical Monospace Small M
U+1D697 𝚗 \ttn Mathematical Monospace Small N
U+1D698 𝚘 \tto Mathematical Monospace Small O
U+1D699 𝚙 \ttp Mathematical Monospace Small P
U+1D69A 𝚚 \ttq Mathematical Monospace Small Q
U+1D69B 𝚛 \ttr Mathematical Monospace Small R
U+1D69C 𝚜 \tts Mathematical Monospace Small S
U+1D69D 𝚝 \ttt Mathematical Monospace Small T
U+1D69E 𝚞 \ttu Mathematical Monospace Small U
U+1D69F 𝚟 \ttv Mathematical Monospace Small V
U+1D6A0 𝚠 \ttw Mathematical Monospace Small W
U+1D6A1 𝚡 \ttx Mathematical Monospace Small X
U+1D6A2 𝚢 \tty Mathematical Monospace Small Y
U+1D6A3 𝚣 \ttz Mathematical Monospace Small Z
U+1D6A4 𝚤 \itimath Mathematical Italic Small Dotless I
U+1D6A5 𝚥 \itjmath Mathematical Italic Small Dotless J
U+1D6A8 𝚨 \bfAlpha Mathematical Bold Capital Alpha
U+1D6A9 𝚩 \bfBeta Mathematical Bold Capital Beta
U+1D6AA 𝚪 \bfGamma Mathematical Bold Capital Gamma
U+1D6AB 𝚫 \bfDelta Mathematical Bold Capital Delta
U+1D6AC 𝚬 \bfEpsilon Mathematical Bold Capital Epsilon
U+1D6AD 𝚭 \bfZeta Mathematical Bold Capital Zeta
U+1D6AE 𝚮 \bfEta Mathematical Bold Capital Eta
U+1D6AF 𝚯 \bfTheta Mathematical Bold Capital Theta
U+1D6B0 𝚰 \bfIota Mathematical Bold Capital Iota
U+1D6B1 𝚱 \bfKappa Mathematical Bold Capital Kappa
U+1D6B2 𝚲 \bfLambda Mathematical Bold Capital Lamda
U+1D6B3 𝚳 \bfMu Mathematical Bold Capital Mu
U+1D6B4 𝚴 \bfNu Mathematical Bold Capital Nu
U+1D6B5 𝚵 \bfXi Mathematical Bold Capital Xi
U+1D6B6 𝚶 \bfOmicron Mathematical Bold Capital Omicron
U+1D6B7 𝚷 \bfPi Mathematical Bold Capital Pi
U+1D6B8 𝚸 \bfRho Mathematical Bold Capital Rho
U+1D6B9 𝚹 \bfvarTheta Mathematical Bold Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D6BA 𝚺 \bfSigma Mathematical Bold Capital Sigma
U+1D6BB 𝚻 \bfTau Mathematical Bold Capital Tau
U+1D6BC 𝚼 \bfUpsilon Mathematical Bold Capital Upsilon
U+1D6BD 𝚽 \bfPhi Mathematical Bold Capital Phi
U+1D6BE 𝚾 \bfChi Mathematical Bold Capital Chi
U+1D6BF 𝚿 \bfPsi Mathematical Bold Capital Psi
U+1D6C0 𝛀 \bfOmega Mathematical Bold Capital Omega
U+1D6C1 𝛁 \bfnabla Mathematical Bold Nabla
U+1D6C2 𝛂 \bfalpha Mathematical Bold Small Alpha
U+1D6C3 𝛃 \bfbeta Mathematical Bold Small Beta
U+1D6C4 𝛄 \bfgamma Mathematical Bold Small Gamma
U+1D6C5 𝛅 \bfdelta Mathematical Bold Small Delta
U+1D6C6 𝛆 \bfepsilon Mathematical Bold Small Epsilon
U+1D6C7 𝛇 \bfzeta Mathematical Bold Small Zeta
U+1D6C8 𝛈 \bfeta Mathematical Bold Small Eta
U+1D6C9 𝛉 \bftheta Mathematical Bold Small Theta
U+1D6CA 𝛊 \bfiota Mathematical Bold Small Iota
U+1D6CB 𝛋 \bfkappa Mathematical Bold Small Kappa
U+1D6CC 𝛌 \bflambda Mathematical Bold Small Lamda
U+1D6CD 𝛍 \bfmu Mathematical Bold Small Mu
U+1D6CE 𝛎 \bfnu Mathematical Bold Small Nu
U+1D6CF 𝛏 \bfxi Mathematical Bold Small Xi
U+1D6D0 𝛐 \bfomicron Mathematical Bold Small Omicron
U+1D6D1 𝛑 \bfpi Mathematical Bold Small Pi
U+1D6D2 𝛒 \bfrho Mathematical Bold Small Rho
U+1D6D3 𝛓 \bfvarsigma Mathematical Bold Small Final Sigma
U+1D6D4 𝛔 \bfsigma Mathematical Bold Small Sigma
U+1D6D5 𝛕 \bftau Mathematical Bold Small Tau
U+1D6D6 𝛖 \bfupsilon Mathematical Bold Small Upsilon
U+1D6D7 𝛗 \bfvarphi Mathematical Bold Small Phi
U+1D6D8 𝛘 \bfchi Mathematical Bold Small Chi
U+1D6D9 𝛙 \bfpsi Mathematical Bold Small Psi
U+1D6DA 𝛚 \bfomega Mathematical Bold Small Omega
U+1D6DB 𝛛 \bfpartial Mathematical Bold Partial Differential
U+1D6DC 𝛜 \bfvarepsilon Mathematical Bold Epsilon Symbol
U+1D6DD 𝛝 \bfvartheta Mathematical Bold Theta Symbol
U+1D6DE 𝛞 \bfvarkappa Mathematical Bold Kappa Symbol
U+1D6DF 𝛟 \bfphi Mathematical Bold Phi Symbol
U+1D6E0 𝛠 \bfvarrho Mathematical Bold Rho Symbol
U+1D6E1 𝛡 \bfvarpi Mathematical Bold Pi Symbol
U+1D6E2 𝛢 \itAlpha Mathematical Italic Capital Alpha
U+1D6E3 𝛣 \itBeta Mathematical Italic Capital Beta
U+1D6E4 𝛤 \itGamma Mathematical Italic Capital Gamma
U+1D6E5 𝛥 \itDelta Mathematical Italic Capital Delta
U+1D6E6 𝛦 \itEpsilon Mathematical Italic Capital Epsilon
U+1D6E7 𝛧 \itZeta Mathematical Italic Capital Zeta
U+1D6E8 𝛨 \itEta Mathematical Italic Capital Eta
U+1D6E9 𝛩 \itTheta Mathematical Italic Capital Theta
U+1D6EA 𝛪 \itIota Mathematical Italic Capital Iota
U+1D6EB 𝛫 \itKappa Mathematical Italic Capital Kappa
U+1D6EC 𝛬 \itLambda Mathematical Italic Capital Lamda
U+1D6ED 𝛭 \itMu Mathematical Italic Capital Mu
U+1D6EE 𝛮 \itNu Mathematical Italic Capital Nu
U+1D6EF 𝛯 \itXi Mathematical Italic Capital Xi
U+1D6F0 𝛰 \itOmicron Mathematical Italic Capital Omicron
U+1D6F1 𝛱 \itPi Mathematical Italic Capital Pi
U+1D6F2 𝛲 \itRho Mathematical Italic Capital Rho
U+1D6F3 𝛳 \itvarTheta Mathematical Italic Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D6F4 𝛴 \itSigma Mathematical Italic Capital Sigma
U+1D6F5 𝛵 \itTau Mathematical Italic Capital Tau
U+1D6F6 𝛶 \itUpsilon Mathematical Italic Capital Upsilon
U+1D6F7 𝛷 \itPhi Mathematical Italic Capital Phi
U+1D6F8 𝛸 \itChi Mathematical Italic Capital Chi
U+1D6F9 𝛹 \itPsi Mathematical Italic Capital Psi
U+1D6FA 𝛺 \itOmega Mathematical Italic Capital Omega
U+1D6FB 𝛻 \itnabla Mathematical Italic Nabla
U+1D6FC 𝛼 \italpha Mathematical Italic Small Alpha
U+1D6FD 𝛽 \itbeta Mathematical Italic Small Beta
U+1D6FE 𝛾 \itgamma Mathematical Italic Small Gamma
U+1D6FF 𝛿 \itdelta Mathematical Italic Small Delta
U+1D700 𝜀 \itepsilon Mathematical Italic Small Epsilon
U+1D701 𝜁 \itzeta Mathematical Italic Small Zeta
U+1D702 𝜂 \iteta Mathematical Italic Small Eta
U+1D703 𝜃 \ittheta Mathematical Italic Small Theta
U+1D704 𝜄 \itiota Mathematical Italic Small Iota
U+1D705 𝜅 \itkappa Mathematical Italic Small Kappa
U+1D706 𝜆 \itlambda Mathematical Italic Small Lamda
U+1D707 𝜇 \itmu Mathematical Italic Small Mu
U+1D708 𝜈 \itnu Mathematical Italic Small Nu
U+1D709 𝜉 \itxi Mathematical Italic Small Xi
U+1D70A 𝜊 \itomicron Mathematical Italic Small Omicron
U+1D70B 𝜋 \itpi Mathematical Italic Small Pi
U+1D70C 𝜌 \itrho Mathematical Italic Small Rho
U+1D70D 𝜍 \itvarsigma Mathematical Italic Small Final Sigma
U+1D70E 𝜎 \itsigma Mathematical Italic Small Sigma
U+1D70F 𝜏 \ittau Mathematical Italic Small Tau
U+1D710 𝜐 \itupsilon Mathematical Italic Small Upsilon
U+1D711 𝜑 \itphi Mathematical Italic Small Phi
U+1D712 𝜒 \itchi Mathematical Italic Small Chi
U+1D713 𝜓 \itpsi Mathematical Italic Small Psi
U+1D714 𝜔 \itomega Mathematical Italic Small Omega
U+1D715 𝜕 \itpartial Mathematical Italic Partial Differential
U+1D716 𝜖 \itvarepsilon Mathematical Italic Epsilon Symbol
U+1D717 𝜗 \itvartheta Mathematical Italic Theta Symbol
U+1D718 𝜘 \itvarkappa Mathematical Italic Kappa Symbol
U+1D719 𝜙 \itvarphi Mathematical Italic Phi Symbol
U+1D71A 𝜚 \itvarrho Mathematical Italic Rho Symbol
U+1D71B 𝜛 \itvarpi Mathematical Italic Pi Symbol
U+1D71C 𝜜 \biAlpha Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Alpha
U+1D71D 𝜝 \biBeta Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Beta
U+1D71E 𝜞 \biGamma Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Gamma
U+1D71F 𝜟 \biDelta Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Delta
U+1D720 𝜠 \biEpsilon Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Epsilon
U+1D721 𝜡 \biZeta Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Zeta
U+1D722 𝜢 \biEta Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Eta
U+1D723 𝜣 \biTheta Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Theta
U+1D724 𝜤 \biIota Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Iota
U+1D725 𝜥 \biKappa Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Kappa
U+1D726 𝜦 \biLambda Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Lamda
U+1D727 𝜧 \biMu Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Mu
U+1D728 𝜨 \biNu Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Nu
U+1D729 𝜩 \biXi Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Xi
U+1D72A 𝜪 \biOmicron Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Omicron
U+1D72B 𝜫 \biPi Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Pi
U+1D72C 𝜬 \biRho Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Rho
U+1D72D 𝜭 \bivarTheta Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D72E 𝜮 \biSigma Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Sigma
U+1D72F 𝜯 \biTau Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Tau
U+1D730 𝜰 \biUpsilon Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Upsilon
U+1D731 𝜱 \biPhi Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Phi
U+1D732 𝜲 \biChi Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Chi
U+1D733 𝜳 \biPsi Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Psi
U+1D734 𝜴 \biOmega Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Omega
U+1D735 𝜵 \binabla Mathematical Bold Italic Nabla
U+1D736 𝜶 \bialpha Mathematical Bold Italic Small Alpha
U+1D737 𝜷 \bibeta Mathematical Bold Italic Small Beta
U+1D738 𝜸 \bigamma Mathematical Bold Italic Small Gamma
U+1D739 𝜹 \bidelta Mathematical Bold Italic Small Delta
U+1D73A 𝜺 \biepsilon Mathematical Bold Italic Small Epsilon
U+1D73B 𝜻 \bizeta Mathematical Bold Italic Small Zeta
U+1D73C 𝜼 \bieta Mathematical Bold Italic Small Eta
U+1D73D 𝜽 \bitheta Mathematical Bold Italic Small Theta
U+1D73E 𝜾 \biiota Mathematical Bold Italic Small Iota
U+1D73F 𝜿 \bikappa Mathematical Bold Italic Small Kappa
U+1D740 𝝀 \bilambda Mathematical Bold Italic Small Lamda
U+1D741 𝝁 \bimu Mathematical Bold Italic Small Mu
U+1D742 𝝂 \binu Mathematical Bold Italic Small Nu
U+1D743 𝝃 \bixi Mathematical Bold Italic Small Xi
U+1D744 𝝄 \biomicron Mathematical Bold Italic Small Omicron
U+1D745 𝝅 \bipi Mathematical Bold Italic Small Pi
U+1D746 𝝆 \birho Mathematical Bold Italic Small Rho
U+1D747 𝝇 \bivarsigma Mathematical Bold Italic Small Final Sigma
U+1D748 𝝈 \bisigma Mathematical Bold Italic Small Sigma
U+1D749 𝝉 \bitau Mathematical Bold Italic Small Tau
U+1D74A 𝝊 \biupsilon Mathematical Bold Italic Small Upsilon
U+1D74B 𝝋 \biphi Mathematical Bold Italic Small Phi
U+1D74C 𝝌 \bichi Mathematical Bold Italic Small Chi
U+1D74D 𝝍 \bipsi Mathematical Bold Italic Small Psi
U+1D74E 𝝎 \biomega Mathematical Bold Italic Small Omega
U+1D74F 𝝏 \bipartial Mathematical Bold Italic Partial Differential
U+1D750 𝝐 \bivarepsilon Mathematical Bold Italic Epsilon Symbol
U+1D751 𝝑 \bivartheta Mathematical Bold Italic Theta Symbol
U+1D752 𝝒 \bivarkappa Mathematical Bold Italic Kappa Symbol
U+1D753 𝝓 \bivarphi Mathematical Bold Italic Phi Symbol
U+1D754 𝝔 \bivarrho Mathematical Bold Italic Rho Symbol
U+1D755 𝝕 \bivarpi Mathematical Bold Italic Pi Symbol
U+1D756 𝝖 \bsansAlpha Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Alpha
U+1D757 𝝗 \bsansBeta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Beta
U+1D758 𝝘 \bsansGamma Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Gamma
U+1D759 𝝙 \bsansDelta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Delta
U+1D75A 𝝚 \bsansEpsilon Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Epsilon
U+1D75B 𝝛 \bsansZeta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Zeta
U+1D75C 𝝜 \bsansEta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Eta
U+1D75D 𝝝 \bsansTheta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Theta
U+1D75E 𝝞 \bsansIota Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Iota
U+1D75F 𝝟 \bsansKappa Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Kappa
U+1D760 𝝠 \bsansLambda Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Lamda
U+1D761 𝝡 \bsansMu Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Mu
U+1D762 𝝢 \bsansNu Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Nu
U+1D763 𝝣 \bsansXi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Xi
U+1D764 𝝤 \bsansOmicron Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Omicron
U+1D765 𝝥 \bsansPi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Pi
U+1D766 𝝦 \bsansRho Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Rho
U+1D767 𝝧 \bsansvarTheta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D768 𝝨 \bsansSigma Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Sigma
U+1D769 𝝩 \bsansTau Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Tau
U+1D76A 𝝪 \bsansUpsilon Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Upsilon
U+1D76B 𝝫 \bsansPhi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Phi
U+1D76C 𝝬 \bsansChi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Chi
U+1D76D 𝝭 \bsansPsi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Psi
U+1D76E 𝝮 \bsansOmega Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital Omega
U+1D76F 𝝯 \bsansnabla Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Nabla
U+1D770 𝝰 \bsansalpha Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Alpha
U+1D771 𝝱 \bsansbeta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Beta
U+1D772 𝝲 \bsansgamma Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Gamma
U+1D773 𝝳 \bsansdelta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Delta
U+1D774 𝝴 \bsansepsilon Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Epsilon
U+1D775 𝝵 \bsanszeta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Zeta
U+1D776 𝝶 \bsanseta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Eta
U+1D777 𝝷 \bsanstheta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Theta
U+1D778 𝝸 \bsansiota Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Iota
U+1D779 𝝹 \bsanskappa Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Kappa
U+1D77A 𝝺 \bsanslambda Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Lamda
U+1D77B 𝝻 \bsansmu Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Mu
U+1D77C 𝝼 \bsansnu Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Nu
U+1D77D 𝝽 \bsansxi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Xi
U+1D77E 𝝾 \bsansomicron Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Omicron
U+1D77F 𝝿 \bsanspi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Pi
U+1D780 𝞀 \bsansrho Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Rho
U+1D781 𝞁 \bsansvarsigma Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Final Sigma
U+1D782 𝞂 \bsanssigma Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Sigma
U+1D783 𝞃 \bsanstau Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Tau
U+1D784 𝞄 \bsansupsilon Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Upsilon
U+1D785 𝞅 \bsansphi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Phi
U+1D786 𝞆 \bsanschi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Chi
U+1D787 𝞇 \bsanspsi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Psi
U+1D788 𝞈 \bsansomega Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small Omega
U+1D789 𝞉 \bsanspartial Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Partial Differential
U+1D78A 𝞊 \bsansvarepsilon Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Epsilon Symbol
U+1D78B 𝞋 \bsansvartheta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Theta Symbol
U+1D78C 𝞌 \bsansvarkappa Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Kappa Symbol
U+1D78D 𝞍 \bsansvarphi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Phi Symbol
U+1D78E 𝞎 \bsansvarrho Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Rho Symbol
U+1D78F 𝞏 \bsansvarpi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Pi Symbol
U+1D790 𝞐 \bisansAlpha Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Alpha
U+1D791 𝞑 \bisansBeta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Beta
U+1D792 𝞒 \bisansGamma Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Gamma
U+1D793 𝞓 \bisansDelta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Delta
U+1D794 𝞔 \bisansEpsilon Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Epsilon
U+1D795 𝞕 \bisansZeta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Zeta
U+1D796 𝞖 \bisansEta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Eta
U+1D797 𝞗 \bisansTheta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Theta
U+1D798 𝞘 \bisansIota Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Iota
U+1D799 𝞙 \bisansKappa Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Kappa
U+1D79A 𝞚 \bisansLambda Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Lamda
U+1D79B 𝞛 \bisansMu Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Mu
U+1D79C 𝞜 \bisansNu Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Nu
U+1D79D 𝞝 \bisansXi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Xi
U+1D79E 𝞞 \bisansOmicron Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Omicron
U+1D79F 𝞟 \bisansPi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Pi
U+1D7A0 𝞠 \bisansRho Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Rho
U+1D7A1 𝞡 \bisansvarTheta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D7A2 𝞢 \bisansSigma Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Sigma
U+1D7A3 𝞣 \bisansTau Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Tau
U+1D7A4 𝞤 \bisansUpsilon Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Upsilon
U+1D7A5 𝞥 \bisansPhi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Phi
U+1D7A6 𝞦 \bisansChi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Chi
U+1D7A7 𝞧 \bisansPsi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Psi
U+1D7A8 𝞨 \bisansOmega Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Capital Omega
U+1D7A9 𝞩 \bisansnabla Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Nabla
U+1D7AA 𝞪 \bisansalpha Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Alpha
U+1D7AB 𝞫 \bisansbeta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Beta
U+1D7AC 𝞬 \bisansgamma Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Gamma
U+1D7AD 𝞭 \bisansdelta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Delta
U+1D7AE 𝞮 \bisansepsilon Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Epsilon
U+1D7AF 𝞯 \bisanszeta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Zeta
U+1D7B0 𝞰 \bisanseta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Eta
U+1D7B1 𝞱 \bisanstheta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Theta
U+1D7B2 𝞲 \bisansiota Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Iota
U+1D7B3 𝞳 \bisanskappa Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Kappa
U+1D7B4 𝞴 \bisanslambda Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Lamda
U+1D7B5 𝞵 \bisansmu Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Mu
U+1D7B6 𝞶 \bisansnu Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Nu
U+1D7B7 𝞷 \bisansxi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Xi
U+1D7B8 𝞸 \bisansomicron Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Omicron
U+1D7B9 𝞹 \bisanspi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Pi
U+1D7BA 𝞺 \bisansrho Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Rho
U+1D7BB 𝞻 \bisansvarsigma Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Final Sigma
U+1D7BC 𝞼 \bisanssigma Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Sigma
U+1D7BD 𝞽 \bisanstau Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Tau
U+1D7BE 𝞾 \bisansupsilon Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Upsilon
U+1D7BF 𝞿 \bisansphi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Phi
U+1D7C0 𝟀 \bisanschi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Chi
U+1D7C1 𝟁 \bisanspsi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Psi
U+1D7C2 𝟂 \bisansomega Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Small Omega
U+1D7C3 𝟃 \bisanspartial Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Partial Differential
U+1D7C4 𝟄 \bisansvarepsilon Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Epsilon Symbol
U+1D7C5 𝟅 \bisansvartheta Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Theta Symbol
U+1D7C6 𝟆 \bisansvarkappa Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Kappa Symbol
U+1D7C7 𝟇 \bisansvarphi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Phi Symbol
U+1D7C8 𝟈 \bisansvarrho Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Rho Symbol
U+1D7C9 𝟉 \bisansvarpi Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Italic Pi Symbol
U+1D7CA 𝟊 \bfDigamma Mathematical Bold Capital Digamma
U+1D7CB 𝟋 \bfdigamma Mathematical Bold Small Digamma
U+1D7CE 𝟎 \bfzero Mathematical Bold Digit Zero
U+1D7CF 𝟏 \bfone Mathematical Bold Digit One
U+1D7D0 𝟐 \bftwo Mathematical Bold Digit Two
U+1D7D1 𝟑 \bfthree Mathematical Bold Digit Three
U+1D7D2 𝟒 \bffour Mathematical Bold Digit Four
U+1D7D3 𝟓 \bffive Mathematical Bold Digit Five
U+1D7D4 𝟔 \bfsix Mathematical Bold Digit Six
U+1D7D5 𝟕 \bfseven Mathematical Bold Digit Seven
U+1D7D6 𝟖 \bfeight Mathematical Bold Digit Eight
U+1D7D7 𝟗 \bfnine Mathematical Bold Digit Nine
U+1D7D8 𝟘 \bbzero Mathematical Double-Struck Digit Zero
U+1D7D9 𝟙 \bbone Mathematical Double-Struck Digit One
U+1D7DA 𝟚 \bbtwo Mathematical Double-Struck Digit Two
U+1D7DB 𝟛 \bbthree Mathematical Double-Struck Digit Three
U+1D7DC 𝟜 \bbfour Mathematical Double-Struck Digit Four
U+1D7DD 𝟝 \bbfive Mathematical Double-Struck Digit Five
U+1D7DE 𝟞 \bbsix Mathematical Double-Struck Digit Six
U+1D7DF 𝟟 \bbseven Mathematical Double-Struck Digit Seven
U+1D7E0 𝟠 \bbeight Mathematical Double-Struck Digit Eight
U+1D7E1 𝟡 \bbnine Mathematical Double-Struck Digit Nine
U+1D7E2 𝟢 \sanszero Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Zero
U+1D7E3 𝟣 \sansone Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit One
U+1D7E4 𝟤 \sanstwo Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Two
U+1D7E5 𝟥 \sansthree Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Three
U+1D7E6 𝟦 \sansfour Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Four
U+1D7E7 𝟧 \sansfive Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Five
U+1D7E8 𝟨 \sanssix Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Six
U+1D7E9 𝟩 \sansseven Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Seven
U+1D7EA 𝟪 \sanseight Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Eight
U+1D7EB 𝟫 \sansnine Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Nine
U+1D7EC 𝟬 \bsanszero Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Zero
U+1D7ED 𝟭 \bsansone Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit One
U+1D7EE 𝟮 \bsanstwo Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Two
U+1D7EF 𝟯 \bsansthree Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Three
U+1D7F0 𝟰 \bsansfour Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Four
U+1D7F1 𝟱 \bsansfive Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Five
U+1D7F2 𝟲 \bsanssix Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Six
U+1D7F3 𝟳 \bsansseven Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Seven
U+1D7F4 𝟴 \bsanseight Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Eight
U+1D7F5 𝟵 \bsansnine Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Nine
U+1D7F6 𝟶 \ttzero Mathematical Monospace Digit Zero
U+1D7F7 𝟷 \ttone Mathematical Monospace Digit One
U+1D7F8 𝟸 \tttwo Mathematical Monospace Digit Two
U+1D7F9 𝟹 \ttthree Mathematical Monospace Digit Three
U+1D7FA 𝟺 \ttfour Mathematical Monospace Digit Four
U+1D7FB 𝟻 \ttfive Mathematical Monospace Digit Five
U+1D7FC 𝟼 \ttsix Mathematical Monospace Digit Six
U+1D7FD 𝟽 \ttseven Mathematical Monospace Digit Seven
U+1D7FE 𝟾 \tteight Mathematical Monospace Digit Eight
U+1D7FF 𝟿 \ttnine Mathematical Monospace Digit Nine
U+1F004 🀄 \:mahjong: Mahjong Tile Red Dragon
U+1F0CF 🃏 \:black_joker: Playing Card Black Joker
U+1F170 🅰 \:a: Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter A
U+1F171 🅱 \:b: Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter B
U+1F17E 🅾 \:o2: Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter O
U+1F17F 🅿 \:parking: Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter P
U+1F18E 🆎 \:ab: Negative Squared Ab
U+1F191 🆑 \:cl: Squared Cl
U+1F192 🆒 \:cool: Squared Cool
U+1F193 🆓 \:free: Squared Free
U+1F194 🆔 \:id: Squared Id
U+1F195 🆕 \:new: Squared New
U+1F196 🆖 \:ng: Squared Ng
U+1F197 🆗 \:ok: Squared Ok
U+1F198 🆘 \:sos: Squared Sos
U+1F199 🆙 \:up: Squared Up With Exclamation Mark
U+1F19A 🆚 \:vs: Squared Vs
U+1F201 🈁 \:koko: Squared Katakana Koko
U+1F202 🈂 \:sa: Squared Katakana Sa
U+1F21A 🈚 \:u7121: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7121
U+1F22F 🈯 \:u6307: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6307
U+1F232 🈲 \:u7981: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7981
U+1F233 🈳 \:u7a7a: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7A7A
U+1F234 🈴 \:u5408: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-5408
U+1F235 🈵 \:u6e80: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6E80
U+1F236 🈶 \:u6709: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6709
U+1F237 🈷 \:u6708: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6708
U+1F238 🈸 \:u7533: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7533
U+1F239 🈹 \:u5272: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-5272
U+1F23A 🈺 \:u55b6: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-55B6
U+1F250 🉐 \:ideograph_advantage: Circled Ideograph Advantage
U+1F251 🉑 \:accept: Circled Ideograph Accept
U+1F300 🌀 \:cyclone: Cyclone
U+1F301 🌁 \:foggy: Foggy
U+1F302 🌂 \:closed_umbrella: Closed Umbrella
U+1F303 🌃 \:night_with_stars: Night With Stars
U+1F304 🌄 \:sunrise_over_mountains: Sunrise Over Mountains
U+1F305 🌅 \:sunrise: Sunrise
U+1F306 🌆 \:city_sunset: Cityscape At Dusk
U+1F307 🌇 \:city_sunrise: Sunset Over Buildings
U+1F308 🌈 \:rainbow: Rainbow
U+1F309 🌉 \:bridge_at_night: Bridge At Night
U+1F30A 🌊 \:ocean: Water Wave
U+1F30B 🌋 \:volcano: Volcano
U+1F30C 🌌 \:milky_way: Milky Way
U+1F30D 🌍 \:earth_africa: Earth Globe Europe-Africa
U+1F30E 🌎 \:earth_americas: Earth Globe Americas
U+1F30F 🌏 \:earth_asia: Earth Globe Asia-Australia
U+1F310 🌐 \:globe_with_meridians: Globe With Meridians
U+1F311 🌑 \:new_moon: New Moon Symbol
U+1F312 🌒 \:waxing_crescent_moon: Waxing Crescent Moon Symbol
U+1F313 🌓 \:first_quarter_moon: First Quarter Moon Symbol
U+1F314 🌔 \:moon: Waxing Gibbous Moon Symbol
U+1F315 🌕 \:full_moon: Full Moon Symbol
U+1F316 🌖 \:waning_gibbous_moon: Waning Gibbous Moon Symbol
U+1F317 🌗 \:last_quarter_moon: Last Quarter Moon Symbol
U+1F318 🌘 \:waning_crescent_moon: Waning Crescent Moon Symbol
U+1F319 🌙 \:crescent_moon: Crescent Moon
U+1F31A 🌚 \:new_moon_with_face: New Moon With Face
U+1F31B 🌛 \:first_quarter_moon_with_face: First Quarter Moon With Face
U+1F31C 🌜 \:last_quarter_moon_with_face: Last Quarter Moon With Face
U+1F31D 🌝 \:full_moon_with_face: Full Moon With Face
U+1F31E 🌞 \:sun_with_face: Sun With Face
U+1F31F 🌟 \:star2: Glowing Star
U+1F320 🌠 \:stars: Shooting Star
U+1F330 🌰 \:chestnut: Chestnut
U+1F331 🌱 \:seedling: Seedling
U+1F332 🌲 \:evergreen_tree: Evergreen Tree
U+1F333 🌳 \:deciduous_tree: Deciduous Tree
U+1F334 🌴 \:palm_tree: Palm Tree
U+1F335 🌵 \:cactus: Cactus
U+1F337 🌷 \:tulip: Tulip
U+1F338 🌸 \:cherry_blossom: Cherry Blossom
U+1F339 🌹 \:rose: Rose
U+1F33A 🌺 \:hibiscus: Hibiscus
U+1F33B 🌻 \:sunflower: Sunflower
U+1F33C 🌼 \:blossom: Blossom
U+1F33D 🌽 \:corn: Ear Of Maize
U+1F33E 🌾 \:ear_of_rice: Ear Of Rice
U+1F33F 🌿 \:herb: Herb
U+1F340 🍀 \:four_leaf_clover: Four Leaf Clover
U+1F341 🍁 \:maple_leaf: Maple Leaf
U+1F342 🍂 \:fallen_leaf: Fallen Leaf
U+1F343 🍃 \:leaves: Leaf Fluttering In Wind
U+1F344 🍄 \:mushroom: Mushroom
U+1F345 🍅 \:tomato: Tomato
U+1F346 🍆 \:eggplant: Aubergine
U+1F347 🍇 \:grapes: Grapes
U+1F348 🍈 \:melon: Melon
U+1F349 🍉 \:watermelon: Watermelon
U+1F34A 🍊 \:tangerine: Tangerine
U+1F34B 🍋 \:lemon: Lemon
U+1F34C 🍌 \:banana: Banana
U+1F34D 🍍 \:pineapple: Pineapple
U+1F34E 🍎 \:apple: Red Apple
U+1F34F 🍏 \:green_apple: Green Apple
U+1F350 🍐 \:pear: Pear
U+1F351 🍑 \:peach: Peach
U+1F352 🍒 \:cherries: Cherries
U+1F353 🍓 \:strawberry: Strawberry
U+1F354 🍔 \:hamburger: Hamburger
U+1F355 🍕 \:pizza: Slice Of Pizza
U+1F356 🍖 \:meat_on_bone: Meat On Bone
U+1F357 🍗 \:poultry_leg: Poultry Leg
U+1F358 🍘 \:rice_cracker: Rice Cracker
U+1F359 🍙 \:rice_ball: Rice Ball
U+1F35A 🍚 \:rice: Cooked Rice
U+1F35B 🍛 \:curry: Curry And Rice
U+1F35C 🍜 \:ramen: Steaming Bowl
U+1F35D 🍝 \:spaghetti: Spaghetti
U+1F35E 🍞 \:bread: Bread
U+1F35F 🍟 \:fries: French Fries
U+1F360 🍠 \:sweet_potato: Roasted Sweet Potato
U+1F361 🍡 \:dango: Dango
U+1F362 🍢 \:oden: Oden
U+1F363 🍣 \:sushi: Sushi
U+1F364 🍤 \:fried_shrimp: Fried Shrimp
U+1F365 🍥 \:fish_cake: Fish Cake With Swirl Design
U+1F366 🍦 \:icecream: Soft Ice Cream
U+1F367 🍧 \:shaved_ice: Shaved Ice
U+1F368 🍨 \:ice_cream: Ice Cream
U+1F369 🍩 \:doughnut: Doughnut
U+1F36A 🍪 \:cookie: Cookie
U+1F36B 🍫 \:chocolate_bar: Chocolate Bar
U+1F36C 🍬 \:candy: Candy
U+1F36D 🍭 \:lollipop: Lollipop
U+1F36E 🍮 \:custard: Custard
U+1F36F 🍯 \:honey_pot: Honey Pot
U+1F370 🍰 \:cake: Shortcake
U+1F371 🍱 \:bento: Bento Box
U+1F372 🍲 \:stew: Pot Of Food
U+1F373 🍳 \:egg: Cooking
U+1F374 🍴 \:fork_and_knife: Fork And Knife
U+1F375 🍵 \:tea: Teacup Without Handle
U+1F376 🍶 \:sake: Sake Bottle And Cup
U+1F377 🍷 \:wine_glass: Wine Glass
U+1F378 🍸 \:cocktail: Cocktail Glass
U+1F379 🍹 \:tropical_drink: Tropical Drink
U+1F37A 🍺 \:beer: Beer Mug
U+1F37B 🍻 \:beers: Clinking Beer Mugs
U+1F37C 🍼 \:baby_bottle: Baby Bottle
U+1F380 🎀 \:ribbon: Ribbon
U+1F381 🎁 \:gift: Wrapped Present
U+1F382 🎂 \:birthday: Birthday Cake
U+1F383 🎃 \:jack_o_lantern: Jack-O-Lantern
U+1F384 🎄 \:christmas_tree: Christmas Tree
U+1F385 🎅 \:santa: Father Christmas
U+1F386 🎆 \:fireworks: Fireworks
U+1F387 🎇 \:sparkler: Firework Sparkler
U+1F388 🎈 \:balloon: Balloon
U+1F389 🎉 \:tada: Party Popper
U+1F38A 🎊 \:confetti_ball: Confetti Ball
U+1F38B 🎋 \:tanabata_tree: Tanabata Tree
U+1F38C 🎌 \:crossed_flags: Crossed Flags
U+1F38D 🎍 \:bamboo: Pine Decoration
U+1F38E 🎎 \:dolls: Japanese Dolls
U+1F38F 🎏 \:flags: Carp Streamer
U+1F390 🎐 \:wind_chime: Wind Chime
U+1F391 🎑 \:rice_scene: Moon Viewing Ceremony
U+1F392 🎒 \:school_satchel: School Satchel
U+1F393 🎓 \:mortar_board: Graduation Cap
U+1F3A0 🎠 \:carousel_horse: Carousel Horse
U+1F3A1 🎡 \:ferris_wheel: Ferris Wheel
U+1F3A2 🎢 \:roller_coaster: Roller Coaster
U+1F3A3 🎣 \:fishing_pole_and_fish: Fishing Pole And Fish
U+1F3A4 🎤 \:microphone: Microphone
U+1F3A5 🎥 \:movie_camera: Movie Camera
U+1F3A6 🎦 \:cinema: Cinema
U+1F3A7 🎧 \:headphones: Headphone
U+1F3A8 🎨 \:art: Artist Palette
U+1F3A9 🎩 \:tophat: Top Hat
U+1F3AA 🎪 \:circus_tent: Circus Tent
U+1F3AB 🎫 \:ticket: Ticket
U+1F3AC 🎬 \:clapper: Clapper Board
U+1F3AD 🎭 \:performing_arts: Performing Arts
U+1F3AE 🎮 \:video_game: Video Game
U+1F3AF 🎯 \:dart: Direct Hit
U+1F3B0 🎰 \:slot_machine: Slot Machine
U+1F3B1 🎱 \:8ball: Billiards
U+1F3B2 🎲 \:game_die: Game Die
U+1F3B3 🎳 \:bowling: Bowling
U+1F3B4 🎴 \:flower_playing_cards: Flower Playing Cards
U+1F3B5 🎵 \:musical_note: Musical Note
U+1F3B6 🎶 \:notes: Multiple Musical Notes
U+1F3B7 🎷 \:saxophone: Saxophone
U+1F3B8 🎸 \:guitar: Guitar
U+1F3B9 🎹 \:musical_keyboard: Musical Keyboard
U+1F3BA 🎺 \:trumpet: Trumpet
U+1F3BB 🎻 \:violin: Violin
U+1F3BC 🎼 \:musical_score: Musical Score
U+1F3BD 🎽 \:running_shirt_with_sash: Running Shirt With Sash
U+1F3BE 🎾 \:tennis: Tennis Racquet And Ball
U+1F3BF 🎿 \:ski: Ski And Ski Boot
U+1F3C0 🏀 \:basketball: Basketball And Hoop
U+1F3C1 🏁 \:checkered_flag: Chequered Flag
U+1F3C2 🏂 \:snowboarder: Snowboarder
U+1F3C3 🏃 \:runner: Runner
U+1F3C4 🏄 \:surfer: Surfer
U+1F3C6 🏆 \:trophy: Trophy
U+1F3C7 🏇 \:horse_racing: Horse Racing
U+1F3C8 🏈 \:football: American Football
U+1F3C9 🏉 \:rugby_football: Rugby Football
U+1F3CA 🏊 \:swimmer: Swimmer
U+1F3E0 🏠 \:house: House Building
U+1F3E1 🏡 \:house_with_garden: House With Garden
U+1F3E2 🏢 \:office: Office Building
U+1F3E3 🏣 \:post_office: Japanese Post Office
U+1F3E4 🏤 \:european_post_office: European Post Office
U+1F3E5 🏥 \:hospital: Hospital
U+1F3E6 🏦 \:bank: Bank
U+1F3E7 🏧 \:atm: Automated Teller Machine
U+1F3E8 🏨 \:hotel: Hotel
U+1F3E9 🏩 \:love_hotel: Love Hotel
U+1F3EA 🏪 \:convenience_store: Convenience Store
U+1F3EB 🏫 \:school: School
U+1F3EC 🏬 \:department_store: Department Store
U+1F3ED 🏭 \:factory: Factory
U+1F3EE 🏮 \:izakaya_lantern: Izakaya Lantern
U+1F3EF 🏯 \:japanese_castle: Japanese Castle
U+1F3F0 🏰 \:european_castle: European Castle
U+1F3FB 🏻 \:skin-tone-2: Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2
U+1F3FC 🏼 \:skin-tone-3: Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3
U+1F3FD 🏽 \:skin-tone-4: Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4
U+1F3FE 🏾 \:skin-tone-5: Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5
U+1F3FF 🏿 \:skin-tone-6: Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6
U+1F400 🐀 \:rat: Rat
U+1F401 🐁 \:mouse2: Mouse
U+1F402 🐂 \:ox: Ox
U+1F403 🐃 \:water_buffalo: Water Buffalo
U+1F404 🐄 \:cow2: Cow
U+1F405 🐅 \:tiger2: Tiger
U+1F406 🐆 \:leopard: Leopard
U+1F407 🐇 \:rabbit2: Rabbit
U+1F408 🐈 \:cat2: Cat
U+1F409 🐉 \:dragon: Dragon
U+1F40A 🐊 \:crocodile: Crocodile
U+1F40B 🐋 \:whale2: Whale
U+1F40C 🐌 \:snail: Snail
U+1F40D 🐍 \:snake: Snake
U+1F40E 🐎 \:racehorse: Horse
U+1F40F 🐏 \:ram: Ram
U+1F410 🐐 \:goat: Goat
U+1F411 🐑 \:sheep: Sheep
U+1F412 🐒 \:monkey: Monkey
U+1F413 🐓 \:rooster: Rooster
U+1F414 🐔 \:chicken: Chicken
U+1F415 🐕 \:dog2: Dog
U+1F416 🐖 \:pig2: Pig
U+1F417 🐗 \:boar: Boar
U+1F418 🐘 \:elephant: Elephant
U+1F419 🐙 \:octopus: Octopus
U+1F41A 🐚 \:shell: Spiral Shell
U+1F41B 🐛 \:bug: Bug
U+1F41C 🐜 \:ant: Ant
U+1F41D 🐝 \:bee: Honeybee
U+1F41E 🐞 \:beetle: Lady Beetle
U+1F41F 🐟 \:fish: Fish
U+1F420 🐠 \:tropical_fish: Tropical Fish
U+1F421 🐡 \:blowfish: Blowfish
U+1F422 🐢 \:turtle: Turtle
U+1F423 🐣 \:hatching_chick: Hatching Chick
U+1F424 🐤 \:baby_chick: Baby Chick
U+1F425 🐥 \:hatched_chick: Front-Facing Baby Chick
U+1F426 🐦 \:bird: Bird
U+1F427 🐧 \:penguin: Penguin
U+1F428 🐨 \:koala: Koala
U+1F429 🐩 \:poodle: Poodle
U+1F42A 🐪 \:dromedary_camel: Dromedary Camel
U+1F42B 🐫 \:camel: Bactrian Camel
U+1F42C 🐬 \:dolphin: Dolphin
U+1F42D 🐭 \:mouse: Mouse Face
U+1F42E 🐮 \:cow: Cow Face
U+1F42F 🐯 \:tiger: Tiger Face
U+1F430 🐰 \:rabbit: Rabbit Face
U+1F431 🐱 \:cat: Cat Face
U+1F432 🐲 \:dragon_face: Dragon Face
U+1F433 🐳 \:whale: Spouting Whale
U+1F434 🐴 \:horse: Horse Face
U+1F435 🐵 \:monkey_face: Monkey Face
U+1F436 🐶 \:dog: Dog Face
U+1F437 🐷 \:pig: Pig Face
U+1F438 🐸 \:frog: Frog Face
U+1F439 🐹 \:hamster: Hamster Face
U+1F43A 🐺 \:wolf: Wolf Face
U+1F43B 🐻 \:bear: Bear Face
U+1F43C 🐼 \:panda_face: Panda Face
U+1F43D 🐽 \:pig_nose: Pig Nose
U+1F43E 🐾 \:feet: Paw Prints
U+1F440 👀 \:eyes: Eyes
U+1F442 👂 \:ear: Ear
U+1F443 👃 \:nose: Nose
U+1F444 👄 \:lips: Mouth
U+1F445 👅 \:tongue: Tongue
U+1F446 👆 \:point_up_2: White Up Pointing Backhand Index
U+1F447 👇 \:point_down: White Down Pointing Backhand Index
U+1F448 👈 \:point_left: White Left Pointing Backhand Index
U+1F449 👉 \:point_right: White Right Pointing Backhand Index
U+1F44A 👊 \:facepunch: Fisted Hand Sign
U+1F44B 👋 \:wave: Waving Hand Sign
U+1F44C 👌 \:ok_hand: Ok Hand Sign
U+1F44D 👍 \:+1: Thumbs Up Sign
U+1F44E 👎 \:-1: Thumbs Down Sign
U+1F44F 👏 \:clap: Clapping Hands Sign
U+1F450 👐 \:open_hands: Open Hands Sign
U+1F451 👑 \:crown: Crown
U+1F452 👒 \:womans_hat: Womans Hat
U+1F453 👓 \:eyeglasses: Eyeglasses
U+1F454 👔 \:necktie: Necktie
U+1F455 👕 \:shirt: T-Shirt
U+1F456 👖 \:jeans: Jeans
U+1F457 👗 \:dress: Dress
U+1F458 👘 \:kimono: Kimono
U+1F459 👙 \:bikini: Bikini
U+1F45A 👚 \:womans_clothes: Womans Clothes
U+1F45B 👛 \:purse: Purse
U+1F45C 👜 \:handbag: Handbag
U+1F45D 👝 \:pouch: Pouch
U+1F45E 👞 \:mans_shoe: Mans Shoe
U+1F45F 👟 \:athletic_shoe: Athletic Shoe
U+1F460 👠 \:high_heel: High-Heeled Shoe
U+1F461 👡 \:sandal: Womans Sandal
U+1F462 👢 \:boot: Womans Boots
U+1F463 👣 \:footprints: Footprints
U+1F464 👤 \:bust_in_silhouette: Bust In Silhouette
U+1F465 👥 \:busts_in_silhouette: Busts In Silhouette
U+1F466 👦 \:boy: Boy
U+1F467 👧 \:girl: Girl
U+1F468 👨 \:man: Man
U+1F469 👩 \:woman: Woman
U+1F46A 👪 \:family: Family
U+1F46B 👫 \:couple: Man And Woman Holding Hands
U+1F46C 👬 \:two_men_holding_hands: Two Men Holding Hands
U+1F46D 👭 \:two_women_holding_hands: Two Women Holding Hands
U+1F46E 👮 \:cop: Police Officer
U+1F46F 👯 \:dancers: Woman With Bunny Ears
U+1F470 👰 \:bride_with_veil: Bride With Veil
U+1F471 👱 \:person_with_blond_hair: Person With Blond Hair
U+1F472 👲 \:man_with_gua_pi_mao: Man With Gua Pi Mao
U+1F473 👳 \:man_with_turban: Man With Turban
U+1F474 👴 \:older_man: Older Man
U+1F475 👵 \:older_woman: Older Woman
U+1F476 👶 \:baby: Baby
U+1F477 👷 \:construction_worker: Construction Worker
U+1F478 👸 \:princess: Princess
U+1F479 👹 \:japanese_ogre: Japanese Ogre
U+1F47A 👺 \:japanese_goblin: Japanese Goblin
U+1F47B 👻 \:ghost: Ghost
U+1F47C 👼 \:angel: Baby Angel
U+1F47D 👽 \:alien: Extraterrestrial Alien
U+1F47E 👾 \:space_invader: Alien Monster
U+1F47F 👿 \:imp: Imp
U+1F480 💀 \:skull: Skull
U+1F481 💁 \:information_desk_person: Information Desk Person
U+1F482 💂 \:guardsman: Guardsman
U+1F483 💃 \:dancer: Dancer
U+1F484 💄 \:lipstick: Lipstick
U+1F485 💅 \:nail_care: Nail Polish
U+1F486 💆 \:massage: Face Massage
U+1F487 💇 \:haircut: Haircut
U+1F488 💈 \:barber: Barber Pole
U+1F489 💉 \:syringe: Syringe
U+1F48A 💊 \:pill: Pill
U+1F48B 💋 \:kiss: Kiss Mark
U+1F48C 💌 \:love_letter: Love Letter
U+1F48D 💍 \:ring: Ring
U+1F48E 💎 \:gem: Gem Stone
U+1F48F 💏 \:couplekiss: Kiss
U+1F490 💐 \:bouquet: Bouquet
U+1F491 💑 \:couple_with_heart: Couple With Heart
U+1F492 💒 \:wedding: Wedding
U+1F493 💓 \:heartbeat: Beating Heart
U+1F494 💔 \:broken_heart: Broken Heart
U+1F495 💕 \:two_hearts: Two Hearts
U+1F496 💖 \:sparkling_heart: Sparkling Heart
U+1F497 💗 \:heartpulse: Growing Heart
U+1F498 💘 \:cupid: Heart With Arrow
U+1F499 💙 \:blue_heart: Blue Heart
U+1F49A 💚 \:green_heart: Green Heart
U+1F49B 💛 \:yellow_heart: Yellow Heart
U+1F49C 💜 \:purple_heart: Purple Heart
U+1F49D 💝 \:gift_heart: Heart With Ribbon
U+1F49E 💞 \:revolving_hearts: Revolving Hearts
U+1F49F 💟 \:heart_decoration: Heart Decoration
U+1F4A0 💠 \:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Diamond Shape With A Dot Inside
U+1F4A1 💡 \:bulb: Electric Light Bulb
U+1F4A2 💢 \:anger: Anger Symbol
U+1F4A3 💣 \:bomb: Bomb
U+1F4A4 💤 \:zzz: Sleeping Symbol
U+1F4A5 💥 \:boom: Collision Symbol
U+1F4A6 💦 \:sweat_drops: Splashing Sweat Symbol
U+1F4A7 💧 \:droplet: Droplet
U+1F4A8 💨 \:dash: Dash Symbol
U+1F4A9 💩 \:hankey: Pile Of Poo
U+1F4AA 💪 \:muscle: Flexed Biceps
U+1F4AB 💫 \:dizzy: Dizzy Symbol
U+1F4AC 💬 \:speech_balloon: Speech Balloon
U+1F4AD 💭 \:thought_balloon: Thought Balloon
U+1F4AE 💮 \:white_flower: White Flower
U+1F4AF 💯 \:100: Hundred Points Symbol
U+1F4B0 💰 \:moneybag: Money Bag
U+1F4B1 💱 \:currency_exchange: Currency Exchange
U+1F4B2 💲 \:heavy_dollar_sign: Heavy Dollar Sign
U+1F4B3 💳 \:credit_card: Credit Card
U+1F4B4 💴 \:yen: Banknote With Yen Sign
U+1F4B5 💵 \:dollar: Banknote With Dollar Sign
U+1F4B6 💶 \:euro: Banknote With Euro Sign
U+1F4B7 💷 \:pound: Banknote With Pound Sign
U+1F4B8 💸 \:money_with_wings: Money With Wings
U+1F4B9 💹 \:chart: Chart With Upwards Trend And Yen Sign
U+1F4BA 💺 \:seat: Seat
U+1F4BB 💻 \:computer: Personal Computer
U+1F4BC 💼 \:briefcase: Briefcase
U+1F4BD 💽 \:minidisc: Minidisc
U+1F4BE 💾 \:floppy_disk: Floppy Disk
U+1F4BF 💿 \:cd: Optical Disc
U+1F4C0 📀 \:dvd: Dvd
U+1F4C1 📁 \:file_folder: File Folder
U+1F4C2 📂 \:open_file_folder: Open File Folder
U+1F4C3 📃 \:page_with_curl: Page With Curl
U+1F4C4 📄 \:page_facing_up: Page Facing Up
U+1F4C5 📅 \:date: Calendar
U+1F4C6 📆 \:calendar: Tear-Off Calendar
U+1F4C7 📇 \:card_index: Card Index
U+1F4C8 📈 \:chart_with_upwards_trend: Chart With Upwards Trend
U+1F4C9 📉 \:chart_with_downwards_trend: Chart With Downwards Trend
U+1F4CA 📊 \:bar_chart: Bar Chart
U+1F4CB 📋 \:clipboard: Clipboard
U+1F4CC 📌 \:pushpin: Pushpin
U+1F4CD 📍 \:round_pushpin: Round Pushpin
U+1F4CE 📎 \:paperclip: Paperclip
U+1F4CF 📏 \:straight_ruler: Straight Ruler
U+1F4D0 📐 \:triangular_ruler: Triangular Ruler
U+1F4D1 📑 \:bookmark_tabs: Bookmark Tabs
U+1F4D2 📒 \:ledger: Ledger
U+1F4D3 📓 \:notebook: Notebook
U+1F4D4 📔 \:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Notebook With Decorative Cover
U+1F4D5 📕 \:closed_book: Closed Book
U+1F4D6 📖 \:book: Open Book
U+1F4D7 📗 \:green_book: Green Book
U+1F4D8 📘 \:blue_book: Blue Book
U+1F4D9 📙 \:orange_book: Orange Book
U+1F4DA 📚 \:books: Books
U+1F4DB 📛 \:name_badge: Name Badge
U+1F4DC 📜 \:scroll: Scroll
U+1F4DD 📝 \:memo: Memo
U+1F4DE 📞 \:telephone_receiver: Telephone Receiver
U+1F4DF 📟 \:pager: Pager
U+1F4E0 📠 \:fax: Fax Machine
U+1F4E1 📡 \:satellite: Satellite Antenna
U+1F4E2 📢 \:loudspeaker: Public Address Loudspeaker
U+1F4E3 📣 \:mega: Cheering Megaphone
U+1F4E4 📤 \:outbox_tray: Outbox Tray
U+1F4E5 📥 \:inbox_tray: Inbox Tray
U+1F4E6 📦 \:package: Package
U+1F4E7 📧 \:e-mail: E-Mail Symbol
U+1F4E8 📨 \:incoming_envelope: Incoming Envelope
U+1F4E9 📩 \:envelope_with_arrow: Envelope With Downwards Arrow Above
U+1F4EA 📪 \:mailbox_closed: Closed Mailbox With Lowered Flag
U+1F4EB 📫 \:mailbox: Closed Mailbox With Raised Flag
U+1F4EC 📬 \:mailbox_with_mail: Open Mailbox With Raised Flag
U+1F4ED 📭 \:mailbox_with_no_mail: Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag
U+1F4EE 📮 \:postbox: Postbox
U+1F4EF 📯 \:postal_horn: Postal Horn
U+1F4F0 📰 \:newspaper: Newspaper
U+1F4F1 📱 \:iphone: Mobile Phone
U+1F4F2 📲 \:calling: Mobile Phone With Rightwards Arrow At Left
U+1F4F3 📳 \:vibration_mode: Vibration Mode
U+1F4F4 📴 \:mobile_phone_off: Mobile Phone Off
U+1F4F5 📵 \:no_mobile_phones: No Mobile Phones
U+1F4F6 📶 \:signal_strength: Antenna With Bars
U+1F4F7 📷 \:camera: Camera
U+1F4F9 📹 \:video_camera: Video Camera
U+1F4FA 📺 \:tv: Television
U+1F4FB 📻 \:radio: Radio
U+1F4FC 📼 \:vhs: Videocassette
U+1F500 🔀 \:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Twisted Rightwards Arrows
U+1F501 🔁 \:repeat: Clockwise Rightwards And Leftwards Open Circle Arrows
U+1F502 🔂 \:repeat_one: Clockwise Rightwards And Leftwards Open Circle Arrows With Circled One Overlay
U+1F503 🔃 \:arrows_clockwise: Clockwise Downwards And Upwards Open Circle Arrows
U+1F504 🔄 \:arrows_counterclockwise: Anticlockwise Downwards And Upwards Open Circle Arrows
U+1F505 🔅 \:low_brightness: Low Brightness Symbol
U+1F506 🔆 \:high_brightness: High Brightness Symbol
U+1F507 🔇 \:mute: Speaker With Cancellation Stroke
U+1F508 🔈 \:speaker: Speaker
U+1F509 🔉 \:sound: Speaker With One Sound Wave
U+1F50A 🔊 \:loud_sound: Speaker With Three Sound Waves
U+1F50B 🔋 \:battery: Battery
U+1F50C 🔌 \:electric_plug: Electric Plug
U+1F50D 🔍 \:mag: Left-Pointing Magnifying Glass
U+1F50E 🔎 \:mag_right: Right-Pointing Magnifying Glass
U+1F50F 🔏 \:lock_with_ink_pen: Lock With Ink Pen
U+1F510 🔐 \:closed_lock_with_key: Closed Lock With Key
U+1F511 🔑 \:key: Key
U+1F512 🔒 \:lock: Lock
U+1F513 🔓 \:unlock: Open Lock
U+1F514 🔔 \:bell: Bell
U+1F515 🔕 \:no_bell: Bell With Cancellation Stroke
U+1F516 🔖 \:bookmark: Bookmark
U+1F517 🔗 \:link: Link Symbol
U+1F518 🔘 \:radio_button: Radio Button
U+1F519 🔙 \:back: Back With Leftwards Arrow Above
U+1F51A 🔚 \:end: End With Leftwards Arrow Above
U+1F51B 🔛 \:on: On With Exclamation Mark With Left Right Arrow Above
U+1F51C 🔜 \:soon: Soon With Rightwards Arrow Above
U+1F51D 🔝 \:top: Top With Upwards Arrow Above
U+1F51E 🔞 \:underage: No One Under Eighteen Symbol
U+1F51F 🔟 \:keycap_ten: Keycap Ten
U+1F520 🔠 \:capital_abcd: Input Symbol For Latin Capital Letters
U+1F521 🔡 \:abcd: Input Symbol For Latin Small Letters
U+1F522 🔢 \:1234: Input Symbol For Numbers
U+1F523 🔣 \:symbols: Input Symbol For Symbols
U+1F524 🔤 \:abc: Input Symbol For Latin Letters
U+1F525 🔥 \:fire: Fire
U+1F526 🔦 \:flashlight: Electric Torch
U+1F527 🔧 \:wrench: Wrench
U+1F528 🔨 \:hammer: Hammer
U+1F529 🔩 \:nut_and_bolt: Nut And Bolt
U+1F52A 🔪 \:hocho: Hocho
U+1F52B 🔫 \:gun: Pistol
U+1F52C 🔬 \:microscope: Microscope
U+1F52D 🔭 \:telescope: Telescope
U+1F52E 🔮 \:crystal_ball: Crystal Ball
U+1F52F 🔯 \:six_pointed_star: Six Pointed Star With Middle Dot
U+1F530 🔰 \:beginner: Japanese Symbol For Beginner
U+1F531 🔱 \:trident: Trident Emblem
U+1F532 🔲 \:black_square_button: Black Square Button
U+1F533 🔳 \:white_square_button: White Square Button
U+1F534 🔴 \:red_circle: Large Red Circle
U+1F535 🔵 \:large_blue_circle: Large Blue Circle
U+1F536 🔶 \:large_orange_diamond: Large Orange Diamond
U+1F537 🔷 \:large_blue_diamond: Large Blue Diamond
U+1F538 🔸 \:small_orange_diamond: Small Orange Diamond
U+1F539 🔹 \:small_blue_diamond: Small Blue Diamond
U+1F53A 🔺 \:small_red_triangle: Up-Pointing Red Triangle
U+1F53B 🔻 \:small_red_triangle_down: Down-Pointing Red Triangle
U+1F53C 🔼 \:arrow_up_small: Up-Pointing Small Red Triangle
U+1F53D 🔽 \:arrow_down_small: Down-Pointing Small Red Triangle
U+1F550 🕐 \:clock1: Clock Face One Oclock
U+1F551 🕑 \:clock2: Clock Face Two Oclock
U+1F552 🕒 \:clock3: Clock Face Three Oclock
U+1F553 🕓 \:clock4: Clock Face Four Oclock
U+1F554 🕔 \:clock5: Clock Face Five Oclock
U+1F555 🕕 \:clock6: Clock Face Six Oclock
U+1F556 🕖 \:clock7: Clock Face Seven Oclock
U+1F557 🕗 \:clock8: Clock Face Eight Oclock
U+1F558 🕘 \:clock9: Clock Face Nine Oclock
U+1F559 🕙 \:clock10: Clock Face Ten Oclock
U+1F55A 🕚 \:clock11: Clock Face Eleven Oclock
U+1F55B 🕛 \:clock12: Clock Face Twelve Oclock
U+1F55C 🕜 \:clock130: Clock Face One-Thirty
U+1F55D 🕝 \:clock230: Clock Face Two-Thirty
U+1F55E 🕞 \:clock330: Clock Face Three-Thirty
U+1F55F 🕟 \:clock430: Clock Face Four-Thirty
U+1F560 🕠 \:clock530: Clock Face Five-Thirty
U+1F561 🕡 \:clock630: Clock Face Six-Thirty
U+1F562 🕢 \:clock730: Clock Face Seven-Thirty
U+1F563 🕣 \:clock830: Clock Face Eight-Thirty
U+1F564 🕤 \:clock930: Clock Face Nine-Thirty
U+1F565 🕥 \:clock1030: Clock Face Ten-Thirty
U+1F566 🕦 \:clock1130: Clock Face Eleven-Thirty
U+1F567 🕧 \:clock1230: Clock Face Twelve-Thirty
U+1F5FB 🗻 \:mount_fuji: Mount Fuji
U+1F5FC 🗼 \:tokyo_tower: Tokyo Tower
U+1F5FD 🗽 \:statue_of_liberty: Statue Of Liberty
U+1F5FE 🗾 \:japan: Silhouette Of Japan
U+1F5FF 🗿 \:moyai: Moyai
U+1F600 😀 \:grinning: Grinning Face
U+1F601 😁 \:grin: Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes
U+1F602 😂 \:joy: Face With Tears Of Joy
U+1F603 😃 \:smiley: Smiling Face With Open Mouth
U+1F604 😄 \:smile: Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Smiling Eyes
U+1F605 😅 \:sweat_smile: Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Cold Sweat
U+1F606 😆 \:laughing: Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Tightly-Closed Eyes
U+1F607 😇 \:innocent: Smiling Face With Halo
U+1F608 😈 \:smiling_imp: Smiling Face With Horns
U+1F609 😉 \:wink: Winking Face
U+1F60A 😊 \:blush: Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes
U+1F60B 😋 \:yum: Face Savouring Delicious Food
U+1F60C 😌 \:relieved: Relieved Face
U+1F60D 😍 \:heart_eyes: Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes
U+1F60E 😎 \:sunglasses: Smiling Face With Sunglasses
U+1F60F 😏 \:smirk: Smirking Face
U+1F610 😐 \:neutral_face: Neutral Face
U+1F611 😑 \:expressionless: Expressionless Face
U+1F612 😒 \:unamused: Unamused Face
U+1F613 😓 \:sweat: Face With Cold Sweat
U+1F614 😔 \:pensive: Pensive Face
U+1F615 😕 \:confused: Confused Face
U+1F616 😖 \:confounded: Confounded Face
U+1F617 😗 \:kissing: Kissing Face
U+1F618 😘 \:kissing_heart: Face Throwing A Kiss
U+1F619 😙 \:kissing_smiling_eyes: Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes
U+1F61A 😚 \:kissing_closed_eyes: Kissing Face With Closed Eyes
U+1F61B 😛 \:stuck_out_tongue: Face With Stuck-Out Tongue
U+1F61C 😜 \:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Face With Stuck-Out Tongue And Winking Eye
U+1F61D 😝 \:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Face With Stuck-Out Tongue And Tightly-Closed Eyes
U+1F61E 😞 \:disappointed: Disappointed Face
U+1F61F 😟 \:worried: Worried Face
U+1F620 😠 \:angry: Angry Face
U+1F621 😡 \:rage: Pouting Face
U+1F622 😢 \:cry: Crying Face
U+1F623 😣 \:persevere: Persevering Face
U+1F624 😤 \:triumph: Face With Look Of Triumph
U+1F625 😥 \:disappointed_relieved: Disappointed But Relieved Face
U+1F626 😦 \:frowning: Frowning Face With Open Mouth
U+1F627 😧 \:anguished: Anguished Face
U+1F628 😨 \:fearful: Fearful Face
U+1F629 😩 \:weary: Weary Face
U+1F62A 😪 \:sleepy: Sleepy Face
U+1F62B 😫 \:tired_face: Tired Face
U+1F62C 😬 \:grimacing: Grimacing Face
U+1F62D 😭 \:sob: Loudly Crying Face
U+1F62E 😮 \:open_mouth: Face With Open Mouth
U+1F62F 😯 \:hushed: Hushed Face
U+1F630 😰 \:cold_sweat: Face With Open Mouth And Cold Sweat
U+1F631 😱 \:scream: Face Screaming In Fear
U+1F632 😲 \:astonished: Astonished Face
U+1F633 😳 \:flushed: Flushed Face
U+1F634 😴 \:sleeping: Sleeping Face
U+1F635 😵 \:dizzy_face: Dizzy Face
U+1F636 😶 \:no_mouth: Face Without Mouth
U+1F637 😷 \:mask: Face With Medical Mask
U+1F638 😸 \:smile_cat: Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes
U+1F639 😹 \:joy_cat: Cat Face With Tears Of Joy
U+1F63A 😺 \:smiley_cat: Smiling Cat Face With Open Mouth
U+1F63B 😻 \:heart_eyes_cat: Smiling Cat Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes
U+1F63C 😼 \:smirk_cat: Cat Face With Wry Smile
U+1F63D 😽 \:kissing_cat: Kissing Cat Face With Closed Eyes
U+1F63E 😾 \:pouting_cat: Pouting Cat Face
U+1F63F 😿 \:crying_cat_face: Crying Cat Face
U+1F640 🙀 \:scream_cat: Weary Cat Face
U+1F645 🙅 \:no_good: Face With No Good Gesture
U+1F646 🙆 \:ok_woman: Face With Ok Gesture
U+1F647 🙇 \:bow: Person Bowing Deeply
U+1F648 🙈 \:see_no_evil: See-No-Evil Monkey
U+1F649 🙉 \:hear_no_evil: Hear-No-Evil Monkey
U+1F64A 🙊 \:speak_no_evil: Speak-No-Evil Monkey
U+1F64B 🙋 \:raising_hand: Happy Person Raising One Hand
U+1F64C 🙌 \:raised_hands: Person Raising Both Hands In Celebration
U+1F64D 🙍 \:person_frowning: Person Frowning
U+1F64E 🙎 \:person_with_pouting_face: Person With Pouting Face
U+1F64F 🙏 \:pray: Person With Folded Hands
U+1F680 🚀 \:rocket: Rocket
U+1F681 🚁 \:helicopter: Helicopter
U+1F682 🚂 \:steam_locomotive: Steam Locomotive
U+1F683 🚃 \:railway_car: Railway Car
U+1F684 🚄 \:bullettrain_side: High-Speed Train
U+1F685 🚅 \:bullettrain_front: High-Speed Train With Bullet Nose
U+1F686 🚆 \:train2: Train
U+1F687 🚇 \:metro: Metro
U+1F688 🚈 \:light_rail: Light Rail
U+1F689 🚉 \:station: Station
U+1F68A 🚊 \:tram: Tram
U+1F68B 🚋 \:train: Tram Car
U+1F68C 🚌 \:bus: Bus
U+1F68D 🚍 \:oncoming_bus: Oncoming Bus
U+1F68E 🚎 \:trolleybus: Trolleybus
U+1F68F 🚏 \:busstop: Bus Stop
U+1F690 🚐 \:minibus: Minibus
U+1F691 🚑 \:ambulance: Ambulance
U+1F692 🚒 \:fire_engine: Fire Engine
U+1F693 🚓 \:police_car: Police Car
U+1F694 🚔 \:oncoming_police_car: Oncoming Police Car
U+1F695 🚕 \:taxi: Taxi
U+1F696 🚖 \:oncoming_taxi: Oncoming Taxi
U+1F697 🚗 \:car: Automobile
U+1F698 🚘 \:oncoming_automobile: Oncoming Automobile
U+1F699 🚙 \:blue_car: Recreational Vehicle
U+1F69A 🚚 \:truck: Delivery Truck
U+1F69B 🚛 \:articulated_lorry: Articulated Lorry
U+1F69C 🚜 \:tractor: Tractor
U+1F69D 🚝 \:monorail: Monorail
U+1F69E 🚞 \:mountain_railway: Mountain Railway
U+1F69F 🚟 \:suspension_railway: Suspension Railway
U+1F6A0 🚠 \:mountain_cableway: Mountain Cableway
U+1F6A1 🚡 \:aerial_tramway: Aerial Tramway
U+1F6A2 🚢 \:ship: Ship
U+1F6A3 🚣 \:rowboat: Rowboat
U+1F6A4 🚤 \:speedboat: Speedboat
U+1F6A5 🚥 \:traffic_light: Horizontal Traffic Light
U+1F6A6 🚦 \:vertical_traffic_light: Vertical Traffic Light
U+1F6A7 🚧 \:construction: Construction Sign
U+1F6A8 🚨 \:rotating_light: Police Cars Revolving Light
U+1F6A9 🚩 \:triangular_flag_on_post: Triangular Flag On Post
U+1F6AA 🚪 \:door: Door
U+1F6AB 🚫 \:no_entry_sign: No Entry Sign
U+1F6AC 🚬 \:smoking: Smoking Symbol
U+1F6AD 🚭 \:no_smoking: No Smoking Symbol
U+1F6AE 🚮 \:put_litter_in_its_place: Put Litter In Its Place Symbol
U+1F6AF 🚯 \:do_not_litter: Do Not Litter Symbol
U+1F6B0 🚰 \:potable_water: Potable Water Symbol
U+1F6B1 🚱 \:non-potable_water: Non-Potable Water Symbol
U+1F6B2 🚲 \:bike: Bicycle
U+1F6B3 🚳 \:no_bicycles: No Bicycles
U+1F6B4 🚴 \:bicyclist: Bicyclist
U+1F6B5 🚵 \:mountain_bicyclist: Mountain Bicyclist
U+1F6B6 🚶 \:walking: Pedestrian
U+1F6B7 🚷 \:no_pedestrians: No Pedestrians
U+1F6B8 🚸 \:children_crossing: Children Crossing
U+1F6B9 🚹 \:mens: Mens Symbol
U+1F6BA 🚺 \:womens: Womens Symbol
U+1F6BB 🚻 \:restroom: Restroom
U+1F6BC 🚼 \:baby_symbol: Baby Symbol
U+1F6BD 🚽 \:toilet: Toilet
U+1F6BE 🚾 \:wc: Water Closet
U+1F6BF 🚿 \:shower: Shower
U+1F6C0 🛀 \:bath: Bath
U+1F6C1 🛁 \:bathtub: Bathtub
U+1F6C2 🛂 \:passport_control: Passport Control
U+1F6C3 🛃 \:customs: Customs
U+1F6C4 🛄 \:baggage_claim: Baggage Claim
U+1F6C5 🛅 \:left_luggage: Left Luggage